DOGC adds another winner to the 2012 tally!!!

Last week up in Massachusetts at Pandaemonium Games DOGC youngling Alex Buganski took some time out of his busy college class schedule to win his first career SR! The 11th win of 2012 for DOGC, in it’s inaugural year, and with Alex’s win they have 6 members with tourney wins to their credit. Here’s the breakdown in his own words…

This tourney was 25 points and I decided to bring tier 4 Constance as my list. I had  Constance, Gallant, 2 min units of Precursor Knights with UAs a min unit of Sword Knights, Jr and Archduke Runewood

Game 1:
I faced Durgen Madhammer in the incursion scenario. He had Nyss hunters, a driller, a gun bunny and a few support solos. I went second and ran everything up into the zones around the flag and feated to try and persuade him not to kill anything. (I didn’t work) He tried and ended up killing half of my precursor knight unit in the middle. He moved a Gun Bunny to the flag on the right to shoot and was just out of contesting. I killed the Gun Bunny and most of the Nyss and Gallant rolled bonkers on the Driller taking out most of it. Well he responded by trying to kill my infantry but didn’t get much. He had moved Durgen up to do so, and Connie charged him killing him in three hits.

Game 2:
I faced off a eHaley list with a Centurion, Thorn, Gun Mages, Jr. and Harlan Versh. It was a flank scenario and I was able to flood one zone with a PK unit and went after the other with the other PK. He used the Centurion to try and kill gallant but left him with one box. Constance killed the Centurion and over the next two turns I killed the rest of his army until Connie killed a fully camping Haley. Go go Flank!!

Game 3:
For final table I faced pDenny with full Soul Hunters, min Raiders, two Arc Nodes and Wrath. He ran everything into the middle, which was a forest and I responded by charging after casting Crusaders Call and feating. I killed most of the raiders. He only killed 6 of my guys and then feated (in return). Well the next 4 turns was a mixture of my PKs miming it up in the middle while Constance and Runewood killed the Arc Nodes running around the edges. It finally came down to Constance and Gallant against Denny and the Soulhunters; he also only had a minute remaining on his Death Clock and I has (approximately) 10. He ran as long as he could but I eventually cornered Denny and Connie and Gallant teamed up to take her down winning me the tournament!


Alex was so busy winning the event he didn’t take many pictures along the way, but here is a few shots including Gallant facing down pDenny for the win!

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