A medieval sporting tradition comes to the northeastern gaming club; this winter the eight Guild Ball clubs will be battling it out over a 14 week season to see who is the best! Each guild will play each other team two times, and at the end of the regular season the top 4 teams will advance to the playoffs!

The weekly results and standings will be posted here on our website along with our league leaders in goals scored and take outs. Our goal is to explore the matchups and create opportunity for new players to try new teams, so we are not going to structure this in a traditional way. Each week we will all coach a new team, so that we all get to try all the guilds by the end of the season.  At season’s end not only will we crown a Champion guild but we will also pick an All-Star team: the All-DOGC Guild Ball team.

We look forward to having you follow us along our inaugural season for all the cheers, jeers, and icy sponges!!!


The Adventure Continues… A DOGC IKRPG Adventure Story

Today we meet out heroes for the first time. While they don’t yet know each other, their journey has begun…


We join the story in the Five Fingers where one of our heroes, Taiga, is seeking information around the city that may lead to the whereabouts of his sister, Kyrthea. After a few days and a few gold crowns spent, he was directed towards the home of a known information broker; a man named Owen Winston. He makes his way immediately to the Winston Manor where he is greeted by Percival Winston, son to the master of the house, where he is surprised to learn Owen has been murdered. Taiga is invited into the home where he meets a portly little man named Nigel, another of our esteemed heroes; he is an investigator who has been hired to find out the details of the death of Mr. Winston. Now at what feels like another dead end, Taiga offers his aid to both Percival and Nigel figuring it may be the best way, at this point, to find the next clue to solving Kyrthea’s disappearance.


After reviewing the crime scene, Nigel concluded that Owen’s death was clearly the work of a professional. Furthermore the assailant probably made entry through the window and left the body for quite some time until Percival found his father. While Nigel scoured the crime scene, Percival searched his father’s belongings, looking for any scrap of information that might help to illuminate why he was killed. Percival’s search is inconclusive but he does uncover one important fact: Owen had been receiving death threats which originated from the East, in an area south of Tarna. Percival had no more information to offer, as such Nigel requested to exhume Owen’s body. Percival reluctantly agreed to allow the still fresh corpse of his beloved father to be examined. Through some ”forensic” work on the body by Nigel, it was discovered that Owen was tortured before he was executed and the torture was meant to inflict maximum pain. Working alone, Nigel furtively cast a necromantic spell to contact Owen’s departed spirit. Wailing and angry, the remnant spirit of Owen managed to sputter out a name: Marshall Reed. Not wanting to reveal his dark arts, Nigel keeps this name to himself.

Out in the Gnarls, Zebalon the witch doctor, and his Bogrin posse, were inspired by the lure of manifest destiny to expand their empire. Zebalon found interlopers stomping through his swamp unexpectedly, men in blue uniforms which looked to be tasty morsels. Zebalon had the men followed back to an outpost that looked to be where they were camped; Zebalon decided the encampment would make a more proper home for him and his posse! With his mind made up he sent his pet Boneswarm in to ravage the outpost! After his Minions were done, there was not a single soldier left alive. Zebulon, content (for now), enjoyed a feast of human flesh to celebrate his new home.

Across the dense forest of the Gnarls, we meet more of our heroes from a savage Tharn tribe called the White Maw; Calder a rare human amongst these savages who is always accompanied by his two Ravager cohorts. We find the trio as they are summoned by their leader Chief Karak, of the White Maw. They are being tasked to investigate the rumor of human military encroachment around the Leylines of Circle Orboros within the region. They set out on their mission quickly and decided the best place to garner info was a local trading post called Hoval in the eastern Gnarls. Hoval attracts all walks of life from the Iron Kingdoms and the wilds; local information about the goings on of military activity in the area would likely be found here. While scouting the outpost from the perimeter they witnessed the execution of a Pygmy mercenary named Gullin. They found out he was the leader of Unlikely Heroes Company; it was quite the scene taking place right in the middle of the busy trading post. Turns out Gullin was killed by a rival mercenary company called the Black Hounds. Later, outside town limits, Calder and his hunters encountered the very same warband led by a man named Marshall Reed. The conversation was tense, and ended in an exchange of false information; Calder and Marshall parted ways with quite a distaste for each other. Despite the conversation being short, Calder did discover that Marshall Reed is looking for Zocha, a self exiled Blood Weaver from the White Maw tribe; however curios, Calder knew that was not the mission at hand.


The expedition was taking longer than expected and they were no closer to resolving their mission; Calder knew things needed to progress more quickly. As such he decided to find a nearby Stone Site, a Druid Sanctuary where information can be exchanged, beings are teleported, and even healing can occur. Gifted Druids can tap into the Ley Line connection and access some of these powers; Calder is one with just such the gifts, however unrefined they may be. He was able to gain information that directed him to head north on the railway that heads due south from Point Borne, and so they did.

The Tharn Cadre attacked the outpost with intentions of capturing one soldier to get more information. The attack went wrong when they underestimated the size of the force inside. Calder was severely wounded but, after a pitched battle, the Hunters overran the force and got Calder clear before his grievous wounds bled out. Thwarted for now, they would have to fall back to the forest to come up with a new plan or await unsuspecting reinforcements so they could try again. For now, they live to fight another day…


Join us again for our next edition of the DOGC IKRPG Adventure!!

Dark Omen Open Practice update 1

Something Dark Omen wants to do in 2014 is get out and meet more people and have some great conversations and really get to know New England. While we get to hang out a little bit at tournaments with everyone, we wanted something a bit more intimate. We came up with “Dark Omen Open Practice”!

What is Dark Omen Open Practice? We will be traveling to stores all around New England to spend the day hanging out and playing games. While our general practice structure is 50 points, 2 lists and on the clock, we will play anything! Our goal is to show up at your store some time around when it opens, play games until about 6:00 and then head out for some dinner in the area.

So far we have had a blast in our first three events at Gamer’s Gambit, Temple Games and Hobby Bunker. We have expanded the schedule to add even more places filling up our year!

The Only Game In Town ( NJ) – Canceled and to be rescheduled.

The Dragon’s Den (NY) – October 25th

The War Store(NY) – December 13th

As we work towards next year we have already had some requests. We want to go where you all are so please let us know if your store would like to host us for a day in 2015! You can contact us through Shane York on Facebook, through our email ( or contacting Jestor on the Privateer Press official forums.

We are looking forward to playing some games with everyone soon!

DOGC Announces Junior Dark Omen!!!!

As was discussed on Forgot To Feat: Episode XVII; we are very proud to announce a special project that we feel is going to be great for not only DOGC, but also for the community that supports us… Junior Dark Omen!!!

This gaming club has become so much more than we envisioned when we began; we not only improved our own ability to play the game, but also raised thousands of dollars for charity, created a podcast that has become a platform to introduce the great players/personalities from the northeast to the national community, and brought a Warmachine Weekend Invitational Qualifier back to our region. While we are so proud of these accomplishments, our true ultimate goal is having this gaming club be something that persists into the future. There is no better way to do that than to foster the game with the next generation of players

Junior Dark Omen is going to be for any young person in the community that has interest in joining. If you have a child, young sibling , know a young person, or you yourself fit the criteria, please reach out to us via our email: or at any of our social media feeds (on Twiiter, Facebook, or Google+). Here is what being a member of Junior Dark Omen entails:

  • At least 13 years of age to join
  • Dues: NONE – club will strongly support (and recommends) any parental requirement for the young player (eg. minimum grade level in school, chores at home, etc.)
  • attend one practice every other month on the last Saturday of the month starting July 2015
  • DOGC will bring our Jr. members to one event with us every 6 months and incur any associated costs of the vent and travel (notified in advance and with parental permission).

We are all very excited about seeing more young people start playing the game, joining the club, and helping build the future of the meta! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you want to be part of the next generation of DOGC!!!


Dark Omen Practice!

Something Dark Omen wants to do in 2014 is get out and meet more people and have some great conversations and really get to know New England.  While we get to hang out a little bit at tournaments with everyone, we wanted something a bit more intimate.  We came up with “Dark Omen Open Practice”!

What is Dark Omen Open Practice?  We will be traveling to stores all around New England to spend the day hanging out and playing games.  While our general practice structure is 50 points, 2 lists and on the clock, we will play anything!  Our goal is to show up at your store some time around when it opens, play games until about 6:00 and then head out for some dinner in the area.

Here is our schedule so far for the year, expect more dates to be added.

Gamer’s Gambit (CT) – March 8th

Temple Games (RI) – April 26th

Hobby Bunker (MA) – June 21st

The Only Game In Town ( NJ)  – August 23rd

We are looking forward to playing some games with everyone soon!


One of our Favorite Warmachine Pod Casts CHAIN ATTACK has become a media sponsor for Boost For a Cure!!! I want to send a special thanks to Jay, Scott, and Trevor for not only helping make this event awesome, but also for putting together a special gift for our guest of honor…

DOGC sincerely thanks you!!!

Check out Episode 66…


We can now announce that Will Schick from Privateer Press, in support of the wonderful charity, is going to personally paint a Retribution Colossal: Hyperion and donate it to Boost for a Cure to help raise money for this wonderful cause!!!!

… and that’s just one of the awesome prize support they are providing to help us make this successful.

On behalf of Dark Omen, we are overwhelmed by the Privateer Press Partnership, and simply cannot thank them enough.

So, to the Privateer Community, per this announcement, for those in attendance, you will have a chance to win this AMAZING prize courtesy of Will Schick and Privateer Press!!!!

So, let’s team up together, and raise money like we’ve got a pair!!!!


Dark Omen Goes to NETT

Dark Omen this past weekend sent a pair of 6 members in 2 teams to the New England Team Tournament this past weekend. On Dark Omen 1 We had Anthony, Matt, and Stephen; on Dark Omen 2 we had Alex, Don, and Patrick. Dark Omen 1 ended up placing 5th and Dark Omen 2 placed 10th. We  all had a great time and meet a lot of great people. Now for a photo dump, we will have some battle reports up later.

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to our new sponsorship partners…

We are proud to announce that we have reached a sponsorship agreement with our two home stores: Clockwork Comics ( and Flagship Comics (!!! Please use the links to find them on facebook and like their pages. Both great stores, where we are lucky enough to hone our skills and purchase our toys… We are looking forward to representing them well, and greatly appreciate their partnership!