Dark Omen Practice!

Something Dark Omen wants to do in 2014 is get out and meet more people and have some great conversations and really get to know New England.  While we get to hang out a little bit at tournaments with everyone, we wanted something a bit more intimate.  We came up with “Dark Omen Open Practice”!

What is Dark Omen Open Practice?  We will be traveling to stores all around New England to spend the day hanging out and playing games.  While our general practice structure is 50 points, 2 lists and on the clock, we will play anything!  Our goal is to show up at your store some time around when it opens, play games until about 6:00 and then head out for some dinner in the area.

Here is our schedule so far for the year, expect more dates to be added.

Gamer’s Gambit (CT) – March 8th

Temple Games (RI) – April 26th

Hobby Bunker (MA) – June 21st

The Only Game In Town ( NJ)  – August 23rd

We are looking forward to playing some games with everyone soon!

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