Boost for A Cure

Dark Omen Gaming Club presents: Boost for a Cure 2014.

Our 3rd Annual Fund Raiser Event that honors a member of our Gaming Community Family, brought to you by Dark Omen Gaming Club, Flagship Comics, and Gamers Gambit. This year our honoree is Sarah Goodman McGaw and the Charity is The Epilepsy Foundation of CT

If you’ve been to B4AC in the past you already know Sarah, she is our Kitchen Goddess extraordinaire! She has helped us raise money every year by running our kitchen team! She battles this disease and when we found out she was obviously our choice for #B4AC2014. For the third year in a row we have made the event even bigger! We will once again be at the Lyceum in Terryville, CT and this time we will occupy both sides of the building! For the first time we are extending beyond just Warmachine.


Registrations – this year is $30 for Warmachine and $20 for MTG. As in every past year the ticket includes lunch! REG IS DONE THROUGH PAYPAL (

For the third year in a row we’ve added a new event!


Event Lineup:

Warmachine Steamroller 50 PT SR – The original event that started it all! Divide and Conquer (1) – Two List Required – 50 PT – Death Clock – 5 rounds – 32 Spots! Top 3 finishers from this event are qualified for the Dark Omen Invitational and a chance to play in Warmachine Weekend!!!

“Who’s the Boss” Open Play – This event requires that you bring a 50 point list with no warcaster or warlock; then before each game you will spin for a random caster/lock to play your next game. This event is not a tournament but designed for you to have a ton of fun while playing as many games as you want. Only 18 spots available!

Magic The Gathering – TCGPlayer Qualifier!!! – our new event is a competitive Magic event with a chance to win a spot to play on the national stage Oct. 24th-26th! For those eliminated from the event there will be boost drafts the rest of the day!


Prizes & Raffle – As you know we are never short on Prizes at B4AC!

For those registered for either of the Warmachine Events, the door prize will be a chance to win a NIB Cephalyx Army!!!

On the MTG side the prizes will be as follows:
1st Place: 80 boosters, Playmat + 30 Points + 2 author token cards
2nd Place: 40 boosters, Playmat + 20 Points + 2 author token cards
3rd/4th Place: 20 boosters, Playmat + 10 Points + 2 author token cards
5th-8th Place: 10 boosters, Playmat + 5 Points + 2 author token cards
9th-16th Place: 2 Points

Raffles will be held on both the W/M and Magic sides individually but all players are welcome to enter either. PLEASE NOTE – The drawings will NOT be at the same time

As raffle prizes are received more announcements will come!

7 responses to “Boost for A Cure

  1. Guys I total appreciate that you guys are doing this I would total be there if I didn’t live so far away in Kentucky. My wife was diagnosed 2 years. Thanks again words can not express my gratitude.
    Would you mind if I steal your idea and run one on my end?

    • You should definitely run a charity event in your local area! Apologies I never saw this before, but I would say this would be a great idea… thanks for the support, and we are running it again this year on October 19th!

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