Battle Report from a Recent Win

Dark Omen went to Dragon’s Den for a tournament a few weeks ago. Congrats to our local PG Steve won. We forced to write down some words about the event though he forgot to take pictures.

Alright, this was a 2 list required, 50 pt tournament using SR2013 beta. I went second every time. Wrote down opponent lists as best i could remember them.
My 2 Lists

List 1
2x Stormwall
Journeyman WarCaster
Black 13th
Min Field Mechaniks
Lady Aiyana + Master Holt
2x StormSmith StormCallers

List 2
Journeyman Warcaster
Min Field Mechaniks
Full Horgenhold Forge Guard
Storm Strider
3x Storm Smiths

Game 1 Vs Mark
I took my Haley2 list. Mark took
Redeemer (bonded)
2x Vanquisher
Min Choir
Full Zealots w/ Monolith Bearer
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
The Covenant of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik
Vassal of Menoth

The scenario was supply and demand. Opponent had Ferora2 and second list was Harby. I went with Haley2 to counteract scenario and get some practice with this list only played one game with it before and I normally don’t play haley2 only a short stint with the stormbringers tier list last year templecon.
Deployment: left to right zealots, support blob and caster jacks far right eiryss1. I had B13, StormWall, Haley2 and support StormWall , A+H
Turn 1: Menoth Run up towards zone, zealots to my left with reclaimer nearby, Ferora2 going for wall with Aiyana and Holt behind, then redeemer, Vanquisher 1, reckoner, Vanquisher 2, Eryiss1 on far right flank. Support stuff jacks mostly behind the jacks.
Turn 1: I move up, StormWall on left (bonded) goes up behind my objective place covering fire, mage storm to block zealots. The Other Stormwall this one tries some shots a little short (mental note that is the bonded one that can do that) covering fire towards Eryiss1, and pod in way of his jacks. Haley2 feats catching Vanquisher 2, reckoner and zealots. Deceleration goes up, arc shield on Haley2 and she camps a few as well behind a wall.
Turn 2: Zealots move up, Redeemer rockets fly catch Haley2 and bonded Stormwall on fire. Vanquisher 1 and reckoner toe in zone close to each other near the enemy objective, Enliven on reckoner. Zealot’s reposition a little.
Turn 2: Second Stormwall gets magical weapons from my A+H again, pops some shots into Vanquisher 2, didn’t quit move up enough for pod where I wanted it. Haley2 uses TK to get the objective out of way, full focus and TA on bonded Stormwall. Goes in after the reckoner getting free charge from my objective and Vanquisher 1 plus the enemy objective are in melee range as well, throw my pod down to try to block reckoner (doesn’t work), charge attack hits, it triggers enliven, my mistake about positioning didn’t box it in enough since I wasn’t closer, vanquisher 1 dies. MageStorm towards some zealots, I think I disrupted the redeemer as well.
Turn 3: Menoth Goes, Harm on Bonded StormWall, Vanquisher2 shoots it, Reckoner goes in, and zealots who also greater destiny blast it and StormWall is Destroyed, Lynch dies, maybe stormcaller 1 and well.
Turn 3: Reclaimer dies to b13.StormCaller2 pops eyriss. A+H harm Vanquisher2 pops some back field piece and shot into the vanquisher I believe. Haley Focus to stormwall2, decelerate and camp. Stormwall goes up to reckoner and Vanquisher2. Reckoner dies.
Turn 4: Ferora2 move over to cast ignite on Vanquisher2, hamr on stormwall, zealots and Vanquisher go, he is left with about ½.
Turn 4: Ryan get the mother of magestorms killing most if the zealots after wyatts take out monolith bearer. StormWall gets full focus and Temporal acceleration, Haley2 leaves the wall to pop a shot at something, tk self back behind it. Field Mechink gets some repairs in on stormwall. Storm Caller and A+H pester Vanquisher2, I believe I cast Arcane Shield on it and then he goes after ferora2, and that was game. (Lost superstructure the from walking into the mage storm)

A win with 0 CP, 45ap to 0 cp 20 ap

Vs Anthony
I took my Siege List. Anthony took
2x HellDiver
Skarlock Thrall
Full Bloodgorgers
Gerlack Slaughterborn
Full Mechanithralls
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Full Satyxis Raiders w/ Sea Witch
Satyxis Radier Captain
Full Soul Hunters
Wraith Engine

The scenario was Close quarters, I went with siege instead of the excepted haley2 match up to get the armour punching I expected to need in close quarters against skarre1’s feat as I figured he would expect haley2.
Deployment: Wraith engine + raider on my far left, cav on my far right, bloodgorger center left, Mechanithralls on center right. Skarre with necrosurgeon and a pair of helldiver in center.
I had left to right rangers, StormWall, forgeguard, siege and posse, storm strider and solos.
Turn 1: Cryx ran up, Opponent’s mistake here was forgetting to go incorporeal with wraith engine.
Turn 1: 2 Focus to Stormwall. Ranger run 1 into in raider out if formation to tag the wraith engine, rest go center with one near the soul hunters. Stormwall advances drops covering fire and pop into raiders to block, some good damage rolls on wraith engine almost taking it out. Siege ground pounds killing a raider I believe or that was a stormcall kinda fuzzy on that on. Forgeguard move on either side of storm wall. Storm Strider moves up to shoot at the soulhunter, kills 4 of them. Eryiss2 and stormcall try to get last one , caller was ¼ inch or so out of range and Eryiss2 failed, leaving them both an easy meal for the cav. Arcane shield to stormwall
Turn 2: Raiders wing far around forest and behind my lines wraith engine goes incorporeal and engages stormwall, mechtrall charge rangers ge tone while rest run in, bloodgorger run up to block area to skarre. Soulhunter gets his kills and move toward the strider. Helldiver runs and skarre1 feats, necro heals her 3. She was camping 5 or 6. Baiting me to go for it.
Turn 2: Siege declares it go time, he feats after reinholdt reloads him, Siege feats ground pounds 3 or 4 trolls with some Mechanithralls to clear way for stormwall, his second shot finished the wraith engine. Forge guard clear up lines a little rangers do some stuff, strider gets the soulhunters and some thralls. Stormwall charges skarre, boost hit, Pow leave her at 1, boost second fist and finished the job.

A win with 0 CP, 29 ap to 0 cp 4 ap

VS William
I took my Siege List again, Will lits was
2x Carnivean
Naga Nightlurker
2x Shepherd
Strider DeathStalker
Striders w/ UA

This scenario was incoming, Will had a Vayl2 list as well and that plus Lylyth1 feet scares haley2 so siege comes out to play again.
Deployment: Center-ish was Carnivean 1 and 2 with typhon. strider on my right flank in the zone, and naga leftish. For me left to right StormWall, siege posse forge guard, strider , then eriyss2 and some rangers in some woods.
Turn 1: Legion advances forward. Striders remain cautious of rangers.
Turn 2: StormSmith run into my zone, stormwall tramples up and throws pod. Strider advances up near forest on right, rangers stay in it for stealth. Dwarves run forward with Arcane shield, rest advance.
Turn 2: Striders try to work on dwarves but fail, and didn’t quite get to within stealth range to shoot rangers, got one stormsmith with artillery. Carniveans get up with spiny growth and typeon in zone. Lylyth1 a little further back.
Turn 2: Eryiss2, removes spiny growth from carvien 1, Rangers kills some strider to clear dwarf path. Siege feat pop feat gets carviens 2 and some striders with ground pounder and hit him with second shot. 2 Dwarves get on typhoon losses spirit. Stormwall advances Carnivean 1 dies too big guns. (17 on feat damage roll), forsaken dies to cyclone cannon. Stormstrider hit other Carnivean (no body and mind) and the objective, leaps get succubus and shepherd and leave 2 striders.. Aracen shield to siege who was camping as well. Striders left engaged by dwarves.
Turn 3: Lylyth1 advances feast, cast wraithbane 2x on both beast, unfortunately he forgot about the taken out branches. Carnivean and typhoon try to to best, some dwarves and rangers die and another stormsmith. He scores 1 CP for dominating his zone.
Turn 3: Focus to stormwall, ranger advance into zone, pop spell martyr shoot Lylyth1, Stormwall advance shoot lyth and that is game and I score 2 points for controlling zone.

A win with 2 CP, 61 ap to 1 cp 2 ap

We do not have round 4 based on the results of the other game so I won an had a great time. I don’t get to get out to many evens I don’t run so big thanks to my fellow PG Stan for running the event and now I have a copy of SDE.

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