First DOGC win of 2013!!!

DOGC prodigy Alex Buganski won his 2nd career event at the Battle Standard in Manchester, CT during his Christmas break from school last week. Here is the battle reports in the man child’s own words… 


On Sunday 1/6 I participated in the 35pt Steamroller at The Battle Standard in Manchester CT. For the event I brought eStryker and eHaley but it wasn’t divide and conquer so I played eStryker all 3 rounds (editor’s note: 2 list required in a four round event, based on player pool, means that Alex would have had to play eHaley in the fourth round if there was one, in this case the event ended at 3 rounds therefore he was not required to) .
The list was:
-Ol Rowdy
Stormblades/UA/Gunner (blades)
Min Precursor Knights w/UA (PKs)
Black 13th
Game 1: I played against Eddie who was playing Legion. He brought pVayl with Typhon, Ravagore, Scythean, Full Pot, 2x Shepards, Deathstalker and min Brigands. The scenario was (SR 2013 beta: sacrafice); a flag on my left and a zone on my right, 2 pts if you dominate the zone and 1 if you dominate the flag. He went first and set up his Ravagore and deathstalker on the my left and everything else in the middle. I set up my blades on the left, Rowdy, Stryker and support in the middle and the PKs and Black 13th on the right. He walked/trampled his beasts. I ran my blades into position to charge the Ravagore and everything else walked with the PKs toeing the zone. He took out 3 Stormblades with the deathstalker and Ravagore but the scather template would prevent a full out charge on the Ravagore who moved out of range anyway. He tried to damage my PKs but couldnt hit, then Rhupert boosted defense with Typhon’s counter assault imminent, who also stayed out of the zone. He popped out a Shredder by killing his Brigands and moved it into the zone. My turn I assaulted the deathstalker and killed her with the Blades. I used the Black 13th to kill the Shredder and then moved the Shield Walled PKs in and Stryker and Rowdy getting myself two points. The next turn he tried to kill Rowdy with the Scythean, moving Vayl to up cast her buffs and feated. Rowdy was at Arm 23 so the Scythean, still at dice -4, couldnt take him down. He used his feat movement to put the Pot into the edge of the zone, Vayl behind it Typhon to its left, the Scythean next to him and the Ravagore off to the side. On my turn the Blades took down the Ravagore and the Knights took out the Scythean. Ryan used her Mage Storm to clear the pot but it popped out a Stinger so I couldnt score because I couldnt get to it. I then activated Stryker, feated and moved him behind the Magestorm (from B13). Rowdy moved in next to him. I got 3 Knights and a Blade into Typhon and got some damage on him. His turn, He hit Typhon with an AOE spell to kill some of the guys and then moved Vayl around the Magestorm within 6 inches of Stryker. He then used the Stinger to kill some more around Typhon who then charged Stryker through the Storm. Fortunately Magetorm did enough damage to take out his Spirit and needing 11s couldnt hit Stryker. I get the dice back in my hand knowing I can end it now. I use Runewood and Jr to kill the Stinger. Then Stryker kills Typhon, Velocity for 2, Overload for 8, buy, boost to hit and roll at +10. Bye Bye Vayl (… :D)
Game 2: Game 2 was against Andrew playing eKreoss Tier 4. The scenario was Incoming. I set up the same as before and he had a unit of Knights Exemplar (KE) on each side, Errants in the middle, Bastions on my right, Fire of Salvation and Gravus on my left and Kreoss in the middle. I went first, ran the Blades toward my zone, walked the rest of my force and sent a Mage Storm toward his lines. He put Sancrosanct on the KE opposite my blades and Inviable Resolve on the Errants. He ran everything. I used my blades to kill his KE, sacrificing all but 3 who stayed in the back of my zone for contension. I picked off some of the other unit of KE with the Black 13th and some Errants. He rolled through my stormblades with Fire and Gravus, which I expected, but left one alive so I still contested. He ran his other KE into my PKs and put the Bastions into his zone in one long line. The Black 13th stood still and killed the KE, I needed the Brutal Damage more so than the Black Penny, and freed my PKs. My Pks mini-feated and charged the Bastions, wiping them off the table and securing me two points. Rowdy killed most of the Errants and Runewood killed the Seneschals. I used Stryker’s feat to position Rowdy and Stryker together but out of charge range of Kreoss. He ran the last two Errants into his zone as well as Gravus, contesting. He then ran Kreoss into my zone after killing Runewood and the last Stormblade getting himself 3 points. I decide to go for scenario, good choice on my part in the end, killed the Errants with the PKs, knocked Gravus off his horse with Rowdy and killed him with Stryker. I also ran Madelyn into my zone denying him points so I got the last 3 points that I needed and won on scenario.
Game 3: I played against Matt C. He was running pKreugar with a Stalker, Feral, Gorax, Stones, Druids and Bloodweavers. I set up the same as before, he set up Bloodweavers on left and everything else center-right. He ran everything first turn and I walked everything on my turn. I used my Black 13th to kill some Druids and cause a check which they failed. He charged into my Blades with the weavers who had lightning tendrils. He ran the Stalker over towards the flag on my left. The Stormblades killed all of the Weavers as well as killing the objective so i could score on the flag. Rowdy was given full focus and sent into the Stalker but I flubbed some of the damage rolls and left him at 3 boxes. Stryker ran to the flag and feated. My PKs ran to kill a Galows Grove and set up around the flag on my right, His Feral had destroyed the objective but I was still contesting. On the feat, Rowdy re-positioned to face his Feral and killed the Stalker, the Stormblades moved into base-to-base around Stryker to prevent shenanigans and I scored 2 CPs. Kreugar feated and killed the Black 13th and most of the PKs but he left the Officer alive. He then charged the officer but was out of range. However, the movement still carried him to the flag. The Feral charged Rowdy, with Lightning Tendrils and Warping strength still at dice -4, and after 7 attacks Rowdy was still standing. He then ran his Gorax to contest the flag I was sitting on. I get the dice in my hand and realize that I can easily try and kill Kreugar but first I needed to kill the Gorax. Well the Stormblades took care of that pretty quickly and then Stryker moved across the board but first I had to kill a Stone in the way. So I charge the Stone, killed it and then Velocity to Kreugar. I overloaded with two dice and rolled a 7. Bought an attack, boosted to hit, rolled at Dice + 8 and so Kreugar went down.
The event ended after three rounds, with three undefeated players, and Alex dominated the event on Control Points and total Points Destroyed, taking home first place! Grats to Alex for his 2nd win and to DOGC for their first win of 2013!!!


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