A medieval sporting tradition comes to the northeastern gaming club; this winter the eight Guild Ball clubs will be battling it out over a 14 week season to see who is the best! Each guild will play each other team two times, and at the end of the regular season the top 4 teams will advance to the playoffs!

The weekly results and standings will be posted here on our website along with our league leaders in goals scored and take outs. Our goal is to explore the matchups and create opportunity for new players to try new teams, so we are not going to structure this in a traditional way. Each week we will all coach a new team, so that we all get to try all the guilds by the end of the season.  At season’s end not only will we crown a Champion guild but we will also pick an All-Star team: the All-DOGC Guild Ball team.

We look forward to having you follow us along our inaugural season for all the cheers, jeers, and icy sponges!!!


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