Keeblers get a Win @ Temple

Darling of the community Berger went up to Temple this past weekend (8/9) and won an event. He even wrote about it. Now onto that writing.

The lists:

Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper – Shadows of Retribution Tier 4
2x Mage Hunter Assassin
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
2x Ghost Sniper
2x Arcanist
2x Max Mage Hunter Strike Force with Strike Force Commander
Garryth, Blade of Retribution – Assassins Tier 4
5x Mage Hunter Assassins
2x Min. Mage Hunter Strike Force with 1 Soulless Escort
Max Mage Hunter Strike Force with Strike Force Commander and 3 Soulless Escorts
Max Mage Hunter Infiltrators with Eiryss 3
Round 1 – Kaelyssa vs Lucant – Incoming
Round 1 I get a Convergence of Cyriss player named Kiernan playing Lucant and Axis.  I was pretty sure I was going to get Lucant so I dropped Kaelyssa.  With the 2 Units of Strike force I assumed I could jam out the zones.  I was wrong.  We both position and jockey.  I go on an assassination run bring Lucant to 10hp clear my zone and score 1cp.  He repairs Lucant (now named LouCunt) to mostly full, his Assimilator comes in and kills my Manticore stopping the score.  He runs a diffuser into some Strike Force.  Next turn my Hydra kills the Assimilator opening my half of the table.  I run arcanists into his zone and go to 2 Control Points.  His next turn he clears his zone, runs Lucant in, can’t stop my zone he dominates for 1, I dominate for 1 bringing the score to 3-1.  At the start of my turn Narn and Mage Hunter Assassin drop his Objective giving my my fourth Control Point and I dominate my zone to make it 5-2.
Round 2 – Garryth vs Grissel2 – Close Quarters
Round 2 I get paired against Derek Anderson playing Trollbloods.  He has Grissel2 and Runes of War.  I assume Runes isn’t an option due to the amount of spell hate my lists have.  I drop Garryth due to Grievous Wounds and 5 MHA vs. his Warders.  Derek drops Grissel.  I win the roll to go first, Garryth charges up the table and everyone Runs.  Advanced Deployed Garryth in the killbox is super scary.  Derek runs up and feats with Grissel.  Garryth Death Sentences the Long Riders and moves back towards my Flag and shoots a Long Rider triggering Hyper Aggressive (whoops).  Mage Hunter Infiltrators go in and with some crazy dice kill 3 Long Riders and then forget to reform (I’m bad and should feel bad).  One of the non AD units of Strike Force Shoot the Fell Caller pulling him into charge range of an Assassin (brilliant).  Assassin drops the Fell Caller.  The other Assassins tickle the Warders and try to kill a few, while the advance deployed Strike Force try to gun down the krielstone and the second non-AD unit jams the warders up near Dereks flag.  I run Nayl to within 8″ of Grissel and pass turn.  Derek brings his Storm Troll to kill Nayl miss-reading the card.  Nayl dies and Grissel, Krielstone, and Storm Troll lose all their Fury, Animi, and Spells.  Derek catches some crap dice when trying to retaliate and runs Horthol over to my Flag to stop me from scoring.  My turn I kill Horthol with Garryth while basing my flag.  Used his 2 Melee attacks and forgot Horthol was a Dragoon so Had to gallows kill or I used an Assassin I don’t remember.  MHI push into the Kriel stone after the  Strike Force with Commander keep shooting it.  Mage Hunter Assassins start whiffing on Warders and I get a bit nervous but go up to 1 Control Point.  Derek pieces together an assassination run of Garryth he needs to free up his last Long Rider from the Infiltrators.  Unfortunately one Infiltrator ate his Wheaties that morning and stop the charge.  The Long Rider runs to my flag, Derek tries to Block LOS to Grissel with some Warders.  My turn starts, One unit of Strike Force escorting GarrythCMA the Long Rider and come up short.  The Assassin back their gets in and kills the Long Rider off.  The Strike Force with Commander kill the 2 last Krielstone members after they tough two Ghost Sniper shots.  Apsis beat backs a warder to try and clear the last two Mage Hunter Infiltrators and Eiryss3.  Garryth moves off the flag and shoots Grissel twice doing 11ish damage to her Derek has 1 fury chooses not to transfer.  MHI and Eiryss3 charge Grissel, 1 Infiltrator makes it, another dies to a free strike and Eiryss3 doesn’t get hit my the free strike.  Eiryss connects, drops the fury and puts Grissel in the dirt.  Tough check made.  Eiryss takes her second swing, another Tough check make.  MHI puts grissel down again, and another Tough Check.  I start sweating nuts at this point as this is all I have left.  MHI secondary kills Grissel, no Tough check made.  Well fought game vs. Derek took a long time but was super fun.
Round 3 – Kaelyssa va eHaley – Destruction
Round 3 final round, I get paired against the one, the only, Trevvie the Great.  Destruction is the scenario he has eHaley and Caine2 with Stormwall.  I pick Kaelyssa on the off chance he drops Stormwall to try and covering fire the zone.  He picks eHaley (ughhhhh).  He wins the roll first I pick the side with the wall since it helps me verses his Gun Mages.  He runs Thorn up gets some Time bombs off, kills two Strike Force dudes and debuffs another.  Everything thing else runs forward.  I run my Chimera, put backlash on Thorn and start lighting him up.  I also pop feat.  It only takes six Strike Force to drop Thorn (damn my dice) and obviously I don’t kill Haley.  I shoot up as much as I can and try to spread out to avoid the inevitable feat.  I put down covering fire between and obstacle and Trevvie’s objective forcing him around to the flank and out of the zone.  Trevvie feats back, kills a ton of stuff, leaves maybe seven total Strike Force alive from both units combined and engages my Chimera.  He also heals Haley for two.  On my turn we do the feat, Chimera throws a Forgeguard intoGorman fails to kill Gorman.  Mage Hunter Strike Force kill a couple forgeguard, one lone Strike Force guy try’s to hit natty 10s to get Haley and fails.  One Ghost Sniper kills a Forgeguard and the other was out of feat.  My two Assassins are also out of feat and Narn shoots a Stomguard to clear a charge lane.  One Assassin blows up Trevvie’s objective, the other charges Alexia1, and kills the risen and brings her to 1 HP.  The last Ghost Sniper moves up takes a shot, rolls a natty 8 and kills Alexia.  The Manticore puts covering fire in front of my Objective.  I score 1 Control Point and pass turn.  Trevvie brings Ragman to Dark shroud, Forgeguard wreck my Chimera, one Forgeguard gets the to Objective and two others die to covering fire.  He does seven damage to my objective and kills the Assassins and Narn.  Trevvie’s Eiryss2 comes up and disrupts my Hydra, and he passes turn.  Haley is hiding behind an Obstruction so remember that lone Mage Hunter Strike Force guy, ya, well he aims and hits Haley for two points of damage.  The other unit of Mage Hunter Strike force move around and aim and go in on Haley doing another three points of damage bringing her down to six hp.  Kaelyssa has a full stack comes up boosts to hit Haley and I forget to Phantom Hunter myself so I miss.  I cast phantom hunter, buy/boost and hit stealing a focus.  I boost damage dice off seven and I roll the 13 to kill Haley for the win.
Two caster kills and a scenario win, Two Kill Box scenarios against very good opponents when I had very assassination oriented lists was fortunate.  My opponents were great and Temple Games is always a good time.

DOGC Repeats as New England Team Tournament Champions!!!

For the second time in as many years, DOGC is NETT Champions! This year’s team was again captained by Anthony Ferraiolo, with Alex Buganski as 1st Lieutenant and Steve Sharnick as 2nd Lieutenant. Anthony switched to Cryx earlier this year, while Steve and Alex were both running Cygnar. The competition this year would be even more difficult than a year ago; not only does the event keep expanding to its’ largest size ever, it also was not part of Captain Con the best new convention in the North East, that garnered over 250 unique attendees playing Warmachine! Here is the lists and battle reports in the players own words…




Captain – Anthony Ferraiolo – Cryx


“I was comfortable in my lists, and had been playing them since Cause for Paws last month; I was thinking (in general) Denny vs Warmachine and G3 vs Hordes; creating enough matchup problems that my opponents could use their Team Feat and I would still be solid even in uphill battles.”




Deathripper x2

Bane Calv (full)

Soul Hunters (full)

Satyxis Raiders (full) w/ UA

Blood Witches (full) w/ UA





Blackbanes (full)

Mech Thrall (min) w/ UA


Soul Hunters (full)

Darrage Wrathe



Wraith Machine



1st Lieutenant – Alex Buganski – Cygnar


“I was in the 2nd spot, the 1st Lt, and I went 3-2. Which while worse than last year I am still proud about my showing since I had five great games against five great players and the two games I lost were close. I was playing Cygnar and here are my two lists:”





Lt. Allison Jakes







Aiyanna and Holt

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages w/ UA

Black 13th



-Stormclad (bonded)






Nyss Hunters

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages w/ UA

Sliver Line StormGuard



2nd Lieutenant – Steve “Red Steve” Sharnick


Steve was also playing Cygnar, he did not decide on his two lists until very near the start of the event! Here is what he finally decided to play:



Captain Allister Caine – WJ: +5

– Squire

– Ol’ Rowdy – PC: 9


Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator – PC: 1

Journeyman Warcaster – PC: 3

Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire – PC: 4

Thrall Warrior – PC: 0

Viktor Pendrake – PC: 2

Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord – PC: 2

Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist – PC: 2

Eiryss, Angel of Retribution – PC: 3


Rangers – Leader & Grunts: 5

Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 6

– Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer – Officer 2

Greygore Boomhowler & Co. – Boomhowler and 9 Grunts: 9

Horgenhold Forge Guard – Leader & 5 Grunts: 5



Captain Jeremiah Kraye – WJ: +6

– Squire

– Minuteman – PC: 5

– Minuteman – PC: 5

– Stormwall – PC: 19

– Lightning Pod


Stormsmith Stormcaller – PC: 1

Stormsmith Stormcaller – PC: 1

Stormsmith Stormcaller – PC: 1

Journeyman Warcaster – PC: 3

Captain Arlan Strangewayes – PC: 2



Rangers – Leader & Grunts: 5

Lady Aiyana & Master Holt – Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt: 4

Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 6

– Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer – Officer 2



Round 1:  vs The Corpse Tokens

Scenario: Close quarters



Captain: vs Circle

“My opponent had pKrueger in his list pair, and I don’t recall his other Warlock, but I had no doubts on who I was getting dropped against me; I decided to go with Goreshade. He is who I prefer against Hordes most of the time anyway. The game plan was to get pressure on Krueger quickly, and get the Feat out as soon as possible so I didn’t have to worry about it late. Mostly the plan worked, and I was able to get up into his grill quickly as well as take out a stone with a Soul Hunter charge (meaning no more teleport!). After a piece trade, I felt I was ahead, and Krueger came forward to swing the tide with his Feat and went down to 1 Fury, casting Earth’s Blessing on himself to finish his turn. As a Circle player you would think I would know what that does. So I had Shade burn his Feat in attempt to assassinate Krueger. That obviously didn’t work (thanks to the Animus), fortuntaely when I realized that it wasn’t going to work, I was able to go into damage control. Luckily there was a rocky out clove I was able to keep Shade behind. Following turn Krueger went all in to try and capitalize on the error but Megalith (with Lightning Tendrils) couldn’t reach Goreshade over the impassable terrain. Having survived the failed counter assassination, Shade was able to charge in and finish the Warlock. I was fortunate to survive that one!”


1st Lt.: vs Cygnar

“I was playing a local CT player, Ben Adams. He had Siege in his list pair, so I knew I was getting him; I decided I would counter with eCaine. I also knew there would be a lot of killing in this contest so I wanted to make sure that I was threatening his flag and controlling the wall in the center with Rowdy and the Hunter. Both of our units of Boomhowlers were deployed next each other on my left with his gun mages there as well, I would be relying on Heightened Reflexes and 4+ tough to save me (which it did). My Gun Mages and Black 13th were on the right across from his Storm Blades. First turn he ran and so did I but I was able to snipe out Boomhowler with the Hunter; thank god for 14″ and AD! He moved up and killed some of my Gun Mages and put Fox Hole on his Stormblades. I countered by using Ryan of the B13th along with Gorman for some nice AOE damage to take out the unit; then my Boomhowlers killed his. We continued to kill each other but he was losing out on attrition and while we were both starting to score points. He used Siege to Force Hammer Rowdy away from the flag that I had ran to control, dropping him to two focus and I took the opportunity to assassinate as we were both on our flags and he was too close not to try. I went with Jakes, Jr and Hunter to kill his JR to drop Arcane Shield, then two Gun Mages, Watts and Caine teamed up to kill Siege with the help of my Feat. I was the first one done but both Steve and Ant looked to be in good shape.”



2nd LT: vs Skorne

“I was facing Makeda2; in her list was a Titan, savage, Molik Karn, Cetrati, Nihilators, Hakkaar, and support. I decided to drop eCaine figuring he was best in this matchup due to ability to super solo and high damage output on demand. I was able to get first turn and jam up the board. A big Moment in the game was when Gorman survived a CMA from a pair of Cetrati after he successfully blinded some of them to slow them from getting to my zone. The blind bomb allowed Caine and Rowdy to clear off most of the remaining unit. After Gorman survived the CMA, he was able to blind the Titan and Karn for two consecutive turns. Once the piece trade happened and the blind bomb helped me hold up and clear the zone, I set the line of engagement so Boomhowler was able to Rage Howl and hold the line so that Caine could continue killing stuff while dominating the flag. Eventually I was able to kill the Cyclops which allowed, Caine to Feat and RFP Molik Karn leaving Makeda with no transfer target, so I was able to finish off Makeda.”



Round 2: vs Granite State Irregulars

Scenario: Fire Support


Captain: vs Cygnar

“Originally we agreed to Team Feat before this round to swap Steve and I to get me into the matchup with the Troll player who was boasting a rough matchup for Steve in the 3rd spot. My opposing Captain was Ben Cort, I lost the die roll, and still decided to use our Team Feat as planned (which in hindsight was a silly thing to do, as they would obviously have to Feat back), and Ben astutely counter Feated to swap the matchups back.

So Ben and I would re-match; honestly I didn’t have a great matchup for what I knew he would drop, which was eHaley. Last time we played I was list locked into Goreshade3, and this time I had a choice. I opted to go with Denny2, figuring I would get up field and faster with Denny2 and use my Wraith ability to stop the assassination. Well, the first part of the plan was easy, run at the opposing army and hope the opposing dice cooperated. Unfortunately I lost a bit more than I wanted to, but I was able to force Haley to Feat, allowing me to Counter Feat and full camp. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get as much in the Feat as I wanted, so my Incoporeal was not able to save me from the assassination. Good news is I was able to keep the game going long enough that both of my Teammates had won before my game was over, so that part of the plan went off without a hitch! Thanks to my teammates for carrying me through to round 3, and grats to Ben for handing me my first (and only) loss ever in NETT.”


1st LT: vs Legion

“This game was against Greg Fournier; matchup would be eHaley vs eThags. I knew off the bat that I was going to go straight for scenario. I deployed my Nyss on my left and my Stormguard and ATGM on the right. We both ran and I took some pot shots. His second turn he brought his Raptors up, on my right, and tried to kill a few Stormguard. My turn I started with Haley and gave one Focus to each jack. I ran Thorn then Halely activated moved slightly forward, gave Dead Eye to the Mages and TK his Ravagore to face backwards and then Feated. My Nyss then ran engaging a few beasts and preventing him from getting to my flag. My Stormclad ran to the flag. My Gun Mages killed 4 Raptors (yay Dead Eye!), and then the Stormguard charged in killing the last one as well as put 13 points on the objective. Junior walked up and also shot the objective, killing it, and then Anastasia ran into contact with the flag giving me three points. With my feat up Greg wasn’t able to get much into contesting the flag even with the use of his feat.  On my turn I just used the ATGM to push the Angelius that he did position to contest  and then ran Haley to dominate the flag for the win. I then turned to Ant just to watch him lose, but fortunately Steve was well ahead closing out his game at the end of this round; on to round 3!”


2nd LT: vs Trolls

“I was facing Dave playing Trolls, and he opted not to go with the list I was more worried about, instead dropping Grim 2. He had a Bomber, Pyre, Fenns, Warders, Scatter Gunners, and other stuff I forget.. :). I dropped Kraye; opening up with Full Tilt on Stormwall, with Minutemen along side so they could both threaten the Fens and Bombers next turn, the rest of my force ran for position. Trolls opted not to drop a bunch of shots, but instead run to cover the board and be in the scenario.  In response I dropped covering fire with Stormwall and boosted a lot of shots into the Bomber and leave it with a couple of hit boxes. Then I had Ayiana Kiss the Fenns, and with a pod and Stormcalls do a number on the. I start pushing warders back with ATGM. Next turn I lose some Gun Mages and a Ranger, and the Minuteman as the Trolls crash my lines. Next Turn I finish off the Bomber and Warders, clear out the Fens, kill objective start so I can start scoring. He can’t respond, thus I win on scenario!”



Round 3: vs Team Muse

Scenario: Destruction


Captain: vs Cryx

“Seeing as I was not pulling my weight at all to this point in the day, and now I was facing one of the national champions from Australia at the helm of Team Muse, I knew I was time to kick it up a notch if we had any plans on repeating. My opponent (who just happens to be my new best friend in W/M) Aaron Wale, was playing eLiche2 and pDenny. I assumed I was going to get Liche as most often in the mirror that’s what my opponents have done. I was going with eDenny, I was right about Aaron choosing Liche; bad news was I lost the roll to go first. Liche’s opening moves were not very aggressive, so I took strong board position, and was able to run an Arc Node far enough forward to Hellmouth a Bane and catch Gorman. Following turn Liche layered his forces in, and prepared for impact, however he only was able to get about a half dozen models to the zone. On my turn, I crashed home, cleared the zone and Feated on the whole of the opposing Cryx force, and finished by scrapping the objective; three points to me. Aaron’s following turn he wasn’t able to do much but get the Hell Diver in the zone. I charged it with Denny and was able to use Dark Banishment to clear the zone again, winning the game on scenario. Glad to get a win in a contest like this! Having known Steve got Nigel out on the top of 2, we were on to the semi finals!”



1st LT: : vs Menoth

“I was playing John DeMaris from Muse and the matchup was High Reclaimer vs eHaley. This was a great game. His list was built for EHaley (thanks Keith) and with the amount of clouds he was getting down I was not getting much done. I had to feat first turn or face getting overrun and I used the opportunity to time bomb his stuff, kill the objective and get up quickly 3-0. I put John in the position that he had to kill my jacks and flood the zone to prevent me winning which he was able to do. He kept putting Knights Exemplar and Paladins in the zone and I was not able to kill all of them, or any of them for that matter. It came down to him up 4-3 with me only having Haley and the Squire left so I went for a wonky assassination that had almost a 000.2 % of working, which it didn’t, so John won on scenario. Thankfully Ant and Steve were able to pick up my slack so we still advanced.”


2nd LT: vs Khador


“This round I was paired against Nigel playing Khador and his Ocean’s 18 pSorcha vs eCaine. Nigel runs into position right away putting Sorscha behind wall on left side and his stuff up to woods on right. I put Heightened Reflexes on Boomhowlers move Caine up an inch or two and the rest of the force to the right further away from Scorcha then Magic Bullet a Gun Mage. Camp 2, and have Jr. put Arcane Shield on Caine. Had Ranger run to within 4” of Eiryss, I shoot him with Gun Mage and the subsequent Magic Bullet kills Eiryss. I felt pretty safe Sorscha could get up on attrition but not assassinate me; as with the wall and rough terrain in the way meant she needs to burn everything to actually try for it. Just didn’t seem like Nigel would go for it given the risk/reward of the situation. Turns out I was wrong, Nigel goes Boundless Charge on Sorscha and Behemoth, Wind Rush up, charges and pops Feat to get most of my army. Next he Power Boosted Behemoth who then charges his own Gorman to get max distance and in range of Caine, he hits twice, boosts one damage roll and does one non-boosted damage roll; does about 10 damage, failing to kill Caine. Fortunately, nothing else had Caine in range so the rest of his turn he spent killing random models. Caine shakes, feats and kills Sorscha… (ed. note: Nigel apparently hasn’t seen an assassination attempt he doesn’t like!).”



Round 4: vs Dark Omen Too

Scenario: Two Fronts



Captain: vs Khador

“Amazing that in the semi finals of NETT, two of the remaining three undfeated teams were both DOGC! Unfortunately we would be playing our own brethren in this round.

Shane and I have played a number of times leading up to NETT and Captain Con, so we were well versed in what this matchup would be. Shane, assessing the situation and knowing that he had not played his pVlad list yet on the day opted to go a different direction. He felt that even if he dropped his eSorscha, he might still lose the game; furthermore he believed his teammates were in VERY strong matchups with Alex against Meat Mountain, and a likely Lucant match for Steve; both ugly for Cygnar. So pVlad it was, he was gambling to ensure if his team won he would have his best list in the Finals; a well played and courageous decision by the captain. In Two Fronts, I did indeed drop Denny, and I was not able to get first turn this game either. With Conquest and Behemoth, my whole game plan was to win on scenario. Shane ran his army out as best he could to make sure scenario wasn’t a foregone conclusion; I also went up the board quickly. Used my pieces to pin the Khador force back and mostly  off their own zone. The objective was an unwitting ally for me keeping the Colossal at bay. Next turn, Shane did what he could to get into the zone with the IFP. It wasn’t enough, with Curse of Shadows, and my speedy units, I was able to clear the zone, killing Behemoth and Feat on most of his force to score 3. On the following turn, Shane ran Vlad to the zone with Malakov and a couple of remaining mechanics that were all not in the Feat. Denny came forward and dropped a Hellmouth to clear the Mechanics and was even able to one shot Malekov; for a quick end to the game. Now to see if Shane’s gambit would work, checking in on my teammates.”


1st LT: vs Trolls

“This match against our own teammates and I get our friend Stu playing Meat Mountain! I had a feeling this was coming. I was able to duck Stu the entire time I was in Ireland and was hoping that I wouldn’t have to play him especially since I wasn’t playing Stryker which sucked. But here we were, in round 4 and I needed to make the most of it. So little advice to Cygnar players, Meat Mountain suuuuucksss, and I would say our best options are Stryker and Siege. I played Haley because with Time Bomb, TK, my feat and Gun Mages it lets me delay the engagement and try to screw with him as much as posssible; which is what I did. Stu did exactly what I thought he would, one unit of Warders and Champs to each side and Mulg and the Axer in the middle with the stone behind them. So I used the Gun Mages one the left to push his Warders around and the Silver Line in front of them to deny charges. On the left I used the Nyss Hunters in full 10 man CRA to pick off a Warder coupled with Eiryss’ Death Bolt. I used Thorn to slow the Warders down and the Stormclad to kill them. Now this game probably goes well for me if I feat turn 2, I keep Anastasia and probably wipe the units on the right earlier but I FORGOT TO FEAT (yeah buddy)!! Well Stu made me pay, killed Anastasia, hurt Thorn and pretty much wiped out the Silver Line. I responded by Feating, and killing some stuff; unfortunately he killed more. I then killed Mulg and the stone but had left Haley open to Grissel and he got in there and killed me. But once again Ant and Steve cleaned up my mess.”


2nd LT: vs Convergence

“We had a weird list chicken at the start of this game with both of us playing a list the other wasn’t expecting. Matt ended up playing Iron Mother (and not Lucant) with Axium, Corollary, Mitigator, 7x Diffuser, min Reductor, and repair stuff (list on Captain Con episode of F2F).This was a match I was not looking forward to, seeing as we both counter guessed incorrectly, it ended up in an assassin duel. Basically I start well with my positioning, however a mistake cost me Boomhowler (after I changed my mind with Rowdy’s final spot). I had a chance to get Mother around turn 4, but I botched the activation order and turns out I was out of range with Caine; fortunately I was able to Gate Crash to safety with Caine; in retrospect I should have just jammed the lines. Same turn I had also successfully Black Oiled the Axiom which Alexia was blocking from getting into zone. Following turn Mother goes Feats, casts some spells and fires her gun. Then that nasty Diffuser group goes; I lose a lot but he doesn’t move Mother away, and luckily leaves Eiryss alive (but engaged in melee) and I still had a couple of Gun Mages and the Squire.. Caine took some damage that turn, and I was running out of pieces; so I feat and go for it. The remaining ATGM push a couple models and clear Eiryss; the Mage Hunter aims and clips Mother dropping the focus, and it’s go time with Caine. Needing 6 to hit missed a bunch attacks (oh dear), last damage roll needed a 6, get it and somehow we advance!!!”



Round 5: vs Team Ontario

Scenario: Incursion


Captain: vs Cryx

“My first game against Tim Banky, and I have to say he is not only a great player but a great part of the community and a real boon to the budding Canadian meta! We were playing mirror warcasters, and I was fairly certain he was going to run G3. I really didn’t want to the exact mirror match game, so I decided to zerg and go with eDenny. On the surface this seemed like a bad matchup as my Incorporeal would save me nothing; turns out that is exactly true! However, I was very concerned that my match was going to be pivotal in this championship bout, so I wasn’t about to tuck and run. Banky jammed his Kraken down my throat quick on the opening turn. However, I wasn’t able to get any charges on him in retaliation (thanks to his strong positioning), so I tried to keep my pieces ready to counter hard next turn. I opted not to Feat, which proved to be a pivotal decision as I felt I wasn’t going to get enough to warrant it, and could possibly die to assassination anyway. Next turn Kraken crashes home and cripples the Nightmare. and with most of the rest of his force out of real threat, he doesn’t do a ton of other damage, but closes ranks quickly. I follow up by Feating on my turn and catching nearly all of his army; the fact that everything had closed in meant that I also got to use the Feat offensively. So I did a ton of damage on this turn, cleared out all of the Soul Hunters save for one way in the back, (outside of Darrage Wrathe Command), and locked in the arc node; lastly putting a bunch of damage on Kraken. Bad news was I didn’t get Goreshade. However, I was able to lock enough in where next turn Banky couldn’t muster an assassination turn. The game started to turn back to me from this point on; next turn I finished off Kraken and Goreshade was forced to back off and regroup. Denny took position behind a nearby wall and was able to clear a bunch of models off the table leaving Shade mostly alone. This forced G3 to come forward and try to mount the comeback my himself; however he wasn’t enough and was overwhelmed next turn. Looking to my teammates it turned out we had already swept 3-0 to repeat as NETT Champions!!!”


1st LT: vs Menoth

“My opponent, Chris, was running an interesting Feora list using four jacks including the Judicator. I got lucky that he had quite a bit of rough terrain on his side of the board, with two pieces of rough terrain off-centered from the center flag. I deployed as I normally do with my eCaine list, with the Boomhowlers on the left and Gun Mages on the right. He had two of his jacks on my right and his Vanquisher on my left. He ran and I ran to open the game; I tried to snipe out the Monolith Bearer in his Zealots unit but I failed to hit boosted 7s. The flag on the right disappeared and he tried to engage everything. He did serious damage to the Hunter but not the Boomhowlers as they stuck around with their 4+ tough. His Vanquisher was stuck in the rough terrain even with running and Escort. I started my turn by using Jakes to Energize the Hunter and move him to contact the flag since he couldn’t run because his movement was out; stupid Zealot grenades! I used the boomhowlers to engage the Vanquisher and prevent the movement of the Zealots to the flag, I love medium bases!! I used Eiryss to move within 5″ of all the other jacks and deny them focus and then shoot his Vanquisher for a little extra insurance. The Gun Mages took pot shots at the jacks and the Black 13th dropped a Mage Storm on some Zealots for next turn when they weren’t invulnerable. I moved Caine into a position behind a wall and close enough to move to the flag next turn; making it 1-0. With the Boomhowlers in the way having 4+ tough with Heightened Reflexes, and no Focus for the jacks, Chris couldn’t get anything to the flag; I went up 2-0 on his turn. Bad news was my Hunter was on fire and he died on my turn; that tough little jack. So on my turn I killed as many Zealots as I could, put Arcane Shield on Caine, blocked in the Vanquisher and moved Caine to the far flag scoring up to 4-0. At this point Chris had to go for an assassination but he couldn’t free up the Vanquisher, he was able to kill Eiryss and Feat focus back to his Judicator to shoot Caine but that only did a few points. I was on fire but even a box cars wouldn’t kill Caine, but the Vanquisher was able to move within four inches. So I used Aiyanna and Gorman for a -4 armor swing and feated with Caine to take the jack off the table and win on scenario with another domination. Just as I finished up Steve won with an assassination so it was time to break out the whiskey!!!”



2nd LT: vs Cygnar

“My Finals opponent was Dustin playing Cygnar; he ran Haley2 with StormWall, Squire, Rangers, Gun Mages, Storm Blades, Junior, Victor Pendrake, and some other stuff. Cygnar mirror match for me means Caine2. He runs stuff up on the opening turn; I run as well, put blur on the Gun Mages, Arcane Shield on Boomhowlers, Magic Bullet a Ranger to bounce off Stormwall into something but missed. Chris takes the dice, pops Feat, however Stormwall whiffs, and Boomies tough. Under feat I Black Oil my own Boomie to catch Stormwall, then Rage Howl. Caine cast Magic Bullet on himself twice and shoots Stormwall a bunch to bounce into Haley; does 8ish damage. Alexia grabbed a couple of Souls during the Feat, so she was loaded up for my counter next turn. He is able to get Haley to far flag to dominate next turn, and kill Alexia. Rowdy knocked down Gorman  who survived a non boosted pod and stormcall (his lucky day!!!). I decide to go for Magic Bullet assassination. I hit Haley with Jr somehow and do some damage, then Eyriss hits for a couple points. Unfortunately Gorman missed Black Oil on her which deviated onto a Stormblade. Caine charges my own Forge Guard and uses his Second shot into Stormwall with Magic Bullet, but just short of the 4”. After assessing and not wanting to blow the assassination, I realize I can shoot my own Stormblad that was black oiled. Magic Bullet myself again, buy a shot and this time get Haley with Magic Bullet Damage… let the drinking ensue!!!”




What a weekend for DOGC at Captain Con, with 4 players qualifying for Masters, and Anthony ultimately winning; repeating as NETT Champions was the crowning achievement!!! Red Steve is MVP for this year’s run going undefeated leading the team to the title from the 2nd LT spot; and to the victors go the spoils and another year holding on to the historic trophy!!!


NETT Champions 2014 – Back to Back!!!

Hardcore Win at TempleCon – Anthony Rides the Goat to Another Title

The Hardcore at this year’s TempleCon was quite literally, round by round, the best test and set of games in one tournament that I have played to this point in my competitive Warmachine career. I played against five truly great opponents with some exceptional lists, and was able to run the gauntlet to the top. I’m still quite amazed at the accomplishment given the challenge; this one will be one that I am proud of for a long, long time.


Leading up to TempleCon I had started to grow curious about how my eMorvhana list would perform in the Hardcore format. I took it to a tourney in the NYC area and was able to come out successful and feeling good about the list in the format. As such, I resolved that if I was able to qualify for Masters before Saturday of the Con, I was going to make a run at Hardcore. As it would turn out, I was fortunate to be able to get out to a quick start and qualify on Thursday, so on Saturday I broke out my eMorvy and made a go.


The 2014 Hardcore format, much like 2013 really pressures players to push their lists into the middle and play; my particular build can do a great job of getting to the center of the board making my opponent make difficult decisions quickly while my pieces are bearing down on the opposing lines. Also the heavy recursion mechanic in the build also bodes well for pushing more models back into the zone as well as really putting a lot of pressure on my opponents to keep up with the model trade. My list has not changed from it’s original version throughout the whole run, and in case your not familiar with it:




Wold Guardian

Tharn Ravagers (full) w/ WA & UA

Skin Walkers (full) w/ UA

Wolves of Orboros (full) w/ UA

Stones w/ UA

Gallows Grove x 2


With my history of playing Cryx in Hardcore, I do not have trouble getting through a lot of activations quickly, so I am comfortable with the amount of models. The significant difference with this compared to my past experience is the number of additional die rolls this list makes with the multiple attacks, buying attacks, and re-rolls. So learning how much  to push things and when to use all the extra resources was the hard part. Fortunately I have had a lot of opportunity to play the list over the past 8 or 9 months, so I had a pretty good handle of what is needed and when. However, given the level of competition I would see in this event, I would need to muster all the skill I had.



Round 1: vs eButcher2 (tier)

Synopsis: There are a few matchups I really don’t want to see with my eMorvy list and after I surveyed the field before the event, there was a couple of lists I definitely wanted to avoid. At the very top of the list was Tom Hoffman, the defending TempleCon Hardcore Champion and his Doom Reaver spam list. The Doom Reavers can one shot my Ravagers, and, even worse, on a charge can one shot my Skin Walkers as well. Moreover Berserk means they are doing more work per model than one model normally would. I narrowly escaped it when I faced it at GenCon in Masters and in a condensed time format it would be decidedly worse being that it’s so well suited to pick me apart. So who do you think I get in the first round? … Tom Hoffman it was. The last time that Tom and I played it was TempleCon 2012 and also my first ever competitive Warmachine game at a Con. Certainly a lot has changed since then, and Tom and I have had some good banter back and forth about the eMorvahna/eButcher matchup. So while I’m not relishing this matchup in the opening round, I’m excited to have a go against an awesome player like Tom.


Going into the game, as I said earlier, I felt that Tom had a list advantage and to make matters worse he had first turn. There was a forest in the middle of the board that was going to impact the game; I had more Ravagers than he had Man Hunters. So I was hoping this would slow down the Doom Reaver rush enough to keep me in the game long enough that my Feat would put me over the top late. So on the opening turn the opposing line came blazing up the board, with Fenris bringing up the rear on my right side of the forest, and Butcher holding down the left of the forest in the rear guard. The Doom Reavers were funneling around the forest and creating layers in a strong positional set up by Tom; it would only allow me to deal with the front line. Getting the dice on the opening turnI made a quick decision to sacrifice my Stones and use them as Death Knell beacons to clear the front Doom Reavers allowing me to spring into the second line. I focused on the R side first as I had a wall on my near side for Morvhana to hug (benefits of going second). I dropped one Stone out in between four of the nearest Doom Reavers. I used the Stone Keeper to Rock Hammer (targeting the Stone) damaging the two nearest Doom Reavers, thanks to re-rolls. Then I was able to drop a Death Knell (through a Gallows Grove) to clear the other two. Then I sprung two Ravagers over and a Skinwalker into the next line to clear another half dozen Doom Reavers, leaving Reach models blocking my rear lines. The WoO on the left launched forward with the help of another Ravager to clear about five more off that side and one Man Hunter. I was not unhappy, but not feeling great, as the first turn of real damage was about to come my way, I knew Tom was going to get the most out of every model.


On turn two, the lone Warjack in Butchers battle group started to come forward, around the left side of the tree, and I lost my front swath of troops to the oncoming Doom Reaver charge. Turns out the front row of reach troops and distance I left between my models meant the Doom Reaver horde  was not able to reach further into my lines. Bad news was Man Hunters were pressing off the left forest seeing right through and Fenris astutely set to counter anything I did and threatening to win the game on the Feat. When I got the dice back I presumed Butcher’s Feat was coming next turn, so I wanted to get as much off the board as possible to limit the damage it would do, but I also needed to protect a few pieces so I could Feat to gain the upper hand. I started with a similar move as last time, dropped another stone forward on the right side to clear more models with the same combo used in the prior turn only being this time Morvahna was close enough to move out cast at the stone and Light Calv back. With the path clear three more Skinwalkers were able to get into the Doom Reavers and clear about five more. Then the Ravagers got into the mix and cleaned up about another half dozen models, and the WoO were also able to get forward and take out another six themselves. Bad news was my force was mostly completely exposed to the Doom Reavers at this point, good news was the horde of maniacs running at me was down below half of it’s starting numbers. Most importantly I was able have one model in each of my units safely tucked back; now I was  hoping my positioning was good enough that I wouldn’t lose a whole unit. With a deep breath I turned the dice over to Tom bracing for the Feat incoming.


Tom did in fact Feat this turn, and was able to dig all the way to the my rear lines after the Feat move with a few important models. He was able to get my Stone Keeper, my last Gallows Grove, my WoO UA, and both my Ravager attachments (using his Juggernaut to do so). I still had a few models in each unit left, including a couple Ravagers and about four of the WoO unit and one Skinwalker left. It was a decisive turn by Khador, I would be able to Feat my models back but I would only have limited models that could actually attack on my turn; this was my fear entering the game, would I be able to do enough with the active models I had left to limit his retaliation on the follow up turn. If this turn went well, my hope was I would put myself into position to start getting Pressure Points next turn. So I started with Morvahna, killed the nearest Doom Reaver engaging her. Moved Carnivore to the WoO as there was more of them left alive (and thus more able to attack and leverage the healing on Morvy), and then Feated down to a single HP to bring back 15 models that I had lost including bringing the Skinwalkers and Ravagers back up to full.The Feral trampled about three Doom Reavers to land next to Fenris, doing enough damage to dismount him, and hitting all of his attacks on the Trample. Then the WoO activated to clear the way for the Wold Guardian (and heal Morvahna back up to about half life), I was able to get my heavy beast into the Juggernaut to bring him down to barely functional. Then the remaining Ravagers charged and finished off the Jack. Feeling good about this turn, I had already survived eButcher’s Feat, and pulled ahead after my Feat; I was feeling like I was finally ahead in the game having the only two heavies left on the board.


The next turn was Butcher’s first to really get into the game. His resources were limited, and dwindling but he began to level the playing field with Lola. He came into the forest to clear a number of Ravagers, and his remaining force started to clear out what was engaging them as they had now been jammed in place by models Morvahna brought back with the Feat. Fenris was able to do some damage to the Feral, but not nearly enough.When the turn was over, there was only a single model in the zone besides Butcher; this meant I had an opportunity to start to put damage on Butcher with a Pressure Point. I took the dice and used my remaining pieces to clear all the remaining models besides Butcher. I trampled Wold Guardian into the zone however, was not able to put a scratch on the Warcaster. I was able to Control the zone scoring the first Pressure Point meaning Butcher would eat five points of damage.


With no models left and a heavy in the zone, Butcher had to deal with the Wold that was in his face, so he went to town on the beast dispatching him; and realizing that I still had the Feral and a few pieces left, Tom decided to blow the rest of his stack to clear as many models as he could reach. taking another five damage because I was still controlling the zone. I took the dice back knowing that if I moved Morvahna to dominate the zone, it would only take a few points of damage on Butcher to end the game. So I charged with the remaining WoO UA that I had feated back and as fortune would have it, they still had the mini feat! So I popped it and landed what would be enough damage to end the game once Morvahna moved into the zone. So Tom and I shook on an awesome game played! This was a monster win to get in the opening round of the tournament, and I was happy to be on to the second round!




Round 2: vs Gorten

Synopsis: In my second round I faced the fifth international player I had played on the weekend to that point He and I had played before, at TempleCon 2013 in the team tournament. He was playing Gorten then as well. However, since that time the Earthbreaker had come out. This really was a huge issue for me because He has the Auto KD on the two main guns, and normally I would keep myself immune to blast damage by staying B2B with the Wold Guardian, however with the Quake shot that would only make it easier to KD Morvahna and lose the game. That said there was also limited time to react and I was going to have to pay special attention to how close I got to the Colossal. I didn’t see it right away, but this really was very bad for me. Luckily I had the advantage of having a quick list, in shortened Hardcore turns.


I did win first turn and ran my Skinwalkers out on my right side and the WoO out on my left. The Ravagers went up the middle to the top of the hill where their DEF bonus would not be benefited versus the Colossal thanks to the Driller rule. Morvahna put up Fog of War and put Flesh of Clay on herself then separated from any nearby models. The Guardian and Feral moved up into the Stones that had ported further up field to threat the position of the Earthbreaker, just behind the Ravagers. My opponent took the dice ran the Colossal into place, and pushed his Forge Guard up as far as they would go. Dropping a wall out in front of himself, Gorten moved up to a strong position behind the Forge Guard, and was flanked by Arcanist Corp. The support solos moved up behind Gorten and the other infantry moved up to oppose the WoO on my far right. Lastly the Basher was able to circle out from behind the Earthbreaker and position between the Colossal and the Skinwalkers.


Turning the dice over to me, I charged the Skinwalkers into the Basher, and was able get some very good damage on him. The Ravagers then charged forward and got into the lines of the Forge Guard. They were positioned well so I couldn’t get passed them, but was able to get around a few to hold the Earthbreaker in place. The front of the Forge Guard were wiped, then the WoO launched into the infantry on the right pushing the line forward. I moved Morvahna to the very edge of the kill box as far from Earthbreaker as I could be, and up kept Fog of War and re-applied Flesh of Clay, this time moving Carnivore to the Wolves. Then I moved the Stones further forward, and put the two heavy beasts further forward to threaten the Colossal. My opponent took the dice and operated confidently, putting Tune Up on the Earthbreaker and then activating the Basher to Flak Field the Skinwalkers and using his attack to kill one.  Then the Earthbreaker when to work on the Ravagers and Skinwalkers nearest him. He put boosted shots into the Ravagers in front of him and the Skinwalkers near the Basher. Then used his Repeating Cannon to start taking out the KD Ravagers and Skinwalkers, taking out four of them was a reasonably productive activation. The Forge Guard then counter assaulted the Ravagers and started to thin their numbers even more. Gorten pressed forward still and put the Rock Wall back up and the Arcanists again moved to protect the key solos.


This was not going well as I took the dice back and I had to spend a minute to think through my turn. I was going to have to Feat this turn or risk losing my most important units. The WoO were going to be able crash home, but I knew my opponents Feat was coming next turn, so I would likely have two turns of non productivity out of my models and risk wasting my Feat on models that would just die on the following turn. The next important piece was that I was going to also have to be mindful of where Morvahna ended up. I really had no opportunity to go anywhere else with her. I decided to port the Feral over to the Basher to finish him off and spring the remaining Skinwalkers into the Earthbreaker to continue to hold him in place. So that’s what I did; the Feral ripped through the Rhulic jack quickly, allowing the last couple of Skinwalkers to get into the Earthbreaker. They were finally able to put some damage onto the Colossal; then the remaining Ravagers launched into the Forge Guard getting the UA to the Colossal. He landed a big rip on the Colossal meaning he had some measurable damage at this point. Morvahna then replenished her forces with the Feat and reapplied Flesh of Clay after upkeeping Carnivore and Fog of War. The Wolves then got into the mix with the remaining Forge Guard and cleared them off mostly, save for about two, healing Morvahna quite a bit. The new forces were successfully jammed into the opponents remaining pieces with a comfortable layer ready to counter assault after the retaliation next turn. I turned the dice over to my opponent feeling okay about where I was.


Gorten’s turn to Feat, and he activated first, pushing into the lines, Feated and pushed all the nearby models back and away freeing up his own remaining pieces to charge and push the line back further protecting his support that was keeping him in the game. Then used his Dual Handcannon to start taking models off. Then his remaining Forge Guard came forward and cleared out a couple of Ravagers. Then the Arcanists started to throw Flame Blasts at Wolves taking out some of the nearest, and dropping one cloud in front of Gorten. Then Thor Tuned Up Earthbreaker again and he used his guns again to clear out the Skinwalkers nearest him, KD the nearest set then putting them down with boosted damage shots from the Repeating Cannon. It really was tilting to have that shoot things down he was in melee with that are normally a bear to deal with. With most of my remaining models affected by Land Slide, my retaliation was going to be limited. Good news was the Feral was not affected and within charge range of the Earthbreaker. So that was the first order of business; if I could finish the Colossal this turn, I felt I would be able to hang on to win the game. So the Feral charges the Earthbreaker and puts six attacks into him doing enough to get him down to just a few boxes. The Wold Guardian was teleported in by the Stones into melee with the Colossal and was able to finish him off. Feeling great about that, I moved what Ravagers I could into melee with the nearest models and started to swing. I cleared the rest of the Forge Guard, and clipped an Arcanist. The Wolves had a few models outside the Feat and I was able to get two of them to Gorten and mini Feat for Power Swell. They did some reasonable damage on him (about half his HP). and the remaining models move forward into the group of support solos. Morvahna was now back up to full health, and camped three Fury upkeeping both spells again and reapplying Flesh of Clay. My position felt very strong now, and I felt that I had to make it through whatever last ditch effort Gorten had I was moving on.


On the final turn of the game, my opponent assessed his options and realized they were very limited. He opted to keep all his Focus, and try to kill the Guardian. After all his Focus was spent, the Wold was still standing; with two heavies looming over the Caster my opponent opted to concede the game. After a scary round two, I was onto the third, hoping for a bit of a reprieve in the matchups before the late rounds.




Round 3: vs Lylyth3

Synopsis: As I was saying, after last round I was hoping for a reprieve, only to look up at the board and see I was playing one Jake Van Meter; so much for that reprieve. I had just played Jake the night before in the team tournament, and seeing as I pulled that game out of my butt with Mohsar, I was pretty sure I wasn’t beating JVM twice in the same weekend, but we would give it the old college try anayway.


I did get first turn, but in this case it didn’t matter, the Legion list had plenty of guns, with a unit of Striders, Angels, Ravagore, Lylyth herself… you get the picture, there was a lot of guns. What’s worse is that Jake going second gave him the chance to get his guns across from where he needed them to be, the high volume low pow Striders would show down right against my WoO on the right flank and the battle group would lean on my Ravagers and tear into my multi wound models. Unfortunately I did not have a choice I had to get across aboard; if I was fortunate it would not cost me my Feat to get there. Up side was Jake wasn’t coming to me and this was Hardcore, so there was a punitive kill box and a short clock for him to contend with.


Opening turn, I blast across the board and threat saturate like a champ. I had a hill on my side of the board where I put my battlegroup blocking LOS to Morvy, and had a command bunker, WoO running up my R flank and the Skinwalkers advancing up the L,and Ravagers up the middle. I tried to space a layer that would leave some of his guns out of range of my second wave in hopes of saving my Feat. Jake took the dice, and as you might imagine I wasn’t successful in my positioning. The Striders on the R took out a half dozen WoO, and the front four ravagers went down to the battle group. He burned every inch of his clock to get through the attacks and made sure Lylyth was inside the kill box as to not take auto damage next turn; dice back to me.


So, that went as expected and unfortunately even running my second wave would not engage enough and as such I was worried about losing too many models to recover with my Feat, so Jake had successfully forced me into my Feat on the top of two. I was able to rush forward, engage his line and Feat my lost pieces back onto the table and engage the jam to slow his guns down, and put the pressure on him, half my models engaging his and the other half pending retaliation; clock back to Jake. He took a long minute to ponder the turn on how to not lose the game next round as Lylyth was potentially going to be exposed so this was his Feat turn. His plan was to Death Chill the rear line and wipe the first one. The support pieces came forward and started to clear the front line out to allow more shots. That was a tall task, and wasn’t as successful as I suppose he would have liked. He did successfully Death Chill or kill most of my Ravagers thanks to Angels, Overtake, and Lylyth. When he put the dice down, I only had about six models left alive that were not Death Chilled.


Well, my Feat was successfully burned, and he had managed to attrition me down to where he would have the piece advantage by the end of his next turn. I surveyed the board and decided to go for assassination, as Lylyth only had a single transfer left. I believed I could get four or five models to her, and spring a couple Sunder Spirits to finish her off. I up kept Carnivore on the WoO and for some reason had thought I had it on the Skinwalkers. So when I went in with them I needed hard 9’s to hit and not the 7s I had thought (thanks to Tenacity); to make matters worse Morvahna was out of range for Scales of Fate. I was moving quickly, and never thought to CMA, but it mattered not as my dice loved me enough to land two of my four attacks (yay Rapid Strike) on sweet 9’s. Then got one Ravager in on her, at MAT 9, who, after careful judge measurement, was within reroll range, and landed the blow that Lylyth would transfer. Then I tried to get two WoO into Lylyth with mini-feat up, however, again after judge help, it turns out I could only get one in, but it was still enough to get her down to very few life points. Given I only needed a couple points, I did not want to risk re-rolls on non boosted attacks, I went for one fully boosted Sunder Spirit, and landed it finishing the job.


It was a fast and furious contest with not only one of the best players in the game, but one of my favorite people to play with. I think we both knew what the others plan was, it came down to getting the chance to pull the trigger, and having the dice cooperate when it was needed. I was fortunate to have the chance and do it the old fashion way… who needs re-rolls anyway? 🙂




Round 4: vs Retribution

Synopsis: In the semi-final round I was paired up with Tucker, a local CT player whom had knocked off one of my teammates, Walter, in the last round. He was playing Kaelyssa infantry spam with eEyriss3 in the mix. Out of the three games I had played so far, I felt the most confident in my list heading into this match. High DEF infantry is what this list does well, and my recursion mechanic was strong in this matchup. I wasn’t going to get the alpha, but I wouldn’t need it as my Reach advantage was significant; just needed to avoid dying in a silly way to Energy Siphon.


Tucker jammed across the board quickly and popped Feat to ensure he would get ahead quickly. So I spread my Reach advantage across the front lines, and made sure to put Flesh of Clay on Morvhana to stop anything dump from happening and put Carnivore on the WoO. I felt like the next turn would be the worst of it, I braced and flicked the clock back.


Retribution did the best they could to crash home, and the Reach did mitigate what they could do significantly. There was a lot of gun fire from the MHSF that cleared off some of my front layer of WoO allowing the lead Infiltrator unit to get into my lines a little deeper. The Ravagers held their portion of the board up and the Skinwalkers were left largely alone being the farthest away. Getting the dice back, the damage incurred was not so bad at all. I countered with the WoO who were able to get some good work done. Then the Ravagers responded to clear another swath of models, including putting damage on a light jack that had come forward. Before I activated the Skinwalkers to crash in behind the Ravagers, I had Morvahna rotate Carnivore to them in order to get the most out of their attacks, she also Purified off Phantom Seeker from Kaelyssa before retreating with Light Calv. I decided not to Feat, as I felt that my units were mostly safe, and that he wouldn’t be able to clear them off during the next turn based on my position and jam. This was risky, but if it worked I would be well ahead next turn. Lastly my Guardian ported in to finish off the jack, and bait his remaining jack forward.


With Ret now back on the clock, Tucker lined up an assassination on Morvahna. He had his arc node forward, and his heavy to clear a path for some spell slinging. Eyriss’s unit crashed in and unfortunately her targets were Skinwalkers. She would have to kill a Skinwalker to generate a Quick Work shot on Morvahna. Fortunately he was unable to kill the heavy infantry which stops the assassination train. Full fledged damage control mode was the next play for Retribution, and on this turn, they were not able to get their full offering of attacks, meaning that the game was about to tilt into my favor. He did commit his heavy to kill the Guardian with some help, but his heavy was in my face and I was down one.


Getting the dice back, I knew this would be Feat turn for me, with the assassination failed, it’s time to capitalize; started with Morvahna, who feated back nearly all the models lost, and then I elected to box myself after the turn was over, so I would not be in danger of another assassination, and was sure to put Flesh of Clay up before I was done. Next we teleported the Wold Guardian in order to wipe the arc node further reducing any chance I could get clipped, and then the Ravagers surged forward to through the forest in the near middle of the table and cleared most of the infantry in the kill box; the Skinwalkers mopped up the area so it could be scored. The Feral charged in to finish off the heavy, and lastly the Wolves got into the last remaining pieces of the gun lines jamming them out. Carnivore healed Morvahna back to more than half her life, I took a pressure point at the end of my turn, but scored one in return.


Kaelyssa had most of her force gone, so she was forced to jam whatever was left into the zone, and put every available attack and shot on the Feral. Thanks to some hot rolls the Feral was unexpectedly taken off the table. The Warcaster moved around the forest camping what she had left and she took a position to try to threaten Morvahna next turn if she survived. On my turn with most of my army now back on the table, I moved all my pieces to clear the zone again. With another pressure point impending, Kaelyssa had moved into range of a Gallows Grove from which I could safely arc a boosted Sunder Spirit into her. I only needed a few points of damage at this point to auto finish Kaelyssa.when Morvahna moved into dominate the game was over. I got what I needed from the SS, and moved to the zone to finish off the game.


Phew! That one was way too close for comfort. The Energy Siphon is very serious and the Eyriss3 tech is scary as well. Eating the pressure point I felt like was the right thing to do given how far I was ahead on attrition, and it’s worth noting, why give your opponent a 20%er if you can give them a 0%er? Now… Onto the final!




Round 5: vs Butcher1 (tier)

Synopsis: As fate would have it, there would be another final table in a high profile event at a major con for Chuck and I; as he likes to say we only like to play at final tables in big cons :-). Chuck and I agreed to turn off the round timer on this one (with PG permission) and go until there was a final winner, as we didn’t want a TempleCon Hardcore final coming down to who jammed what into the zone as the clock expired. We wanted to see a Hardcore win with a caster dead; as it should be.


With that, it was pButcher and a Claws of the Dragon Tier list that stood between me and my first Hardcore win at a Con. They won the roll to go first (Tier benefit) deployed their two jacks in the middle with either unit of Black Dragon IFP flanking each side, and Butcher right in the middle. My setup was the same, with Wolves to my L and Skinwalkers to my R and the battle group in the middle with Ravagers out front.


On the opening turn he moved across the board and layered his front line in Shield Wall formation. With Shield March and Advanced Move from the tier, the IFP were nearly halfway across the board. They did not use the mini Feat, as really there was no reason to waste it when they could jam with with it next turn and I couldn’t reach a lot of Chuck’s stuff anyway. On my turn, I crashed with Ravagers cleared the front models, and filled in the gaps behind with my rear guard units. We had both successfully jammed the zone and I had taken first blood.


Chuck took the dice back, and the play was clear: Shield March, advance, and kill as much as possible then pop mini Feat, hoping to mitigate what I could do. Chuck was able to clear all but one of the Ravagers with his two units, thanks to some good CMA work, and got a Skinwalker and a couple of WoO. On my turn it was Feat time, as I only had a Ravager left, and didn’t want to risk losing all those bodies for good. I activated Morvahna, up kept Carnivore and Feated back everything I had lost. Healed myself a few and camped. Wolves then mini-feated, charged and cleared a good amount of IFP on the L. The Ravagers moved back to jam the Jacks and Butcher back, then the Skin Walkers went to Work on the R, killing a few more IFP, and a Kovnik. Despite their work, that flank was looking strong for Khador as I hadn’t killed as much as he did; good news was I controlling the other flank pretty well.


Khador turn, Chuck decided to push the Flank he was strong on. The remaining Kovnik activated to clear Butcher of a Ravager. Then Butcher activated popped Feat and rushed into a few more Ravagers and a Skinwalker. He easily dispatched the three models he was in melee with which allowed his IFP on the R side to really push forward and charge into more of the Ravagers, and clear a few more. Then his Jack ran forward to engage some of the remaining Skinwalkers so their next turn would be mitigated. On his weaker board side, Chuck’s other Jack moved forward to clear a couple of WoO, continuing to anchor that side preventing the zone from clearing. The last of the IFP pressed forward and took down another WoO.


On my turn, I surveyed the board, and saw that we were starting to run out of pieces, but I had to start to get rid of his heavies, and this would require using mine. Good news was one of his Jacks was nearly out of the game way on the L and at this point, not threatening to my battle group. I had my Warlock and two heavies to deal with Butcher and a Juggernaut. So I opted to port the Feral in, in hopes of one rounding the Khador heavy, which would force Butcher forward to deal with my heavy beast, hopefully leaving the warcaster exposed for retaliation my next turn. Let’s see if I can make it happen. Feral goes in and leaves the Juggy on life support. The Skinwalkers CMA to finish him off. On the L side the remaining Ravager and WoO clear off the IFP on that side and jam up the now lone Jack. I finish off my turn by moving the Guardian into the stones to be able to teleport to where the Feral was so Butcher could be dealt with, if he indeed comes in. I activated Morvahna, put Carnivore on the Guardian before ending my turn, setting up my counter plans for next turn.


Khador turn, and it quickly becomes apparent that Butcher is going to get his hands dirty. The Kovnik activates again, clearing the path for Butcher to the Feral. He is able to one shot the Skinwalker in the way, and clears a nice charge lane for Orsus to the Warpwolf. The charge attack missed, but don’t worry, he two shots the beast and camps the rest. Juggernaut does kills another WoO on the far side, and Chuck clocks back to me… and closes his turn proclaiming, “Let’s see if the bitch can kill me!”


Let’s see indeed!


The piece trade has happened as planned and now it’s go time, I up kept Carnivore, ported the Wold Guardian in, boosted the first attack roll and landed it, KD Butcher, boosted damage, then boosted my second damage roll and had him down to less than half life. Go, go Goat! She charges in, Life Trader and brings Butcher closer to the end, another attack, and I’m a few HP away; and her third attack with Life Trader and boost finishes the game, winning me a Hardcore Title!!!!




Overall what an amazing tournament! As I said at the onset, most difficult stretch of players I’ve ever had to overcome to win a single event. Kudos to all the guys I played, especially Chuck who proves every time I see him play why he’s the best in the game. Can’t ask for a better person to play a great game with, or have more fun playing against.


I have become extremely impressed with how truly versatile my list is; adaptable to a bunch of different styles, and it has performed so well across the board. After playing through this event this past weekend, I have to say it may be best suited for Hardcore. It gets across the board quickly, recursion in the opponents face, and makes it difficult to stop from eating pressure points. What’s more is Morvahna herself is difficult to assassinate with access to Flesh of Clay, Empathetic Link, Fog of War, Imperishable Conviction and the Fury mechanic which is another asset in the Hardcore format.


Couldn’t be prouder of my performance or how the list performed this weekend! An amazing event, with awesome opponents, resulting in one of the crowning achievements of my competitive career!


DOGC Opens 2014 with Hard Core Win!

This weekend in Nanuet, NY at Toy Whiz, Anthony Ferraiolo started the year off right for DOGC winning the SR 2014 Hardcore Event. Here is a review of the games played and how the day was won…

It was a great day for a tournament on a snowy Saturday in January! It was my first trip to Toy Whiz and the store is an awesome venue for an event of any size. I encourage everyone to take a trip to Nanuet, NY and check it out. Also want to give a quick shout to Jeff Frederickson, PG extraordinaire who ran the event and did a good job getting us out of there in a reasonable amount of time. Now onto the event at hand!

Whenever I head down for games in the NYC Metro, I know there will be a strong collection of players; this field was no different. Despite being only a dozen players, there was 3 or 4 multi time Masters qualifiers in the mix, so there would be no soft games. I attended with the intent of trying my eMorvahana build in the Hardcore format. I had not played Hardcore in 2013 at all and my last experience in 2012 was with Terminus who is an entirely different ball of wax than eMorvy.

I’m still running the same version of the eMorvahna list I’ve had since GenCon. I see no need to make changes at this point, but again I want to stretch it a bit and see what it can do in different formats. If you need another copy of my list you can find it HERE. The only thing the Morv build shared in common with Terminus list was the mass of infantry models on the table. However, the models in the Terminus build are required to do less work, and the real threat is imposing him upon the opposing force. With my eMovahna list, each model is doing more in each activation, and Morvahna is a true support piece. Her positioning is also much more tricky, especially in Hardcore where time is short. I don’t have the luxury of being able to make a mistake, especially when she is likely be taking damage. I will try to use my strength in numbers and speed to my advantage in hopes of taking control of the zone and scoring Pressure Points on the opposing Lock/Caster. Let’s see how this goes!

ROUND 1: vs Siege

RECAP: This round was vs someone I haven’t seen since before TempleCon last year, and a lot has happened in a year, for sure, but I was happy to be across the table from Dave Serrano. Playing Cygnar with Circle is never a great feeling, and playing Siege is even less fun. Circle is more susceptible to boostable guns than most others. Siege, presents a unique challenge as with the Feat he has an opportunity attrition my Feat out of the game by killing whole units while also posing a hugely credible threat to Morvahna herself. I didn’t like this opening match up at all, but hey, this is what we are here to see.

Dave wins the start roll chooses to go first. I survey the table, and there is a building on one side, and a wall in the zone more on one side of the table than the other, that is also supported by a forest deeper on that side of the table, and I decide that’s my ticket. I figure that if I need to I can take a Pressure Point and hide behind the forest, which Mage Site shouldn’t be able to get around; if all goes right I can push my position to the zone and camp the wall. Siege sets up with Stormwall in the middle of his zone, and puts the Avenger to the R (from my side of the table), then sets the gun mages to the far R with a Stormsmith and Arlen. On the L is Siege with two more Stormsmiths, Junior, Reinholdt, and a Squire. AD out front are the Rangers with Eyriss out the far R. On my side of the table I setup my line w/ Morvahna in the middle, the Wolves of Orboros to my L with Feral just next to Morvahna, the Woldguardian flanking Morvahna ot the R, and the Skinwalkers on the far R. The Ravagers AD out front center flanked by the two Gallows Groves, and stones mixed in the lines with the Ravagers.

On the Cygnar opening turn, the Rangers slunk forward, and Stormwall moved forward dropped a pod. The Gun Mages run into position, and Eyriss ran into position ready to do damage when needed starting next turn. Junior put Arcane Shield on Stormwall, and the Stormsmiths ran to each flank. On my turn, I didn’t waste much time, I knew I had to get up the board. So I pushed my line; the storm pod was close enough to charge with the lead Ravager, and the rest ran to engage what they could, I got a few Rangers stuck as well as an outlying Gun Mage. The pod was easily dispatched. Next I had the Wolves run at the building on the L, reason why I picked that side to deploy them was because they could successfully envelop it and the UA could hide behind it. The Skinwalkers moved freely in the woods on the R to the edge thanks to Pathfinder. I put Fog of War up and dropped and arc node in front of Eyriss. I didn’t have much time to eyeball the distance to see if I could get within Stealth  range and decided to try slinging a Sunder Spirit at her; taking her out first turn saves headaches later. Alas, my opponent positioned her astutely and Morvahna ate the Sunder Spirit and took some damage. Not a stellar way to end the opening turn but my lines were up the board. Finally I moved my beasts forward to flank Morvahna, leaving them far out of Stormwalls gun threat range. My opponent would have 7 quick minutes to respond.

On the next turn Siege had the turn to do something, and he started in on the Ravagers. Between the Rangers, Stormwall, and the some Gun Mages, he was able to take out about half of the Ravagers, and some WoO. The damage was not significant at this stage, and with a rather indecisive turn (thanks to a lot of Reach and good board position), I decided to jam his lines aggressively knowing I had to stop the Feat,  that was inevitably coming next turn, from blowing me off the table. The remaining Ravagers ripped through the Rangers thanks to corpse tokens and re-rolls. Morvahna activated and put Carnivore on the Skinwalkers before retreating to the woods near the back of my table side. Skinwalkers activated and charged into Eyriss and the Gun Mages they could reach. The ATGM made the Terror check but failed Command check for the damage they took from losses sustained from all the charges. Eyriss was eaten by two Skinwalkers. The WoO finished the job of clearing the zone on turn 2, putting the first Pressure Point on Siege, doing 5 damage to him. I finished the turn by having the Wold Guardian put Flesh of Clay on himself and the Feral ran to the wall to take a good position. The Stones flanked the heavies ready to port into Stormwall whom I suspected was coming forward next turn.  I was much happier with this turn and turned the dice over to Dave.

Top of 3, I knew Siege was going to Feat this turn and I suspected it would be in an effort to take out the Feral. I was right about the Feat as the Warcaster activated first and used his Ground Pounder attack to clear out the area in front of Stormwall. He had to make room for the Colossal to contest the zone, which also met he wasn’t going to be able to gain the aiming bonus. As such, not willing to risk two missed Defender cannons on 12’s, he opted to have Stormwall kill what he could within melee reach and drop covering fire to cause problems for my units next turn. The Feat had made quick work of the Ravagers, although I was able to keep 1 alive back by the wall next to the Feral. The WoO had taken losses as well thanks to the Storm Smiths and Junior. All said and done, the only thing in the zone was the Stormwall, but he was completely untouched and I was nearly out of Ravagers, but had a Feral and a number of other attacks to put into him. That was the plan this turn, start with the Feral and do as much as I could, then get the WoO in on him with a mini feat, I also knew I could get two maybe three Skinwalkers there on a charge and my last Ravager, then Feat with Morvahana and hopefully jam out of the zone; hopefully not to run out of time! The plan went off very well, the Feral did a ton to the Stormwall who did not have Arcane Shield anymore as it was moved to Siege after he came forward aggressively last turn. The Skinwalkers activated next and they finished off the Colossal with two that reached him, and the others cleared the remainder of the ATGM and Stormsmith. Sweeping the R flank successfully. the WoO activated and charged to clear off the rest of the support in the rear leaving just Siege, Arlen, and a Stormsmith with the Avenger. I then moved Morvahna forward, Feated back all the Ravagers and most of the WoO that had been lost jamming his remaining models as best as could be managed, then Light Calv moved to the wall. I would dominated for another Pressure Point and 7 more damage to Siege.

Turning the dice over to my opponent. Dave surveyed the board, and he indicated there was little hope of what he could do. Siege couldn’t contest the zone, the remaining Stormsmith couldn’t navigate the wall of reach weapons to get to the zone and the Avenger with a Colossal wreck marker in the way and being attached to the ATGM could not move far enough to get to the zone. All that being true, I would dominate the zone again that turn ending the game via Pressure Points assassination.

Opening Round Final Shot

ROUND 2: vs eButcher3

RECAP: Another player I hadn’t played since before TempleCon last year, Will; who is now running Butcher3… shaking my head just thinking about it. Only 2 players there with Butcher 3 on the docket, and I get one of them in Round 2. Will was coming off a strong showing in round 1 where he top of two assassinated one of the masters players (Charlie Moss) playing his list from TempleCon Hard Core where he finished top 5. Given that result I new Will was well versed in what he was doing with the list. Fortunately, this is a list I want to see more because I need to get comfortable in this matchup as I will see Butcher3 for sure. Looking at the matchup and the board, I decided I wanted to go first. Last time I faced this list in the Invitational I had to go second and realized that taking board position against this list is very important especially with the pressure Butcher can put on you starting turn 2. So I opted for first; my opponent astutely took the side with the wall to deny me the natural protection it offered.

On deployment I decided to go with my WoO on my left as there was a building on the right and it was close enough to the zone that I would have to entirely sweep around it with the larger unit, unlike the last table; so I wanted my smaller more maneuverable unit to navigate that, which means the Skinwalkers to the R. Beast load out in the middle, and Ravagers would AD out front center. Will decided to deploy his Widowmakers and Eyriss directly across from the WoO which was the most sensible place, then took his two units of Black Fang IFP and double stacked them across from the zone with his Juggernaut and Butcher to the center L (as I looked at the board), and Fenris was on the far L flank by himself to avoid the unnecessary abomination checks on his friendly models. Madelyn and Saxon were near Butcher to support the army as needed.

On the opening turn, I took strong position with the Ravagers in the zone to threaten anything that came into the zone, and new I would be getting the alpha, everything else ran forward to support and make a nice battle line about the 20” line or so up the table. I moved Morvahna to my R where I had a hill to toe, and decided to put Carnivore on the Skinwalkers this turn as that is where they where it would be needed most next turn, given the amount of troops on that side. Comfortable with my position I turned the dice over to Will. The lead IFP unit ran into the zone and right into engagement with my Ravagers to set the line of engagement as far up the table as they could, but it cost him Shield Wall on the opening turn. The Widowmakers took position on the L side with Eyriss and fired from the woods to put work into the WoO.

On my next turn, I knew it was going to have to be decisive and with only 7 minutes, I had to go immediately. I could to clear the Ravagers with the Skinwalkers so they could spring into the second line of troops. I upkept with Carnivore on the Skinwalkers and moved into the spaces behind and around the Ravagers with Carnivore to clear most of the IFP that were in the way. I then activated Morvahna and cycled Carnivore onto the WoO, slung a well positioned Death Knell onto a few IFP before moving her into safe position at the edge of the kill box diametrically opposed to Butcher. The WoO activated and charged the Widow Makers, Fenris, and the lone IFP still in the way. Cleared all I encountered thanks to Powerful Charge + Carnviore + CMA. Fenris was dehorsed, and the Ravagers were now primed to charge into the second wave of IFP. I had to move quickly so I did what I could to get through their activations. I was still tied in a bit, but managed to clear the zone of IFP, however, I could not score as I was going 1st. However, I felt good about the position I was in, with ⅔ of the IFP gone. I moved my two beasts into more threatening positions and dropped stones in front of them and Morvahna and my two heavies. Will took the dice and was pretty far down on model count and I still had my Feat, so I was in commanding position. He used the IFP remaining to Mini Feat and move into the zone, and cleared about half the Ravagers. The Juggernaut now moved into the zone to clear a few more models. The Widow Makers were all tied up, but Fenris managed to kill a few models. The Kovnik was able to get a Skinwalker, triggering Relentless Advance and he had managed to stop me from scoring a Pressure Point but this turn it was likely going to get bad next turn.

On my turn, there were a half dozen IFP in the zone w/ a Kovnik, and the Juggernaut. I up kept Carnivore on the WoO, and mini feated to charge them in to clear some IFP, put damage on the Juggernaut, and remove unmounted Fenris. I then activated Morvahna and cycled Carnivore onto the Skinwalkers. I charged them in behind the Ravagers again to poke holes in B2B lines of the IFP under Iron Zeal and Shield Wall, enough to leave them vulnerable to the remaining Skinwalkers. I had a couple of Ravagers charge the Juggernaut and do some additional damage to him. Then the Wold Guardian was dropped in and able to finish the Juggernaut off clearing the zone. I took a Gallows Grove and dropped it in front of the Wold to stop Butcher from pulling him from a safe position; he would have to come forward to deal with him. With that, the zone was clear, and a Pressure Point on Butcher for 5 damage. Will took the dice and knew Butcher would have to get his hands dirty this turn, and it started with him moving forward to clear the models between him and the Wold, with the Argii attacking the Ravagers they were engaged with. Butcher cleared the models in the way, then used impending doom to pull the Wold in. He did enough damage to take out the remaining models around the Wold and took out his Spirit. The feated, back to full Focus, and with the clock running low, decided to stop there, believing he would only make himself more vulnerable next turn with the a lot still in range of him. Before I took the dice, we tabulated that Butcher would take another Pressure Point because he was not contesting the zone; that’s a total of 1o damage on Butcher.

As my turn started, I still had my Feat, but wouldn’t need it, because I only need to cause three damage to Butcher and dominate the zone by moving Morvahna in to cause another 7 points of damage from the final Pressure Point to end the game. I activated Morvahna first, moved Carnivore to the Feral and used my remaining Fury to sling a boosted Sunder Spirit into Butcher doing some additional damage. I activated the Wold Guardian relying on two chances at a re-rollable 8 to KD Butcher, and I had Feral with Carnivore as a fail safe. The first swing from the Wold was successful and Butcher was on the ground. No damage, but he was prone. Feral was teleported in on the first swing he did the requisite three damage to ensure that that he was done at the turns end. The remaining attacks from the Feral and finished Butcher without needing the final Pressure Point. This was a solid victory against a tough list and opponent. Was happy to be moving onto the next round.

semi final final table shot

ROUND 3: vs eButcher3 (again)

RECAP: After the end of my last round I learned the pair down from the previous round had lost, meaning I would be playing on top table in the next round. This round would be against Jeff, a player whom I’ve not faced since he was playing Skorne a year earlier at the Dragon’s Den. Now he has moved onto Butcher 3, and I would have to overcome him again if I was going to win. The difference in this match was the list had two Devestators, making my ability to gain pressure points that much harder. I again won the roll for first turn, and took it, and my opponent again put me on the side of the table (we were on the same table I had just played on). My deployment had worked out well last time, so I opted to do the same thing this time. Jeff only had only one unit of IFP (which he stated later was to save time and prevent scenario Pressure Points) and put it in the same place as my previous opponent, and everything else was mostly the same.

On my first turn, opened up just as last time, with my Ravagers going strong to the center of the board, the WoO and the Skinwalkers moving way up the board, with Carnivore on the Skinwalkers and Fog of War up. My opponent had a different opening turn in this game, however, using the Kovnik to Shield March the IFP who Shield Walled, and used their Mini Feat, allowing them to touch the outside of the zone. The Widowmakers took the same position at the edge of the woods with Eyriss and opened fire on the WoO. Fenris ran around the flank full bore to try and force an Abomination check but was unable to get there.

My second turn I would have to charge the Ravagers across the zone, luckily the POW 15 from Brutal Charge would help break up the IFP under Iron Zeal. I did just that, and was able to get about 5 IFP off the board. Then I dropped the right Gallows Grove up the table and was able to get it in the back arc of the Kovnik, despite him having cover from the building. I was able to get him off the table with a Sunder Spirit from Morvahna. Then used the Mini Feat from WoO to dehorse Fenris on the L, and piled the Skinwalkers and remaining WoO into the zone behind the Ravagers. The Beasts moved into the zone and the stones dropped in front of them to protect from Impending Doom and be sure they could threaten the whole zone. Butcher took the dice and moved the remaining IFP into action by starting to clear the front line of the unit, and get into the zone. The Jacks moved forward as much as they could but did not want to open. Widowmakers were able to get another round of shooting due to how effective they were last round I wasn’t able to get them engaged. Eyriss then moved forward again and the WoO were down to less than half, and the Ravagers were down a few models. Saxon also was on fire this game plucking his second model in as many turns. The dogs were able to help at this point and so was Butcher. Ravagers were down below half as were the WoO. Zone was contested, and the two jacks were going to be able to get in next turn.

On my turn, I decided I would Feat back what I lost and score a Pressure Point this turn to get damage on Butcher and perhaps make it difficult for the ‘jacks to get in the zone. I activated the remaining Ravagers first and got a few IFP, then activated the WoO who were finally able to engage Eyriss and the Widow makers as well as Saxon. I up kept Carnivore on the IFP and then Feated 10 of the models I lost back onto the table. Then had Morvahna use a Gallows Grove to get a well placed Death Knell on the IFP Flag, Corbeau, Ayianna and an Argus. I was able to kill all but the Argus. I then retreated to the rear of the zone, and let the Skinwalkers kill the remaining IFP to heal Morvahna about half of the damage she had taken. The Stones moved farther forward, and the beats were now pressed further forward in the zone. I had successfully cleared the zone, and dominated putting 7 damage on Butcher. Jeff knew that the game was tilting in the wrong direction and had to get into the zone, and be aggressive with Butcher. He started with the first Devstator, moved forward and popped open, clearing most of the models around. This allowed the second Devestator to move into the zone, pop, and clear more infantry, he hot rolled a lot of damage on the 8 box models. The space available now cleared room for Butcher to get into the zone and start to really cleanup. He cleared the models around him, impending doom feated, and cleared some more, and ended the turn with 4 focus on him.

Butcher was in the zone, close to Morvahna, who had now been healed back to to full thanks to Imperishable Conviction. The two jacks had opened up, which allowed me the opportunity to possibly take them out. However, Butcher was in the zone only on ARM 22 and down ⅓ of his HP. So I decided to go for him. I did not upkeep Carnivore. I activated Morvahna first, put Carnivore on the Wold Guardian, and threw a Sunder Spirit into Butcher, with a re-roll had Butcher down to half life. I activated the Stones and dropped the Wold Guardian behind the Butcher, and activated the Wold, who went to town able to KD the Warcaster on the first swing. Then using Ram started pushing Butcher toward the Feral so I could walk into Melee with the second heavy. However, on the final swing with the Wold, Butcher was finished. Tourney over!

Final Table Shot

This event was a great exercise for me. I was fortunate to win, given the matches I had. As I said at the onset I wanted to see how the Morvahna list worked in the format and I think it has real potential. The jam tactic does have a lot of viability because it puts direct damage onto the opposing ‘Lock or ‘Caster if I can use it to score Pressure Points. Additionally once damaged, her assassination becomes that much more live. Also, when the opposing Caster/Lock is bleeding my infantry becomes that much more likely to finish the job with charges and re-rolls. The trouble is having to activate everything and move quickly. Unlike the Cryx lists I have run in the past, I cannot rely on my Feat to keep me in the game alone, and to support my tactic of trying to take over the zone, I have to get the most out of my activations, which creates the leverage in the attrition. Additionally I saw that I don’t need to Feat to win with the list in this format. While I obviously would prefer to do but, with time constraints that I have it doesn’t need to happen. Seeing that go successfully in round 2 gives me confidence that it’s a viable thought going forward (when applicable and I need to save time). I believe it’s a list that can be played in the Hard Core format, as long as I get through my progressions efficiently, and don’t waste unnecessary time.

Another take away from the event now getting a better look at Butcher3, I realized the value of having the immobile models; being able to prevent the Impending Doom from pulling everything in is huge. That means placement on Stones and Gallows Groves can save your battlegroup from certain death. That doesn’t mean they can tank the opposing army, just means you can use them to buy time, or even catch an unsuspecting Butcher 3 player from failing to realize the interaction. Killing the Kovniks slows the army down, but unless you can get them early, it doesn’t make enough of a difference to waste a high priority magic missile on them.

The last point of note was that the Butcher3 lists were nearly identical to what I saw at the Invitational, with some combination of IFP, Widowmakers, Eyriss, Corbeau, and Kovniks. The additional points expenditure on Fenris or A&H, or whatever are subtle details, to what the list wants to do. You have to manage his threat range and make him burn focus to clear the jam between your caster and him. The heavy jack in his list is only a trade piece, and while it’s a problem, it’s important not to take the bait and give a heavy to make it happen, only to have Butcher mop it up in retaliation. Recognize that and not wasting the effort to kill the heavy, when those pieces are really need to kill Butcher.

I’m overall happy with the table time from the event, and got some pretty sweet games in, bonus was being able to take home the W! Toy Whiz is a great venue and thanks to Jeff Frederickson for running the tourney.

DOGC’s Anthony Ferraiolo Wins GenCon Masters!!!

This past August, in by far DOGC’s most significant accomplishment to date, Anthony ran the table at GenCon in Indianapolis, one of the largest gaming conventions in the world, to win the Warmachine Masters title. Here is a recount of the games in his own words…

What an amazing weekend at GenCon! It’s hard to explain the deep sense of pride and humility I experienced; this was, and is, as rewarding a moment for a hobbyist and gamer as I could imagine. I do love this game, like I’m sure many of you, so to live this dream is just that, a moment you don’t know will come nor can you ever expect it. To do it at only my third major con is just… crazy. Nonetheless, I will take you through the two events and seven games as best I can remember, tho I promise the details will be sorted as it was a bit of a whirlwind, especially as the rounds and games mounted.

The place to start is with my lists, which I received many, many questions about…





Bloodtrackers (full)

Shifting Stones w/ UA

Witch Doctor

Swamp Gobbers


Stalker x 2




Woldstalers x 2

Shifting Stones w/ UA

Galows Grove

Lord of the Feast

Swamp Gobbers





Ravagers (full) w/ UA and WA

Skinwalkers (full) w/ UA

Wolves of Orboros (full) w/ UA

Shifting Stones w/ UA

Gallows Grove x 2

So yes, no Megalith, no Nuala, no second unit of Stones (in any list), and yes, I did play a Pureblood, Ravagers, Feral, and Lord of the Feast; Baldur was not in Tier, and I did use a Woldwrath. Guilty as charged. After it was all said and done, it was somehow good enough to win GenCon Masters :D. Honestly, it could not have worked out any better, and every list performed as I had prepared it to. The pBaldur list, as I have said in other BRs, was built around the Woldwrath and what I think takes advantage of what it does best. Ultimately it’s an attrition list that swaps heavies until an unkillable Gargantuan is the only thing left and overall the list is really really strong in scenario play; it does struggle with massed infantry however. The eMorvahna list construction has generated the second most questions. In my opinion her list wants to be in melee; Reeves and Bloodtrackers just didn’t do it for me. I did not have a great experience with them and found that the Ravagers really ‘deliver’ the list well, are great in melee, and 8 box infantry are tremendous on her feat turn. The list also handles guns lines fairly well, as it engages everything quickly and Morvahna herself is fairly hard to kill at ranged given the protection built into the list. It’s in general a good all comers drop, while being a strong counter to a lot. Lastly Kromac is built in not a completely atypical way, I have a few twists that brought some different things to the table. The entire list brings magical weapons, and the Lord of the Feast brings a different dynamic than most opponents expect from a Kromac list, as does the Pureblood. That said the list does struggle with scenario but is excellent at taking opposing pieces off the board in any order I choose (most of the time).

GenCon runs a two day masters with two qualifying heats, three list Divide and Conquer [1] (each qualifier and the final) which means you have to play each lists one time (in each event). The opening heats were only slated for three rounds which means you would essentially be locking yourself out of a list each time you played a list, and by the last round you would be completely locked in. I really wanted to qualify in the first heat to give myself as much mental rest as possible as well as giving myself an extra half day to enjoy the con.

Masters Qaulifier – Heat 1

Round 1 – vs Menoth

Scenario – Outflank

Recap – I don’t remember my opponents three lists, but I do recall he was playing three non Purification Casters which is what struck me. Purification is the bane of most Warlocks/Warcasters in the game, but feels much worse for me as a Circle player than it does for anything else I play, so not having to deal with that set me at ease early. The selection of the first list was actually the hardest choice of the event because essentially you are forfeiting whatever list you choose for the rest of the day. That said, I was not entirely sure what he was going to drop, but suspected eKreoss2 Tier as the auto hit and extra attack on Feat turn are bad news for high DEF Circle; given that after considering all things I decided to go with pBaldur. I know dropping difficult terrain is an issue for a lot of Menoth; the Feat can really allow me to get ahead on attrition, and it’s the list that I expected my opponents to be ‘least’ familiar with. Plus if I have to live without it the rest of the day I feel my other two lists can handle what the Baldur list is normally good at.

Sure enough my opponent dropped eKreoss2; good news is that I have two local players that have run this list quite a bit so I’m very well versed in facing it. My opponent won the die roll and opted to have me go first, which I thought meant that he wanted to move from the side of the board with the impassable terrain; however he chose to stay where he was. So I’m happy to take the opening turn and take board position. In this scenario, it’s a bit tougher because I have somewhat limited resources to protect two distinct zones, so what I like to do is have Woldwrath hold up one zone, and use the rest of my battle group in the other, and the BTs to support either, creating a barrier between my opponent and Baldur. There was no comfortable wall in my area so I had to rely on this barrier and blocking LOS with Gobbers and Rapid Growth. After deployment I had the Prey put on the Daughters that had deployed to the far R side of the board, looking to flank.

As such the opening turn I ran the Woldwrath forward toward the Left zone, with Ghetorix in the middle, and Stalker to R, with the BTs out front and the Shifting Stones in a strong position toward the R center with Ghetorix, Stalker, and Baldur within. I put Stone Skin on the BTs, and Solid Ground up. My opponent took his turn and did not move as aggressively forward as I had expected; ot seemed that he was somewhat unsure of my threats, and wanted to keep out of obvious threat. He pushed most of his forces to the zone where the Woldwrath was, moving the Daughters and the Fire of Salvation to the edge of the other zone, towing in, then turned the dice over to me.

On my turn 2, I knew I was in strong position to feat, he did not have much in the R zone at all, and just a few daughters and the jack. on the right he had clouded 3 units of Knights Exemplars on the edge of the zone, and the Exemplar Errants in the middle also protecting the zone. So I started with Woldwrath who put a shot into the lead unit of KEs dropping two 3” AOEs in the front of his massed infantry, killing two, and keeping Woldwrath far outside of their 8” threat. I moved the BTs up, and had them open fire on their Prey (the Daughters) and needing 7’s helped quite a bit as they were cleared from the zone, and the remaining Daughters failed their command. I also was able to kill a few KEE’s. Then I activated Baldur, Feated, and cycled Stone Skin onto the Stalker. Stones activated and dropped the Stalker in front of the Fire of Salvation that was the only Protectorate model remaining in the right zone. He dispatched of him w a few Fury to spare, successfully clearing the zone. Witch Doctor toughed the BTs, and I turned dice over. My opponent was officially fully locked up in Baldur’s Feat, he couldn’t get anything over to the zone I currently owned, as the effects of the feat were limiting his movement, and he knew it. So he decided to do what he could to flood the left zone, as he started to run through the two AOE’s he lost the first two models that ran though, and decided that was not the best choice, and started to run around it really limiting his movement further. The KEEs opened fire on the BTs and really couldn’t hit any as DEF 18 on the feat was too much to ask, the couldn’t aim due to Stealth (he needed to move to get in range), and they didn’t have range to charge. So after doing no damage on his turn, he turned the dice over, allowing me to score the zone on the right for the first point.

My turn 3, I dropped Stone Skin from the Stalker as it was no longer needed there, I then used the Stalker to kill the two remaining Daughters, allowing me to move Prey to the KEEs. The Bloodtrackers then went to town killing nearly 2/3rds of the KEE unit, leaving them with only 3 and all of the them on the far left side of the board. I activated Woldwrath, had him go forward into the Knights Exemplars that had run into proximity, and Power Sweep killing 3, then killing two more on buys, and KDing two more that were out of Reach but in the 4” AOE. Then Baldur activated, moved Stone Skin to Ghetorix, put Rapid Growth in front of the Woldwrath (not to block LOS but to create difficult terrain), and then moved into the zone for an easy Dominate. The Stones then dropped Ghetorix onto the unsuspecting Reckoner, who was subsequently scrapped by the character beast. Firmly in control at this point, I turned the dice over at 3 CPs. My opponent was feeling the pressure, had no jacks, Gravis, Kreoss, and a unit and half of KEs left and a few KEEs left. So he decided to Feat this turn, and go for what he could. He started with the unit of KEs nearest Woldwrath and declared a run/charge, only able to get two on WW, he did minimal damage. The rest were blocked out by the Rapid Growth. The Errants moved forward to try to deal with BTs, but thanks to Tough and no KD, were not able to do anything meaningful. With a hole cleared to Ghetorix, and seeing that the game was likely out of hand, he activated Kreoss feated and charged G-Rex. Then activated Gravis to do the same. After all had settled G-Rex was still alive, and I had scored 2 more CPs on my opponents turn winning via scenario on the bottom of 3. Onto the next round!

Round 2 – Cygnar

Scenario – Into the Breach

Recap – Cygnar is one of the matchups where I like to have pBaldur available, and of course he’s off the table already. Honestly in this matchup there was really no choice for me but to play eMorvahna. Admittedly I really wanted to save her for the third round as she is my most well rounded list, and Kromac is susceptible to match up issues especially versus the boostable guns of the swans. Knowing I have to win this round to worry about the next, I resolved myself to drop eMorv regardless of which caster my opponent is playing. My opponent was one of the solid Canadian contingent named Matt, and he had eCaine left along with another (eHaley maybe?). However I expected eCaine, and I was right. It was the ever popular Mercnar list, with eCaine at the helm; right down to the Forgeguard, Alexia, and Boomhowler. Luckily, I have faced eCaine enough to know how to manage this matchup.

I did win the roll to go first, which I had incorrect on the RFP podcast interview (apologies Matt and Omnus), and took the opportunity to do so (now that I can recall the details correctly and look at the photos :D). Obviously I did not want to give eCaine’s infantry heavy list a chance to unpack, so I had my Ravagers deployed out front across from the scoring zone on my R so they could engage quickly, with my battlegroup and Skinwalkers backing them up. There was a piece of impassable terrain in the middle of my half of the board, and I put the Wolves of Orboros on the L side of my deployment, to the far side of this piece of terrain; they would work to keep the flag contested if need be, and close on the flank long term. My opponent established his whole line directly across from the main scoring zone, all three units, layered with Boomhowlers first, Alexia second and Forgeguard last, with Ol’ Rowdy on my L nearer to the flag with eEyriss. My opponent, Matt, looked at me and said, “this one is going to go on for a while,” I knew he was definitely going to be right.

On the opening turn I moved to the zone, putting half of my Ravager unit at the 29” line, across half way, knowing he was going to have to move into threat range, and did not have an easy way to bring Caine out to start firing early, as he was buried behind all three units. I had Fog of War up early, Carnivore on the Wolves of Orboros, and pushed my line to the center of the board. On my opponents turn he did the best he could to move out, and ran directly out to get some Boomhowlers into the zone, and pushed Alexia up to my R to free up the Forgeguard to get into a backup spot behind the Boomhowlers. Eyriss took position on a hill and on the far L and I knew she would stay to help the Rangers shoot down the WoO as they came across the board.

On my turn two I sprung the Ravagers into action and crashed home with all four Tharn in the front, and another shot from the Shaman plus and electro leap. With that I had officially set the line of engagement way up the board, and pushed up with the Skinwalkers, and sent the WoO into the Ranger lines to take most of them off the table. Rowdy did counter charge and squish one. On my opponents turn, he fought back with the Boomhowlers to get back into the zone, and pushed Alexia to the hill on the R side near the scoring zone, in a good spot to dictate to the zone. Then Ol’ Rowdy pushed closer to the zone and killed a few more WoO that were threatening Eyriss, and she shot another. On my turn 3 I surveyed the board; I had lost some Ravagers, but to good purpose as his line was beginning to dwindle and Alexia was unexpectedly exposed. I decided to send the Skinwalkers forward thru the gaps left in the Ravager lines, and clear out the models that were in front of Alexia, so I could spring a Ravager onto her. The Skinwalkers did well to make room, and thanks to a Powerful Charge, Brutal Charge, and a re-roll, Alexia had taken enough damage from the Ravager that it could not be absorbed by Death Magic. She was now gone, as such I was able to be a bit more aggressive with Morvahna. I had a nicely positioned forest just off the zone on my side of the table that I could safely keep her in and around. The remaining Ravagers were able to get into the second level of models and start doing work on the Forgeguard. The WoO crashed into the flank to clear remaining Boomhowlers, and  were now threatening the rear lines of his Caine’s support. I was happy with my position; had Fog of War up, Flesh of Clay on Morvahna, and three transfers available. I was in the forest at the edge of the zone, and confident I was out of Caine’s threat. I turned the dice over.

My opponents turn 3, and he was basically out of Boomhowlers and Rangers, Alexia was dead, and he was left with Rowdy and the Forge Guard; but still had his Feat. At this point Caine now as able to get LOS to some of my stuff to help his army clear models. He started to do his work, and allowed the Forgeguard to get into the Ravagers and Skinwalkers. They did quite a number, killing a half dozen models, plus a few WoO. Rowdy continued to dwindle the WoO as well and moved closer to the zone charging the UA and Standard to eliminate them. When I got the dice back on top of turn 4 it was evident it was my turn to Feat, and I planned bring nearly everything back; I alsoI had a good chance to kill Rowdy this turn as well as long as I could remove the Arcane Shield upkept by Jr. (which I didn’t want to have to use Purification to manage). This was a critical turn, so I was methodical. I started with the Ravagers and Skinwalkers, and wanted to use their activates to clear as much as possible, with their mulitple attack mechanics, before bolstering their ranks with the Feat. I was able to clear the last of the Boomhowlers, and Risen as well as reduce the Forguard to less than half. I activated Morvahna, brought back the UA for the WoO and all the Skinwalkers and Ravagers I had lost, then put Flesh of Clay on Morvahna again and light calv moved back to the woods, but this time staying on the edge of the zone, as it was now clear to be dominated. I sent the WoO to work using their minifeat to kill Jr, Reinholdt, and the Squire along with some more of the Forgeguard, and even ding up Rowdy (getting the buckler!). Now with Arcane Shield off of Rowdy, I activated the Guardian who charged a damaged Rowdy to finish him off with four swings and a little help from Scales of Fate. I moved the Stones to get the Feral and Woldguardian within the triangle of terror and I was able to successfully dominate for the first two points of the game; nearly the entirety army was back on the table versus only about 8 or 9 Cygnar models on the table.

My opponent took the dice, and still had his Feat, he contemplated a lot. Morvahna was on four transfers, she was at about half life after Carnivore healed her a bit, and had Flesh of Clay on her as well. She was in concealment from the forest and Caine was pinned in behind a wall of Ravagers and Skinwalkers. So he would have to Gatecrasher to the zone, kill a model in melee and use the remaining shots to try for the game. He did just that, but instead of going for Morvahna he opted to try and gun down the Feral. He did not upkeep anything, as he was only a Focus 6 caster at this point, he spent three to Gate Crasher to the Ravager; Feated and went to town. It took him an extra attack to kill the Ravager than he planned, then started in on the Feral, but was unable to kill him. With Caine being the only model in the zone, I was able to dominate again with Morvahna, and now be at four points. The game was already over, as I could auto dominate again, but seeing as Caine was there for the taking, I activated Morvahna, put Carnivore on the Woldguardian, healed him for one, and put a fully boosted Sunder Spirit into Caine, which took him to a third of his life. The Guardian was teleported to Caine, boost to hit, KD on the first swing and killed him on the first damage roll. The game ended and I was able to dominate one more time for max CP and nearly max points destroyed. The game stat line appeared more lopsided than it really was, Matt played a strong game, but it’s even harder to attrition out my particular eMorvahna list (more so than it already usually is), and she is well suited to stand up to his Feat with transfers and Flesh of Clay. With that game behind me, I was now one win away from qualifying for the Masters final on Saturday!

Round 3 – vs Skorne

Scenario – Close Quarters

Recap – My third round opponent was Skorne with eMakeda. It was not a particularly good matchup for Kromac, but not a bad one either; it was going to be a game, and I was happy to have a punchers chance to qualify for Masters with a win in this contest. Both of us were Beast heavy, but his list had the unusual position of out threatening my Kromac list and had the goods to hit me reliably with the eMakeda feat. I won the roll to go first, looked at the board, and decided I wanted the opening turn to get myself into position to threaten everything he had on turn two. I had an objective that was impassable just outside of my deployment area, center massed, that was in a good spot for me to keep Kromac just behind to be in the kill box but completely walled off from my opponent. My opponent had five heavies including three Archidons, Molik Karn, and a Gladiator. They were all deployed in the middle of the board, and the Nihilators were deployed on my L side of the board, with support scattered as needed behind his lines.

On the opening turn, I moved both units of Woldshirmp up the flanks to firing position, put Wild Aggression on the Stalker to my L nearest the unit of Nihilators, Lord of the Feast had Inviolable Resolve, and Warpath on Kromac. I had Kromac behind the obstruction I noted earlier and the Pureblood and other Stalker on the R side of the the impassable terrain. My opponent came out in response being super aggressive with his beasts. Putting one Archidon in my face, ran the Nihilators far forward as possible, and had Molik Karn threatening just behind them, and then the remaining three heavies batting clean up with the rest of the support. As I took the dice back for my turn 2, I saw that Molik Karn was well within threat of my Wild Aggressioned Stalker so long as I could remove a Nihilator or two. So I activated the Woldshrimp on that side and took out the requisite Nihilators, Warpath moved the Stalker, had the Wilder put Lightning Strike on him and then activated him, warped ST and charged the Molik Karn (for free thanks to Wild Aggression). Intuition wasn’t going to save him, and he was dispatched of with Fury to spare, I then LS back to relative safety. The Lord of the Feast went next charged the Archidon and took up a spot next to a wall the Archidon was hugging in the middle of the table. I then activated Kromac, cycled Wild Aggression to the other Stalker which subsequently ported over the obstruction to the Archidon that was most forward to kill him easily after the LOTF had taken a chunk out of him already. The rest of the battle line took up position to threaten the line nearest my own flag. I figured I was safe in my line of battle (within striking distance of my opponents flag), unless Makeda wanted to get super aggressive and come forward to Feat.

As it turns out, he did indeed want to be super aggressive; needing redemption for losing two heavies, he pushed Makeda forward to his own flag to get her CNTL area to my include my heavies and dominate, and sent his remaining Archidons in to take both of my Stalkers off the table; he also got LOTF in the process. It was a surprisingly aggressive move, but I could see why, as he was now up 3 heavies to my 1, but Makeda was exposed with only 2 Fury (after upkeeping Leash and casting Road to War). So I look at the board, and I see that I can get a Primaled Wild Aggressioned Pureblood to her. His only transfer target is a fully healthy Gladiator, the other two beats were full on Fury. I was going to have to do something about the Gladiator. I started by plopping the Gallows Grove out into the middle of the board toward Makeda where the Pureblood would be. I used the Stones to port the Pureblood onto the far side of the Archidon protecting Makeda, just past it’s melee arc. I activate Kromac, who upkept Warpath, cast Wild Aggression and Primal onto the Pureblood through the arc node tree, then Feated, gains back all his Fury, switches form, moves and jumps into melee with the Gladiator. Now in Beast mode he goes to town with 4 boosted damage rolls on the the warbeast bringing him down to near dead. The Woldshirmp kill a remaining Nihilator to trigger Warpath on the Pureblood, allowing him to walk into melee with the opposing Warlock. The Pureblood is now MAT 8 POW 18 under Wild Aggression, with four Fury to push. Makeda was able to transfer one attack to the Gladiator before suffering splash damage, and she died on the third attack from the Pureblood.

That game was fast and furious (phew)! My opponent was aggressive and pushed me to play that way in response. Taking Molik Karn so early was critical from my perspective, but my opponent told me afterward that he hadn’t needed Karn in most of his games, so he was a bit of a decoy. However, he admitted that he underestimated the Pureblood and didn’t see all the pieces of the assassination with him which is why he got so aggressive with Makeda. I was extremely happy to be advancing to the Masters Finals on Saturday in the opening heat and now I could enjoy the next day and a half of the con!

Masters Finals

Round 1 – vs Retribution played by Bob Grant

Scenario – Process of Elimination

Recap – So here we are, opening the Masters, and I had been this far before, but I definitely wanted to improve upon my showing at TempleCon. Assessing the field, I felt good about my three Warlocks; but drawing the only Ret player in the field was a bit of first round bad luck. I normally would want to drop eMorvahna against infantry spam ranged lists ala Cygnar and Ret. However, it was too early to put her on the table, which left me with Kromac and Baldur; of the two, Baldur is far better against ranged lists, with a huge transfer target, LOS block, and a cover granting Feat. That said, of the three lists Bob was sporting he had Ravyn with Snipe Feat Go, eVyros Griffon spam, and Kaelyssa. Of the three, Kaelyssa presents far and away the most problems for Warlocks, so I fully expected to have that one dropped on me. I was right. So Baldur v Kaelyssa it was.

Bad news in this matchup is that Kaelyssa at any point can assassinate Baldur and just needs range thanks to Energy Siphon and Phantom Seeker. That means she ignores most of what Baldur can do to protect himself. The other issue in this matchup is that he had lots of infantry, three full units: Sentinels, MHSF, and MHI. Baldur is really not great versus infantry so I would have to get the most out of my Feat to have a chance. My opponent had first turn, and on deployment he had set his Sentinels on the L zone and the MHI on the R, MHSF in the center, with the jacks accessible. On my side of the board I had the Woldwrath on the L zone, which is likely why the Sentinels set up across from the zone with my battle group on the R side of Baldur and the Bloodtrackers in the middle; I put Prey on the MHSF, which proved to be a visionary decision. On the opening turn he MHI ran full blast out ahead, toward the R side of my area, the MHSF moved to the center of the board, and the Sentinels moved into the zone on the L. He tucked Kaelyssa in the rearguard of the army, behind a nice obstruction where she could dictate to the board. The jacks moved to the middle of the table behind the line of infantry. On my turn I decided that I would have to Feat opening turn to not be jammed out of scenario and allow me some time to take board position; this list was very far up the field.

On the second turn, my opponent had a bit of a conundrum with a lot of infantry and losing pathfinder. He took his two Mage Hunter units on moved them them out of the way of the jacks and sentinels to the R side of the board, and the Sentinels moved more forward into the L zone. The jacks ended up in the middle of the table. Kaelyssa Feated in response to my Feat to limit my guns, and prevent me from getting my beasts up the table. At the end of my opponents turn, I had him check his own Kill Box, turns out Kaelyssa due Baldur’s Feat really mitigating all the opposing infantry movement, was not able to get into the Kill Box, awarding me two quick CPs. This changed a lot for me. At that moment, I resolved myself to going full bore on the scenario. The plan was to put my beasts on the R side of the table take the objective for the third point, and put my BTs Tough and Undead with no KD in between the L zone and the rest of his infantry. I started by using the BTs to kill some Sentinels that were closest to the Stalker. I put Stone Skin on the Stalker and used the stones to port him into the Phoenix, and due to some bad rolls the Phoenix was still alive and operational. However, he was still on the R side of the table.Then with the way clear of BTs that had moved L, Ghetorix was able to get to the objective on the right side of the table and make quick work of it. I moved the Woldwrath forward to shoot at the Sentinels, however missed due to Kaelyssa’s Feat. up 3-0 I turned the dice over to my opponent to see how he responded.

My opponent assessed the situation and as I suspected the prospect of killing two heavies this turn was too much for him to pass up. He used his Sentinels with their Vengeance move and charge to get to the Stalker and take him off the table; then used the two heavies to take out Ghetorix, and was sure to move Kaelyssa into the Kill Box to not auto lose the game. At that point, he realized that he had very little in the zone on the L. The only thing remaing was the MHSF what was more in the R center of the table. So they just ran as far L as they could, able to get three of them in the zone. On my turn, the game, at a glance looked bleak as I was down two of my heavies, and his models owning the R side of the table. However, the devil is in the details, me up on CPs within a turn of winning. I had to clear the zone on the side to win the game. I could reach the objective easily and had enough movement to get the BTs in plenty of range to the the MHSF, whom I was happy to have Prey on at this point, and I had enough attacks to clear the rest of the Sentinels. I started with Woldwrath and tried to shoot to the two Sentinels in the zone with his gun, and missed. Bad start to the turn, but I had plenty left. Before WW was done I put his animus up, which was circumstantially brilliant at this moment. Baldur was next, charging the objective, destroying it and dropping an Earth Spikes on the Sentinels removing them. Now it was just the MHSF. I activated the BTs who had enhanced speed being so close to their Prey and they succeeded in getting into range of the remaining culprits in the zone I was able to clear all but but one MHSF. I still had two good attacks left, however only needed the Witch Doc. I moved the Gobbers up into position to be a sweet Sac Strike target, and was able to move forward with the Witch Doc and finish the game successfully clearing the zone. I still had the Stone Keeper with a boost attack on his POW 14 magic missile as a fail safe; however the Witch Doc finish was stylish :). It was a good opening round W, handing the sheet in at 5 CPs and zero points destroyed was a little silly, but I was happy to won a game against a good opponent with a great list and be on to the second round!

Round 2: vs Dan Smilek playing Khador

Scenario: Into the Breach

Recap: After finishing round 1 in relative short order, it allowed me some time to relax before my round 2 game. Shortly after the matchups dropped, Mattie K (from endgamegaming) gave me the tap to notify me that I would be put on film for my round 2 match vs Dan… cuz their wasn’t enough to worry about with my competition across the table :). That said, I truly didn’t mind and was a little excited to be on my first endgamegaming video cast. What I didn’t know is that I would be at that table the rest of the event.

As we swapped lists, my opponent had two vlad lists, one of which was all the horses Vlad3 tier which he used in the opening round, he still had his Butcher 2 Doom Reaver spam list, and a eVlad2 list. Given that the Vlad3 list was dropped in the opening round I fully expected that I was getting Doom Reaver spam; and I was correct. Baldur having been dropped in round 1 really wasn’t an option. I torn between Kromac and eMorvahna in this one, seeing as I expected the Doom Reaver list, I thought both lists had a good game against it. However, I don’t like Kromac in the scenario as much as eMorvahna. Kromac wants to keep distance from the opponent and stop retaliation, which can lead to being a bit gimped in scenario play. I knew the Butcher list can really push and I was worried that I would not be able to attrition in the manner I would prefer and have to start sacrificing my position to stay in the scenario, so I decided to drop eMorvahna. In retrospect I still feel I made the right choice.

I won first turn and set up my line with the Skinwalkers directly across from the zone, as I feel they are the best at contesting an area in the long game, and the Wolves of Orboros across from the flag as they are quick enough can get to the flag to ensure no early points are scored, as well as threaten a Caster that may go near the point and are harder to hold out of the area as they are a large 12 man unit. I finished my deployment by putting my Ravagers out in the L center nearer to the in front of the Skin Walkers. My opponent responded by setting up four of his units to the R side (as I look at the table) of his deployment area, with two units to the L across from the zone, supported by the two jacks, Man Hunters, and Yuri. Butcher and Fenris were center massed IIRC. To me his deployment indicated that that he was going for the flag on the R, and throwing waves of Doom Reavers at the zone to win a long attrition game on scenario. I thought this was an astute response to me gaining first turn. I felt good about where I was to start and was ready to take the center of the board on the opening turn.

As the game opened I moved the Ravagers from Left Center to hard Left and was careful to stay out of the Doom Reavers charge range, and essentially put as much pressure on the zone as I could on the opening turn. I had some decent terrain on the R side of the board including a piece of impassable on his side of the board, and some forest on my side. So he would have to navigate all that on the way to me. I took the WoO up in an around the forest to use that piece as a flank protector. I had the position I wanted so turned the dice over to my opponent. In an interesting twist, he took Butcher and his two jacks and rammed them forward max distance, and set a line of engagement with the Doom Reavers that was going to allow me to charge him next turn, starting the piece trade in the zone. On the R side of the board they began flooding up the board, in and around terrain. Nothing exciting, but we were prepped to engage on the next turn.

On turn two, I sent the Ravagers into battle, charging them forward, and taking out nearly a whole unit of Doom Reavers on the L side of the board, with about 3 of my Ravagers including the Shaman and his assault shot. On the R side of the board I had a wave of about 4 WoO charge forward and set a line of reach models for the bulk of the Doom Reavers coming my way, flanked by the forest for further protection. Morvahna had taken up residence behind a nice wall on my side of the table about 18 inches from my board edge, flanked by my warbeasts. Giving the dice back to Dan I had started the piece trade and felt good about what I had taken and what he was going to take back. The Doom Reaver responded in kind sending the second wave on the L side of the board into my advance Ravager models, taking them all off the board. On the R side, the Doom Reavers pressed forward hard, flooding around up the far R flank and wiping the front four WoO, with Fenris now near the 24” mark of the board backing up that side of the Khador line, with Yuri and the Man Hunters spread evenly across their lines. What was the most interesting part of the turn, when had expected Butcher to go towards the flag, he did not; instead he cast Boundless Charged pm both jacks and charged Butcher straight forward with the Jacks putting one in the Zone.

I took the dice, and pondered my opponents decision, and it was clear Butcher was coming my way, and he was not interested in scenario play at this point. So I measured where I was, and decided to start moving my line into the Zone, and wanted to start putting damage on the Jacks to be in position to make a move next turn. I used another three Ravagers to take out the second Doom Reaver unit on the L side, and a Man Hunter thanks to Corpse Tokens and re-rolls, as well as get a great charge attack on the nearest jack doing double digit damage to it. I then moved forward with the Skin Walkers setting my second line comfortably. On the R side, I pushed further into the Doom Reavers with the WoO, however the line of engagement on that side was pushed pretty far forward. I then sacrificed another two WoO on the far side of the tree to hold the line at bay from the extreme flanking maneuver they were attempting. I made sure to keep my flag safe so I had my re-roll on leadership checks available. I also made sure to tuck one WoO to the L, in with the my other infantry pieces to make it hard to clear that unit off the table, incase I needed to Feat them all back to hold my opponent off on the R side of the table. Next the beasts moved farther L and Morvahna held the wall with no real threat to her coming on this turn. Dan had successfully closed the gap between his lines and mine as he took the dice. He decided this would be the feat turn. He used both jacks to clear the Ravager that was in Butchers way, then decided to get Butcher going popping his Feat. Butcher cast Boundless Charge on himself and got range to my WoO lines, charging into the them and starting to pac-man his way up the board. He ate through more a half dozen models and ended up with 6-8 inches of Morvahna. He gave rage tokens to a few select models to start to dig out my key pieces in the back lines. He made a hard push to clear all the WoO off the table and was able to get somebody into a Stone to make sure I wouldn’t be teleporting anyone. Then he needed to secure Butchers position as he was very close to my Battlegroup so he flooded the area around Butcher with the nearest unit of Doom Reavers from the R, and pushed the other two units up behind them. Having done quite a bit of damage he handed the dice back to me.

At this stage, I was not feeling terrible about my spot, and realized that I had a relatively reliable assassination available to me on Butcher. He was not camping much focus (one I believe), and all that stood in the way of him and my Beasts was Doom Reavers. So I looked at my resources and went to work. I decided to drop one of my remaining Stones in the middle of the Doom Reaver unit protecting Butcher. I activated Morvhana dropped a nice fat Death Knell on the Stone, and IIRC had 5 models in the AOE, I was able to clear all the Doom Reavers that were in the way, and boosted damage on the Stone to make sure it was gone. Then I moved Carnivore to the Woldguardian. With the path to Butcher now clear. I charged the Guardian into Butcher, boost to hit and KD him, allowing me to take three swings at dice minus a few to take Butcher down to a few hit points. The Feral was able to activate and walk forward to seal the deal.

All of a sudden I was heading to the semi-finals of GenCon!

Round 3: vs Lou Coduti playing Cryx

Scenario: Incursion

Recap: Before the round started I had noted that there was Legion, Menoth, and Cryx players as possible opponents in the semi final round. Having used both Baldur and Morvahna in my first two rounds, I really wanted to be able to get Kromac on the table this round; as such I never wanted to draw Cryx so badly. If I drew Legion or Menoth I was going to have to go a different direction if was pushed into a matchup with one of them likely being forced into Kromac in the last round. However, when the pairings went up, I couldn’t contain the smile that crept across my face, Cryx it was! At this moment it was the first time at any point where I felt like I had a real chance to win the whole thing; though I wasn’t going to dwell on that though too long, as I had a very formidable opponent in front of me. Lou, my brother from another italian mother, was my Masters semi final opposition. He was showing eGorshade, eDenny, and eGaspy3 who was also the only warcaster he had not played to this point. We listed off, and I really didn’t give any thought to not playing Kromac; Lou dropped legendary Gaspy as I had suspected he would given the factors in play. Oddly enough I happen to think this incarnation of Liche has a lot of game versus Circle; good news for me is I’m also a Cryx player so I’m very comfortable in this matchup.

This game went so very long, the details are definitely the fuzziest out of all the games I played that weekend. If I recall correctly Lou won the roll and opted to go first, and I chose the side with the comfy wall right outside my deployment zone. After a quick exchange it appeared that Lou’s list was built more on incorporeal than he realized and too his dismay literally every attack in my list was magic based, or could be. On deployment he had Raiders AD to my L, with Mechanithralls behind them, Wraith Engine center massed with Blood Witches to the R, and all the support laid in behind the lines on either side of Liche (as he had every notable merc solo available in the list!). For me, my deployment is pretty standard with two units of Woldstalkers on either side of my deployment the two Stalkers in the middle with the Pureblood on the R of Kromac and Gorax on the L. Wilder and Arc Node were on the R of Kromac I believe.

On the opening turn, the Raiders moved to a strong flanking position spreading themselves out in three separate lines. The Blood Witches ran forward and the rest of his line moved forward with the Wraith Engine pressed forward to the middle line of the board thanks to Apparition and running. Liche put Ashen Veil on the Raiders, and took up a good spot in the middle of the board. On my opening turn, I put Wild Aggression on the L Stalker so he could deal with the incoming Raiders, Inviolable Resolve went on Lord of the Feast and Warpath up on Kromac. I then had the Wilder put Lightening Strike on the Stalker and charged him out to the nearby Raiders that had come very far across the board. Killed what was there, then took the opportunity to move back behind the wall that was in the middle of my side of the table. I then teleported the LOTF forward with the stones, then during his activation using the Raven on a Blood Witch to get right next to a Warwitch Siren and Hag. The Blood Witches promptly failed their leadership check at the hands of my Terror causing LOTF; which had a pretty big impact on Lou’s psyche, more than it probably should have. Better news was the I was able to get both the Hag and and Siren dead, as well as a Blood Witch or two with his Blood Reaper attack. Having successfully locked up that side of the board, I moved up the Woldstalker unit to support the LOTF and really whittle down the Blood Witches more. With buffs up and feeling good about my position board wide, I decided to end my turn and give the dice back to my opponent. At the end of my turn the flag on the far L side of the board had disappeared, which was beneficial to me as the Raiders were all over that area of the board and that would have been the hardest for me to get to.

On the next turn, my opponent was pretty flustered with LOTF in his lines, and not wanting to walk into duel Stalkers, but he had no choice. The Raiders took position in front of my Stalkers who were protected by the wall, and moved the Wraith Engine behind them, with the Cankerworm supporting the battle engine in hopes that he could trade for a heavy next turn. The Blood Witches rallied but it didn’t matter much this turn. He was able to get Gorman over to blind LOTF that turn, which was the only good news at this point for Lou. The Mechanithralls were now moving in behind the Raiders, and it was apparent that was where the Cryx push was going to come from. I took the dice back, and surveyed the board briefly before continuing to sandpaper his army down. I used LOTF to walk over to Gorman and engage him, unable to do much else. Then the Woldstalkers on the R side opened fire on the Blood Witches who were standing there waiting to be shot to pieces. On the L side, I used the Gorax and some boosted attack rolls to clear the Raiders that were jamming my Stalker that was under Wild Aggression, then used Warpath to get out of the way. The Wild Aggression Stalker mowed through a few more Raiders before using Lightning Strike to retreat to the wall again; not before triggering Warpath on the other Stalker. Kromac activated moved Wild Aggression  to the other Stalker along with Warpath, then took up a position a little closer to the game within 1” of the Wall getting the DEF bonus, if it should come up. Then the other Stalker moved out to take out more of the Raiders, and Lightning Strike back to the wall. Lastly the Pureblood moved to get his spray on more Raiders who were down to just a couple models left in the unit thankfully having not done anything to this point. With two of the three infantry units down to really very few models, and no chance for my opponent take over scenario yet, I decided that I was still confident with my position, having lost very little if anything at this point.

Third turn and Cryx was not looking good, so Lou knew he was going to have to pull it together if he was going to get back into the game. He started advising the Wraith Engine was going Incorporeal, then activating Liche to get Carnage up, and pops his Feat preparing for my retaliation. He then activates his Wraith Engine that had Apportioned forward declaring he wants to charge my Stalker over the wall. After some careful measurements with the help of a nearby Judge it was determined that the charge failed. As such, Lou’s frustration with the game mounted further; but he kept composure and attempted to rally. Charging the remaining Raiders into my lines through his incorporeal battle engine, he was able to pop their mini-feat and do some meaningful damage to my Pureblood. Then Cankerworm and Gerlak converged on the Pureblood, and when it was said and done the Pureblood was still alive. Gorman then opted to take a free strike from LOTF, which was whiffed (wtf??!!!) and subsequently was able to blind the character solo again. The remaining Blood Witches charged the Woldstalkers on the R side of the board near the flag, and were able to kill one, holding up immediate scoring next turn. The dice then came back to me, and I surveyed the board again carefully. The potential for me to go after Liche was there. Having the Stalker in Carnage meant that Liche was w/in 14” and possible threat of assassination. However, his Feat was up, and he was camping 4, which means ARM 21, healing with every Fury spent, and he had a few straggling Raiders with Ashen Veil nearby which could make things very interesting for placement and hitting thanks to their Reach weapons. With all that going on, I felt that I was in good control of the game and decided to not go for the assassination right then not willing to risk bad dice; and instead I would continue to attrition him out. The Wild Aggression Stalker was first to activate to kill the Cankerworm, then Gerlak, which allowed the Pureblood Warpath so I had a path where I could move past the remaining Raider and not have to navigate the wall. Kromac activated, moved Wild Aggression to the other Stalker and put Lightening Strike onto him as well. Then Kromac Feated so he could put Beastial up to counter Liche’s Feat next turn (with the pile of Souls he was gathering); he also healed the Pureblood and took position behind the wall again. The Wilder then put Wraith Bane onto the PB so he could actually damage the Wraith Engine who was still incorporeal thanks to his failed charged last turn. The Pureblood was able to scrap the Cryxian battle enginge, allowing the another Warpath on the Gorax. He moved up and killed some more Raiders that were holding in the Stalker again. Having freed up the Stalker that was now under Wild Aggression, he was able charged into the oncoming wave of Mechanithralls, using Warpath after Berserking through a number of models, (it seems like a dozen at the time); however he was not able to Lightning Strike back to the wall, so he was out in front. On the R side, LOTF moved to engage Gorman again, and the remaining Woldshrimp cleared off the flag allowing me to score my first point of the game.

My opponent took the dice, and realized that despite Kromac being accessible, he couldn’t use spells, and didn’t have charge range even if he had a Madelyn move. So he opted instead to try and take the Stalker off the board. He decided to have Gorman take another free strike from LOTF and again I whiffed (fml!!!) this time allowing Gorman to blind the Stalker closest to Liche. That done, Liche was able to come forward and camp the flag with less fear. Then the Necrosurgeon made more Thralls, bolstering their numbers before they charged. On the charge they were able to kill the Stalker, and when it was said and done Liche had scored 2 CP dominating the center flag. All of a sudden a game I had controlled so well, was not in such good position. That said, I had scored on my opponents turn as he did not get anything near the R flag so I was able to grab another point; we were tied at 2-2. On my turn I knew my goal was to put my foot on his throat in scenario play and Gorman had to die. So I moved the Pureblood up to spray Gorman, boosted to hit and killed him, then used the Warpath move to get the PB into base with the flag on the R. Then I used the remaining Woldshrimp to shoot at Madelyn, but was unsuccessful. I put Wild Aggression on the remaining Stalker, and moved Kromac away from Liche and towards the obstruction on the R side of the board on my side of the table. Moved the Gobbers in front of him and dropped a big cloud so he couldn’t see. I had a couple transfers, and was getting cover on Kromac. The Stalker then went to town on the remaining McThralls and Necrosurgeon, before Lightening Striking back to the wall. The Gorax was now free to run to contest the flag stopping Liche from dominating again. As I turned the dice over, I had scored on the flag on my R again, now leading 3-2.

At this point, I noticed the crowd around the game had really grown quiet a bit as we were the only game this round that was still going; Lou and I took the opportunity to have some fun banter with the on lookers. My opponent, feeling like he had a reasonably good assassination run at this moment with little recourse in the game, decided to charge the Swamp Gobbers with Asphyxious (to get into the cloud) and cast a Hex Blast at Kromac (who was on half health thanks to the Feat). However, given the cover, even a boost was not enough, and he missed. He then tried it again, couldn’t boost, and missed again. He moved up Corbeau to contest the flag on the R. On my turn I had a few choices, perhaps go into Beast form and try to kill Liche, or just clear the scenario. I opted for scenario, I moved the PB to get Madelyn into melee, killed her and Warpath backwards to the flag. Before I could finish my turn, Lou gave me his concession with a high five on a well contested semi final match… meaning…I just advanced to the GenCon Masters Final!!!!

Round 4: vs Legion played by Chuck Elswick

Scenario: Close Quarters

Recap: So here we are, GenCon Masters Final. At this point, whatever happens in this game is just excess. To have gotten this far in one of the largest tabletop conventions in the world is an accomplishment unto itself. I didn’t have time to really let sink in what had happened thus far, by the time my semi-final game had ended, they pretty much had us ready to start the final. I have to say all the opponents I played all weekend were great, especially my masters opponents, Bob, Dan, and Lou; all were great players and gentleman across the table. However, I have to tip my hat one more time to Chuck; he is the best opponent you could wish for at a Masters final table. Not only is he a great player, he’s a great competitor and great ambassador for the game. He set the tone before the game even started as pulled me aside before the dice rolled. Recognizing the moment and setting the tone so we can have an awesome game, that was relaxed, while still being a top shelf competitive game. The spotlight was new to me, but not to him, and the fact that he took a minute to acknowledge that and set me at ease over it really resonated with me. Now to the dice rolls…

Chuck, as is well documented at this point, had list suicided into Absylonia in the final match. I had been fortunate enough to play each of my Warlocks in the first three rounds, so I had my druthers over whom I would play. I had the pBaldur card in my hand, and was really REALLY close to playing him in this matchup; he was my Legion drop, tried and true over the past few months. However, I was fixated on Purification and the upkeeps available to Abby, and selfishly I knew I was really wanting the headline of the game to be Woldwrath vs Archangel. After a brief consult in my own mind, I decided that I could not pass on what appeared to be the stronger play with Purification and eMorvy. Looking back, I have to stress, despite the outcome of the game, given what I know now, I made the wrong decision and should have played Baldur. I think I would have been able to force my agenda more, and not have to allow Chuck to dictate the game like he was able to. What I didn’t recognize about the Absylonia list was the insane amount of RFP that was available. In my list, I really built it to take full advantage of the Feat. When you have five (yes five!) ways to RFP models each turn, it really can add up. I definitely underestimated the full capability of the list I was facing, and this game was as tough as it appears when read, and hopefully see on endgame.

Chuck deployed Archangel center cut on the board with Absylonia behind him, the Ravagore was on the L as I look at the board, and the Scythean on the R. The Pot was in the rear of the lines, with the Afflictor near by. The Shredder pair were split on the board, and the Harrier was near the Pot, all of it were in range of the Pot, so he could mint more. The Foresaken were on each end of his deployment. For my setup, I had the Ravagers AD across from the Ravagore, to get to him quickly, and I made a small adjustment to have the Wolves of Orboros behind them for quick follow up. I wanted the Skinwalkers nearest my Flag to make scoring on my flag that much more difficult. I had the Feral and Woldguardian on either side of Morvahna in the middle of the table.

On the opening turn, Chuck moved his Ravagore forward to good firing position, the Scythean ran to the wall on my R on his side of the board, directly opposite of my flag. his Afflictor moved to the edge of the forest moved up and lessors moved into the woods behind. The Archangel took a position in the middle of the board, blocking LOS to the Absylonia. Abby put up Forced Evo on the Archangel, and turned the dice over to me. On my turn I ran the Ravagers into strong position, in two waves in the middle of the board, the WoO up into the gaps behind them. I advance the Skinwalkers up towards the Flag on the R side, and moved Morvahna up to wall out in front of my deployment area, with Flesh of Clay on her, and Carnivore on the Wolves. I moved the Feral up next to her on the L and the Woldguardian w/ Flesh of Clay on him, Trampled into b2b with Morvahna so as to prevent blast damage from the Ravagore.

Turn two, Legion took the dice and the Ravagore opened fire on the closest Ravager killing him. Then the Afflictor came forward charged a Ravager, killed him, and created an incubui who would get into the second rank and kill another Ravager. The Archangel ride by attacked and dropped a few shots into the Ravagers, missing most due to range at that point, but getting a scattered damage. The Foresaken took the opportunity to fill up on Fury. On my turn, I took the opportunity to crash home with the Ravagers. I was only able to get one Ravager into the Ravagore, but was able to do decent damage. I was not able to kill the Afflictor with two non charging Ravagers, but was able to get the Incubi. I also moved the Skinwalkers farther forward, to the midline of the board, having two out front, and 4 in the rear, attempting to bait the Scythean out from behind the wall. The WoO moved forward, and filled in the space left behind by the Ravagers. I had not had a great turn, and could see that Chuck’s model positioning was extremely sharp and he was well practiced in being outnumbered in model count. I turned the dice over anxious to see what Chuck was going to do in response.

Again the Archangel used Ride by attack to shoot more Ravagers, and this time killing one, down to only a couple. The Afflictor activated to kill another Ravager, and spawn another Incubi, who in turn took the opportunity to charge into the rear of the Ravager engaging the Ravagore, killing him. The lessors came forward and killed another Ravagers as well. The now freed up Ravagore was able to fire into a small clump of WoO staring to whittle them down. The Pot then activated and killed a number of it’s own models to fill up and create a new Lesser. The Scythean opted not to come forward that turn, and wait me out. On my turn, I was now unable to Feat back the Ravagers as most had been RFP from the Incubi and snacking from the Shredder. So I decided not to Feat, charged the remaining Ravager into the Archangel and begin doing damage to him. I charged the forward most Skinwalkers into the Archangel and the Scythean who wisely opted not to come forward. One into each, and ran another to block the Scythean at the wall. I was able to do some additional damage to the Archangel and some damage to the Scythean. I had three Skinwalkers forward, and another line of three near the flag. The plan there was to get the Scythean out from behind the wall after the AA cleared the way to the Skinwalkers, or have the second wave of Skinwalkers hit the Archangel and possibly kill it before Abby could Feat. The Wolves of Orboros were able to kill the Lessors, and finish off the Afflictor as well as the Incubi. However all that in the way meant I was not able to get to the Ravagore to engage him with WoO. I had heavies still on either side of Morvahna to respond to threats to his heavies.

On turn 4, neither of us had Feated to this point. Chuck had a chance to clear the Ravagers off the board, and possibly get all the Skinwalkers as well. So he went to it, starting with the Archangel, he was able to kill both the Ravager and Skinwalker he was engaged to. Then a Harrier was spawned and charged the Skinwalker nearest to him from across the board to kill the Skinwalker. Then a remaining Shredder had come forward to kill another nearly kill another Skinwalker blocking the way for the Scythean. The Foresaken came forward and popped his Blight Bomb to kill finish off the Skinwalker. That mean the Scythean was free to go get the second layer of Skinwalkers. He charged, put Slaugtherhouse on himself and destroyed the rest of the Skinwalker unit. The Ravagore then fired his shot into the UA for the WoO and took out the officer. Now the game was clearly in Legion’s favor, as I was out of my two 8 box infantry unable to bring them back, Legion still had all of it’s heavies on the board, and nearly untouched. I took the dice and saw the I had the opportunity to swing the game back in my favor. Now that the Scythean had come forward, I had a chance to kill both the Ravagore and Scythean this turn, which would force his AA forward to deal with one of my heavies. So I started with Morvahna, Feated the UA back into play for the WoO giving me their mini-feat back, and then put Carnivore on the Woldguardian. I activated the WoO who mini-feated and charged the Ravagore, killing it, with attacks the spare and clearing out the remainder of the Pot crew. I probably didn’t need the mini feat to do it, but I wanted to be sure and not rely on a bunch of re-rolls to get it done. Then I used the stones to port the Woldguardian into melee with the Scythean. He made quick work of the Scythean was now in threat range of the Archangel. With the turn gone exactly as I wanted, I turned the dice back over to Chuck, with tide officially turning!

Turn 5, Chuck acted quickly deciding to take out the Guardian in range. He began by moving the Foresaken forward that still had Fury on it, to Blight Bomb the Wold, rolled silly to take a third of it’s life away. Then activating the Gargantuan choosing to ride by attack the Archangel still under Forced Evolution, was able to finish off the heavy Construct, before moving back in front of Absylonia. Abby then activated and feated the AA back to fully healthy before turning the dice over to me. At this stage, the last turn and half had progressed exactly has I had anticipated, I was able to trade the Skinwalkers for access to the Scythean, and able to use the WoO to get the Ravagore. In response the AA came forward to take the Wold and that left the Gargantuan in range of a teleport from the Feral. I looked at the board, and was able to get the remaining WoO into the Archangel with charges and re-roll taking him down about ten damage or so to the AA. Then Morvahna activated, I contemplated using Purification, but decided to put Carnivore on the Feral before teleporting him in to as it was more Fury efficient. I dropped the Feral in on the AA and he was able to rip him apart, leaving nothing but an empty space where the Gargantuan was between the Feral and Absylonia. With that, the game that I had been behind nearly the entire time, had now swung fully in my favor. I turned the dice back to Chuck.

With no choice Abby had to kill the Feral to have a chance of surviving. She used a Fury to force herself to gain ST, then charged the Feral. Did some damage and took it down to about ¼ of it’s life. Then created a Stinger from the Pot, who was not able to charge, and got in on the Feral but was unable to kill him. Then in a last ditch effort the Foresaken in range charged to try and bring the Warpwolf down. When it was all said and done, the Feral was sitting on one box in front of Abby. On my turn, I did not debate long, I started with the WoO who promplty failed their Abomination check by getting near Abby. Tough break, but I would not be deterred. Morvahna charged the Forsaken, hit with the Goat attack, and rammed her back an inch before killing her to get within Reach of Abby. Having kept Carnivore up on the Feral, I had 6 Fury left. I had three attacks on her, all extra die of damage, one fully boosted. I burned Abby’s last transfer, and killed the Stinger w/ the damage. The Feral only needed one swing to kill the Warlock.


After I shook hands with Chuck, I pulled my hat down over my eyes to absorb the moment just for a few seconds, then turned to my friends who were all front and center watching at the edge of the table where I had just played. My teammate Shane was the first to grab me for the most epic sweaty man hug of my life! What an awesome awesome moment, not just for me, but for all the Dark Omen guys who help me practice and make me better, and the Northeast meta where I play. I could not have been prouder to accomplish this in all their names.

I’ve had a long time now to reflect on the games and the accomplishment, and it still is surreal to think of myself winning. I’m very grateful for the experience, and humbled by the accomplishment. There are so many take aways from the weekend that I want to share, but will narrow it down to three:

The first of which is to tell any of you reading this that want to compete but feel they aren’t good enough, that you simply have to put yourselves into the arena and play. You don’t really know how good you are or how much success you can have until you put yourself out there. You win zero percent of the events you don’t play in, guaranteed. Compete because you enjoy it, not because you want to win; if you enjoy competing, you are guaranteed to have success no matter what the outcome of your games.

Secondarily, luck is when practice meets opportunity. I’m sure you have heard how luck always plays a part in qualifying for a Masters, and certainly winning one. While that is true, I think clarifying what luck means is important. If I had not had the preparation to take advantage of being paired against Cryx in the semi-finals match playing Kromac, luck would not have mattered. While being lucky may well give you the opportunity, you still have to have the skill to take advantage of it. That is true in any endeavor and certainly this game. Yes, there are going to be times when you need to ‘get lucky’, but what you do when that happens defines your ability to be successful… that’s call seizing the moment. When it comes to that, there is no amount of luck that can do it for you. You do, or do not, as they say; there is no try.

Lastly, the lessons of being a high level competitor and how we manage ourselves and our opponents are probably my biggest takeaways. This is probably the most underrated skill that many, if not all, of the top level players have. You are going to run into situations that have to be navigated with your opponent and if you want to compete, you have to learn how to handle those situations, and handle them well. Etiquette of the game is an oft debated topic amongst players as I’m sure you know. While there is a clear rule set, and even some additional aids such as the judges and players guide; there is a an unwritten social contract to this game. One that cannot be scribed into a document; it can never really be expressed, only understood. Playing with Chuck, and other great players of the game, I can assure you that how you win, is more important than simply winning. Unfortunately not everyone subscribes to this notion (whether intentionally or unintentionally). While we all want to play by the rules of the game, and make sure our opponents do the same; we should also strive to bring the best out in our opponents, winning or losing, while playing our best game in response. That means you don’t look for points of inadequate advantage over your opponents, instead look to make them better by not allowing that to happen. Play with a level of integrity where the spirit of sportsmanship is upheld, not dishonored. Just because you can take advantage, doesn’t mean you should, regardless of whether the rules as scripted allow for it or not. Win because your best moves were better than your opponents best moves, not because you caught them in a clear misunderstanding of an application. All easier said than done, of course; and we all fear being taken advantage of in that manner. I watched as many great players did uphold this standard, repeatedly refusing to let their opponents walk into unknowing free strikes or be taken advantage of by mistaking an in-game effect… and still managed to win the right way. I know competition can get the best of all of us, me included. That doesn’t mean we should give an opponent the right to run all over us, but it means we should give them all the chance to be treated the way we want to be treated. This past weekend, I saw and played with many a gracious opponent, and I will strive to continue hold myself to that standard going forward in hopes that my opponent will hold me in the same regard despite any success I might have. It was awesome to see and experience first hand, as I travel nationally to play and I encourage everyone to do the same in their LGS and local meta.

What a weekend, what a tournament, and what an experience; one that I will truly never forget. With GenCon a fond, fond memory, I will now embark on my next Warmahordes journey… to St. Louis and the Warmachine Weekend Invitational :).

DOGC still on a roll, wins Softcore at TBS!!!

Last weekend Shane York wracked up his 4th tourney win this year, 2nd individually! Still dominating 2013 with Gators, and here is the recap of how it all went down… 


This past Saturday I had the pleasure of heading up to The Battle Standard to participate in their version of Hardcore. It was actually Softcore where you could play with unpainted models but there was still a painted prize. You could only win one prize. After my success with my Maelok list as an all-comers type list I decided it was perfect for the current Hardcore scenario. It hits well, has a high volume of attacks and lower model count and has huge amounts of armor. I apologize on the lack of pictures again. I was sick (who gets sick in the middle of August!) so I had issues keeping up with the 42 minute clock never mind stopping to take pictures!


My list was:





Posse (full)

Posse (full)

Posse (full)




Swamp Gobbers


Game 1: I get matched up with Peter from TBS. He had a Xerxis brick with full Nihilators, full Cetrati, full Paingivers, Tiberion, Gladiator, Shaman, Krea and Marketh; I get first turn. We both have a forest on the left of the deployment zone and a house on the right. I put Deathpact on my Center Posse and run everything forward. My Wrastlers, Maelok and Snapper are behind the center Posse. He trundles forward as well putting defenders ward on the Nihilators. He has his Cetrati on my left. I take the dice on round 2 and decide it’s time to kill something. I charge in all three Posse killing two Nihilators with my right hand Posse and just jamming him with the center and left Posse. I make them all undead and feat making them armor 20 and 22 respectively. Peter takes the dice and swings back killing one Posse with his feat and Xerxis, one with Tibbers and spreading some other damage around. He swaps Defenders Ward to Xerxis and puts Fury on the Nihilators.

I decide to drop Death pact. I think I can get Tibbers this turn but there is a Cetrati in the way who would get a free strike on my Wrastler. I revive two Posse members on my left. One charges the Cetrati I need to kill, another on Tibbers because he had no where else to go and the rest on some random Cetrati. I leave the guy in the way on like 2 boxes, spread some other damage around and crank up on Tibbers for like 8 damage. I try and line up a slam of my Witchdoctor with my Bullsnapper but I miss the boosted slam roll in the back. I don’t want to eat the free strike so I position to bait in Tibbers. The rest of my guys eliminate almost all the Nihilators and start attrition down his other beasts.

Tibbers comes forward and takes my Wrastler. Everyone else has a slap fight in the middle of the board. I come back and take Tibbers with my remaining Wrastler and finish off the Nihilators and bring the Cetrati to three members standing. I also take out the Shaman and a Paingiver. Peter takes the dice and takes out a couple of the revived Posse. The Gladiator, who is entrenched with my right hand Posse, just can’t do the deal, even with the Paingivers giving him Strength. I get the dice back and remove the Gladiator and half of the Krea. Peter starts his activation and the 1 minute warning goes off. Seeing me in a superior position with 4 minutes on my clock and twice as many models, he conceeds.


Game 2: I get matched up against Matt from Steam Powered Gaming. He is running eBaldur  (tier) with Megs, Woldwarden, Woldguardian, Woldwatcher, Woldwyrd, Druids with UA, 2 stones +UA, Lord of the Feast. It’s a theme force and he gets like a million inches. The terrain is similar with a building I have to go around. I get first turn and hoof it through the woods and around the houses throwing Death Pact in the center. He moves forward and puts a druid cloud wall out front. I charge in and Dirge and his Druids fail their check. Nice! I kill a couple guys and put a couple damage around on his beasts, like 1-2 each. He feats and brings the Lord of the feast up and fails to kill anyone with him. He spreads some damage around, kills a Posse member on my left with Crevasse from Megalith which removes him from play and kills another guy on my left.

Fighting this force on the feat turn sucks. I ram in and do some more damage. I crank some rolls on the Woldwarden leaving him just on spirit, leave the Lord on 1 damage (grr!) and Revive a Posse. Matt fails to rally the two remaining druids and leaves me some big holes as his guys are just all gummed up and don’t have the hitting power. He puts Roots on Megs and the Wold Guardian who together kill one Posse member. I retaliate getting Spiny Growth on both my heavies and sending one in on Megs and one on the Wold Guardian; I do about half their boxes. The Posse on the right bring the Wyrd to 2 boxes and the Warden to 3 boxes. I kill the Lord (of the Feast). I charge the stone UA and miss the first attack, the second attack rolls 4 damage on straight dice (lulz…), leaving him on one.

Matt decides it’s last ditch effort time. Since I didn’t kill the Stonekeeper he can teleport one Stone like 6″ up near the Wold Guardian and the Guardian can try his hand at Maelok on 2 Fury. I transfer off and end on 3 life. I pull a bonehead move here and forget to Leach. Luckily my Wrastler in front of Baldur doesn’t frenzy and gets a boosted Deathroll on him. He transfers that away; after a Maelok Feat and a couple Posse walking in later; Baldur eats dirt like the hippie he is! (not nice)


Game 3:  Three of the top four were Dark Omen members so I was pretty sure I was meeting a teammate and I did. I got matched up against Riker and his eVayl list. He is running 2 Angelius, 2 Ravagores, Scythean, Harrier, Legionaries, the Pasta Pot, a Spell Martyr and some Shepherds. He wins the roll and tells me to go first. This board has a forest on my left and a hill on my right, he has the same. I line up as normal, Deathpact the center unit and we get it on! I rumble forward. The Spell Martyr runs forward and he arcs an Icy Grip in to my Posse in the forest. He runs a Harrier way far up to sort of jam me and then takes some Ravagore shots putting 2 guys in the dirt. Ouch! Fire does nothing to me (but it hurts). I charge in and jam an Angelius on my right, kill a couple Legionnaires, kill the Harrier and wonder how I am going to get out of this mess! He retaliates by having his Scythean kill some Posse members, Ravagores both shoot my left Posse down to it’s last guy on 3 health, the Legionaries in the middle CMA on a Posse member and got hot killing him even under Death Pact. Vayl moves up, puts Refuge on herself, shoots and then in an odd move, advances forward near my lone standing left hand Posse member; lastly he runs an Angelius in front of her. I get excited, way too excited for my own good and forget to Leach (for the second time on the day…noob)! I roll Frenzies and my Snapper frenzies on Maelok but does no damage. I run my Feralgiest 6″ from my Wrastler. My Wrastler with 2 fury on him tries to throw my other Wrastler and fails the strength check… Balls! Vayl is within 4″ of the Angelius so Wrastler two steps up and tries to throw it and succeeds. I miss the boosted roll on Vayl but it wanders backwards 1″ to the 1…Score (she’s KD)! I revive a guy and five transfers later I kill her with like 5 attacks to spare. The Angelius going backwards and pushing her towards me was hot. I lucked this one out!


Game 4: Pat won the other match of top table so it’s time for another Dark Omen vs Dark Omen fight! Pat brought Terminus with two units of Bane Thralls (one with UA), 2 Helldivers, Boomhowlers, Nyss Hunters, Tartarus and 2 Pistolwraiths. I get first turn and, since there are buildings abound again, I shuffle forward. Pat runs his Boomhowlers front and center, his Nyss to my right and the Bane Thralls on my left with his Pistol Wraiths hanging out behind the house. I jam in and Dirge causing the Nyss Hunters flee… Awesome! I kill a couple Boomhowlers and like 1 Bane Thrall. I want to feat but decide against it as he has very few targets for anything but Boomies. He flails against my center Posse not doing a whole lot. Cylena and her chicks rally. The Bane Thralls on the left kill a Posse member. I see an avenue to Kill Terminus; he brought him just close enough. If I can clear out 5 Bane Thralls, he is in the dirt on his 4 focus. I upkeep Death Pact, move up, revive on my left and Feat. Seems good so far right? I forget to Zombify and charge in all the Posse. Only my center unit is undead! He makes some tough rolls and I don’t get the lane to Terminus so I ease back and leave my Wrastlers in threatening positions. I get Boomhowler himself in the dirt thanks to Incorporeal and jam up all the Nyss and get a couple other Boomies dead.

Pat thinks it is time big T does some work. He takes a free strike to head over to my Deathpact Posse and Feats. The free strike cranks up and does like seven damage. He gets two of my living Posse members and one of my Deathpact Posse for his troubles. I take the dice and continue to whittle down his Nyss and wipe out Boomies. On the other side I take out Tartarus and bring his Thralls down to five men in each unit. Pat looks way down on Attrition so decides that Terminus needs to get really in the thick of it. He takes another free strike which I crank again and he gains a soul on one of my Swamp Gobbers but Terminus is now in the center of the box; that’s bad news, no matter where I go he will be in range of Maelok! His Helldiver pops up in the center of the board and slams Maelok but only gets me 2″ back. I am still in the Killbox but that sucked. He continues to ram against my Posse ineffectively. I retaliate by sending a Wrastler at Big T leaving him on 4. I Rise that guy to make sure he needs to spend one on Malediction. My Posse eliminate the Nyss and bring him down to 6 Thralls total. My other Wrastler scraps the Helldiver and Rises himself. As a last ditch Terminus charges Maelok, the first free strike toughs him, which he makes, but is now KD (ending his activation immediately). With two Wrastlers staring him in the face Pat concedes the knocked down Terminus.

It was an awesome day and felt good to get some redemption after my abysmal day at NETT and not qualifying at Gencon. I had 202 Army Points destroyed and would have taken that title if I could have, one of the locals got it. Pat ended up with Mage Hunter and Trevvy from Way of the Swan over on the left took Master Craftsman with his awesomely painted Cygnar force. Bo ran a great event and the store was a pleasure to play at!


Shane has been an awesome addition to DOGC and is having an excellent tourney season in 2013! Unfortunately he won’t be with DOGC at Warmachine Weekend, but he has become one of the best players in the whole of the Northeast meta and among the best Minion players in the game today! Rumor has it he will be moving away from Gators in 2014, and we are excited to see what  he has in store! 

A Tale of Blighted Awesomesauce – Dan Berger qualifies for GenCon Masters!!!!

This past weekend in Indianapolis DOGC had it’s second member ever qualify for a Masters final, this time it was Dan Berger running the table in heat 2 of the Masters Finals Qualifier on Thursday. What an awesome Con for DOGC, and an awesome day for Berger! Here now is a recount of what it took for him to make it to the big show, the Battle Reports of his heat 2 games in his own words… 


First off here are my lists:


Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight




◾Naga Nightlurker


Blackfrost Shard

Anyssa Ryvaal

Strider Deathstalker

Strider Deathstalker

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew


Vayl, Disciple of Everblight






Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters Max

◾Bayal Hound of Everblight

Gatorman Witch Doctor

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Blighted Nyss Shepherd


Saeryn, Omen of Everblight





◾Nephilim Bolt Thrower



The Forsaken

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Spell Martyr

Spell Martyr

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew


The format of the event was 50pts, Divide and Conquer [1] and 3 rounds. This meant I had to play each list once and that everyone suicided by round 3.


Round 1 – Dave Voderberg – Incursion


Dave is from Chicago and was a great guy.  He was playing some classic Cygnar.  He said he was just getting back to the game after a hiatus and was enjoying MK2.  He had pHaley Tier, eHaley and pStryker.  His lists had a lot of shooting so I took the list I designed for the Cygnar match up which is eLylyth.

Dave went first he ran everything at me since his tier gave him Pathfinder.

On my first turn Lylyth, Anyssa and the Deathstalkers shot up his sword knights and the Ravagores launched AoEs into his Long Gunner lines.  The rest of my forces ran into positions.

Daves second turn he brings Thorn up to the flag and arcs chain lighting to kill both Swamp Gobbos and get early damage on Lylyth.  His remaining sword knights move and the Long Gunners run due to being stuck in rough terrain.  Dave kept a lot of his models B2B.

My second turn Lylyth feats.  She pincushions Thorn, and rips up the last sword knights.  Blackfrost Shard Kisses and Ice cages Thorn.  Typhon sprays Thorn and with some other shooting he drops.  The Ravagores launch Aoes into the tightly packed Long Gunners.  I leave 4 long gunners alive on my left flank and half the unit on my right flank.

Dave’s turn 3 he brings Haley up for an assassination attempt.  He chain lightnings the shard and the succubus, he does some damage to Lylyth but fails to kill her.

My turn 3, Lylyth Aims and shoots Haley, then a Ravagore aims and kills Haley.  I go 1-0

Dave and I had a smoke outside after the game and he told me I was one of the best opponents he’s ever had at a tournament and thanked me for a fun game despite the match up.  We talked about playing X-Wing and then got ready for round 2.


Round 2 – Brian Graham – Close Quarters


Brian played Retribution which usually struggles against Legion but I had just used eLylyth so I opted for pVayl due to the movement shenanigans and Rets limited ability to buff their MAT/RAT I felt I could Jam out the scenario.  Brian dropped Kaelyssa, who has some great assassination potential vs Legion.

I opt to go First, I run everything into position.  I cast Zombify on the Hex Hunters and put Chiller on them.  I Slip Stream and Leash the Ravagore and toss out a scather pool.

His first turn he moves up and positions his halberdiers in the front of his sentinels behind them he puts his Jacks a little deeper in his lines.  He may have tossed out some Rough terrain with Rift towards the Hex Hunters and possibly a Phoenix AoE as well.

My second turn I upkeep both spells, and charge the Hex Hunters into the Halberdiers.  I kill a few and due to soulless escorts and his banshee could not take advantage of their Battle Wizard ability.  My Ravagore shoots the Halberdier UA and I do nothing to the sentinels to make sure I do not trigger vengeance.  Proteus and Scythean run to better positions.  The Seraph strafes some Halberds and Vayl moves to the Flag, Feats, puts tenacity on herself and the Seraph.  I use my feat to move the Hex Hunters to jam up all his infantry and Warjacks.  I position them in a way to stop Warjack tramples to my flag.  I had also left one HH back so I could reapply Zombify before my feat triggered.

Brian’s second turn he counter attacks the Hex Hunters with his Halberds and fails to hit many of them (no mini-feat and was not using CMA).  His sentinels then took what attacks they could and killed a few more.  He moved 2 Sentinels B2B next to his flag and put one more within 4″ of his flag.  He charged my Scythean with MHI and only got 2 into combat before the rest ran to engage.  Kaelyssa moves up feats.  He measures to his board edge and passes turn.  I ask him to check the killbox and he did indeed killbox himself.  So I get 2 CP for the killbox and then 1 additional CP for dominating my Flag.

My third turn, I trample my Scythean to his flag and kill the 2 Sentinels with purchased attacks.  My Seraph strafes and kills the last Sentinel.  I move my Hex Hunter to the side of his Phoenix and attack his Halberdiers some more.  Proteus moves up and drags his Phoenix into B2B and wrecks him.  I make more attacks to kill more models.  I pass turn dominating my flag and controlling his for another 3 CP and the win.

Brian and I talked and I suggested that using the CMA and reform on the Halberdiers would have cleared the Jam and given him a chance to not get stuck on his half of the board.  He thought that having the Hex Hunters so far forward and engage was advantageous to him at the time.  We both agreed the Killbox was a big turning point in the game.  Brian had a beautifully painted Ret army and was a pleasure to play.  I am now 2-0 waiting for my last round pairing.


Round 3 – Paul Yeager – Process of Elimination


Paul is from Rochester NY I believe.  I had seen him in the gaming area all day and we had talked on and off.  The pairings said he was playing circle but he was actually rocking the Convergence of Cyriss.  He had Syntherion with a bunch of Warjacks I still struggle to know the names of and the shieldwall unit that was released at GenCon.  The last list I had was Saeryn.  I don’t remember who won the dice roll but I chose to go second and give Paul the Linear obstacle between the zones since I know CoC Jacks don’t typically have pathfinder and are slow.

Paul goes first and runs everything forward into position and throws up a few spells.

On my first turn I ran a lot of things into the back of the zones.  I use the bolt thrower to shoot his Galvanizer and push it backwards and get some damage on it.  I use the Angelius cannon to kill one Obstructor and then due to terrain 4 or 5 were bunched up after they ran so the Ravagore cast his animus, shot the center 1, boosted to hit and cleared out all but 1 leaving the last guy to die to fire.

On Paul’s second turn he shieldwalls the Obstructors and advances.  The rest of his battle group advances.  He kills 1 or both Swamp Gobbos and takes some shots at my heavies.  Saeryn is camping a wall so she is relatively safe from ranged.  He moves his Galvanizer back into my Right hand zone and moves the other into my Left hand zone with his Obstructors.

My third Turn I leap the Raek into the Obstructors and between the Raek and the Ravagore I clear the unit.  I may have also used the Ravagore shot to finish them.  I use the bolt thrower to push the Galvanizer out of my Left zone and use my Scythean to kill the objective.  I reposition my right flank Warbeats to the back of the zone edge to keep them safe from his heavies.  Paul had a bunch of his heavies and his caster behind the wall and they were bricking B2B to protect Syntherion.  He had a space to get to the Right handed zone and there was a Warjack there so I cast a Breathstealer through a Spell Martyr to jam him up.  By the end of my turn I had scored 2 CP.

On Paul’s third turn he uses his feat and casts Synergy.  He puts a heavy and his damage Galvanizer into my Left zone.  He runs his Breathstealered heavy its 4″ to get out of the way and tries to kill the right flank objective and leaves it at 6HP.  He doesn’t kill much and passes turn and tells me to finish it up.

My third turn.  I use the Scythean on my right flank to drop the remaining Objective for one more CP.  In the Left zone I use my Scythean to slam his heavy who is edging into the zone to contest.  A distance of 1 is iffy but anything higher and he clears the zone.  I roll a 1 on distance and we measure it and he just leaves the zone.  I buy attacks on his heavy and do some damage.  My Angelius then charges his damage Galvanizer.  I Armor Pierce, boost to Hit, I hit and finish it off.  I have cleared the zone, I activate Saeryn, pop my feat and she walks to the edge of the zone to dominate for 2CP.  I score 3CP my third turn bringing me to 5CP total and a win.  I go 3-0 and advance to the Master’s finals on Saturday.

Paul was a great opponent and a lot of fun to play against.  I hope to see him at more events and play him again when CoC has some more models out for them.  It was a good game and I felt I played a bit more reserved which greatly helped me.


It had been 15 hours and 6 games later but after going 1-2 in the Heat 1 qualifier, I went 3-0 in heat 2 and advance to the finals.  I was a bit confused at first and it was surreal as my phone started to explode with text messages and social media updates.  I was happy to accomplish the goal I set leading up to GenCon and was excited for Saturday.

Saturday was rough.  Friday night I got sick with some sort of flu and I decided to power through.  I won my first game and then round 2 I picked the wrong list against Jason Watt’s Harby list and got tabled (it will be on and then round 3 I lose on scenario against Ravyn with eLylyth.  I dropped and retired to my hotel room to sleep the rest of the day and try to get better before my flight home.  Fellow teammate and friend Anthony goes on to win GenCon Masters ensuring that Dark Omen will be heading to Warmachine Weekend in November.


Awesome run by Dan Berger, and awesome GenCon for DOGC!!!! Everyone is excited about Warmachine Weekend and look for more battle reports from GenCon soon…. 

DOGC Wins Championship at NETT!!!

For the second time in as many months DOGC found themselves crowned victorious at the end of a hard fought team tournament. This time it was the prestigious New England Team Tournament; the long standing New England Privateers event, the first of it’s kind and dates back nearly ten years to the very beginnings of Warmachine. The victorious team was comprised of Anthony Ferraiolo, Alex Buganski, and Shane York; below are the summary battle reports of the games that lead them to the title…

Coming off their team tourney win in New Jersey, one of the three players from the top team in Jersey would not be available for this event, Dan Berger, and it was the first time in a year Bergz would not participate as part of DOGC’s top team. Alex Buganski would step up and take his place alongside Shane York and Anthony Ferraiolo. Shane and Anthony were winners at the event in North Jersey, both going X-0 at that event, however it was hard to imagine them pulling that feat off again, so Alex would have to step his game up if they were going to win back to back team tournaments. Here is a look at the lists:

Anthony’s Lists (captain):

eMorvahna – Feral, Woldguardian, Ravagers (full) w/ UA and WA, Skinwalkers with UA, Wolves of Orboros w/ UA, Shifting Stones w/ UA and Gallows Groves (x2)

Kromac – Stalker (x2), Pureblood, Gorax, Wilder, Woldstalkers (x2), Shifting Stones w/ UA, Gallows Grove, Lord of the Feast, Swamp Gobbers

On his lists: “this was my first competitive event with eMorvahna, and I’m doing things much differently with her than what most have seen win on the national scene. No Stalkers, no Reeves, no Warwolfs, no Gorax, no second unit of stones. It’s really a completely different list; however my teammates gave me confidence that I’m on the right track. For me this is about taking full advantage of the Feat, and setting the line of engagement up the field, and using all of her abilities to put my opponent in a discouraged position in scenario while always threatening assassination. Since I was playing eMorvy for the first time competitively, I thought it best to make sure I had the Warlock I was most confident in with me, and that’s Kromac. His build was tried and true down in Jersey, and he has been a staple of my competitive pairings since I attended TempleCon last year; plus he fits her weak spot against Cryx better than anything I can put on the table.”

Alex’s Lists (1st Lieutenant):

eStryker – Ol’ Rowdy, Stormclad, Squire, Stormblades w/ UA and Gunner (1), Precursor Knights (full) w/ UA, Black 13th, Stormblade Captain (x2), Junior, Madelyn Corbeau

eCaine – Centuirion, Squire, Stomblades w/ UA and Gunners (2), ATGM w/ UA, Rangers, Junior, Arlan, Reinholdt, Eyriss, Ayianna and Holt

On his lists: “I wanted two obvious assassination casters so that people would have to take into consideration that I could kill them from across the board. My lists were designed to be able to attrition and take scenario or switch gears and open holes for the assassination . That was why I went with the units I did. They can deal with both infantry and heavies. They hit hard and they have high MAT. I also wanted to be able to support my army apart from my casters which is why I went with the solos I did. Also, always having my opponent worried about assassination lets me focus on scenario”

Shane’s Lists (2nd Lieutenant):

Rask (tier) – Wrastler, Bull Snapper, Bog Trogs (full) x3, Bog Trogs (min) x1, Croak Hunter x5, Witch Doc x2, Totem Hunter

Barnabus – Spitter x3, Posse (full) x2, Bog Trogs (full), Thrullg, Witch Doc

On his lists: “Most Blindwater lists have issues against mass weaponmaster so I felt Rask could shore up that weakness as well.  Since Rask with CMA’s and Fury can handle Gargossals I decided to skew Barnabus”

With that settled, now to see how the dice rolls went…

Round 1: vs Game On

Scenario: Supply and Demand

Synopsis: The team we faced was from a meta in Maine, and in their pre match huddle they saw nothing in the pairings that made them feel they wanted to Feat, especially in the first round. As such, both teams rolled off and neither team featead.

In the Captains match, Anthony was facing off against another Circle player sporting Kromac, and he decided to drop eMorvahna feeling she is strongest the mirror match. She was able to set the line of engagement deep across the board. The retaliation was limited on turn 2, and when turn 3 was over Ghetorix and the Stalker were both dead, leaving Kromac with only one heavy and already bedhind on scenario being locked out of the zone. On the next turn eMorvahana was able to Feat and create an overwhelming board imbalance taking over scenario. Kromac made a last ditch effort to counter Feat and destroy as many things as possible, however it was a blaze of glory as he was killed on the following sequence resulting in a table wipe for Anthony and max CPs. Strong start.

Shortly thereafter 1st Lieutenant match, Alex was closing out his game as well. eStryker never got his hands dirty in his match versus Skorne. He was able to take most of the infantry off the board with ranged attacks on turn 1 and 2. Then as Mammoth attempted to keep scenario alive, however the Stormclad and Ol’ Rowdy were there to answer. In response Molik Karn took out the Stormclad but Rowdy proved too much for him as well, leaving the B13th to clear the remainder of the zone, and declare scenario victory. With the match already one, both players turned to see how Shane was fairing.

In the 2nd Lietanants’s match Shane was matched up against Cygnar. His opponent was playing Stryker2, a list we are all intimately familiar with as Alex plays him A LOT!  Shane liked Barnabus shooting in this match up. It gives lots of options on ways to get to Stryker. I was able to hold him at bay with some water in the zone funnelling his troops into my Barnabus shooting list. The Bog Trogs ambushed in and killed his Stormclad which was a huge boon for the Minions. With the Turtles shooting able to whittle down the Cygnar troops, they were forced into a last ditch assassination. With that failing and Stryker no longer in base with Rowdy, Shane was able to feat and have Barnabus close the deal; DOGC sweeps the opening round and advances.

Round 2: vs Regular Team

Scenario: Incursion

Synopsis: In what would ultimately be their toughest match of the day, the DOGC would face off against some familiar and unfamiliar foes that they had faced last year NETT. While the team name was the same, only two members were returning to pair off against each other this year, one on each side; Anthony and Andrew.

In the 2nd Lieutenants match Shane was pitted in a tough matchup drawing Khador eButcher Doom Reaver spam. Shane had faced off against the 6 unit version before and felt like his Rask list would do well there; however his opponent had 9 units (yes, that’s not a typo!). There was a large obstruction on one board edge. Luck was going to be a factor in this one and both players knew the roll to go first was key. Shane’s opponent won the roll and got well past the flags by turn two. Shane had banked on the side without the obstruction staying put to contest him on scenario and had it well cleared before it disappeared! There wasn’t much he could to hold eButcher back. Ultimately Khador won on scenario but only had 21 Doomreavers left, as Shane had killed 35 of them and dismounted Fenris while keeping his Berserker disrupted.  It wasn’t the win he was hoping for but was a better showing than he thought when the luck factors didn’t go his way. With that he turned to his two teammates to see if they could bail him out.

The 1st Lieutenants game was winding down at that point, and Alex looked to be in a strong position. This game wanting to take the pressure off of his Divide and Conquer requirements, he dropped eCaine in this game vs pButcher. At first the matchup seemed like a poor one for eCaine, however at second glance, Butcher could not get his army across the table fast enough, as the Cygnarian gun line was able to eat the units coming at him, while Eyriss was able to keep Beast disrupted and at bay. When the gap finally closed, the Precursors were able to get a bead on Beast, use their mini feat and scrap the character jack swing the game heavily in Cygnar’s favor. However there was still a Spriggan lurking, to which the the ATGM pushed him off a flag to allow Cygnar to score again. Caine then spent two turns clearing out the remaining Winter Guard, and leaving only a few Khadorian pieces on the battlefield. On the next turn Butcher came forward and used his Feat to scrap the Centurion but Eyriss nearby prevented him from scoring. Then Caine was able to shoot Holt off the table forcing Ayianna to flee allowing another CP to be scored, and the game be won on scnario. Alex had even the match at one game a piece, however looking at Anthony’s table the situation was just not good.

It’s fitting the captains match would be the deciding factor in this one. Anthony and Andrew had faced off last year in the final round of NETT and that was a pretty lopsided match that left Andrew eager for redemption. He advised after the match was over that if DOGC had feated out of the matchup he was going to feat back into it as he wanted to take down big A. Looking at the scene late in the match Anthony, playing eMorvahna, had lost nearly all of his army, down to about a dozen models total on the board, and what was even more grim news was that he had already used his Feat, so this was really it. Andrew, playing Saeryn, however had nearly all his pieces still in play, including all of his heavies who were all still fully functional and barely touched. Scenario was not in play yet, however it was definitely late in the game. Saeyrn was walled off by her beasts between herself and eMorvahna, with about a foot and a half of space between them. She was camping a Fury, with Banishing Ward up on herself and under the effects of Tenacity thanks to a nearby Shredder. This was likely the last turn for eMorvy and spectators began to surround the table as this match had run long, Anthony knew that it was time to put together the most qualified assassination run he could. After a good 3-4 minute pause, Anthony put the pieces together and went to work. Using the Stones to Teleport the Feral into an Angelius, who warped Strength and threw it at Saeyrn, successfully knocking her down. Then the damaged Woldguardian and lone remaining Skinwalker cleared a path for Morvahna to get within spell shot range of Saeryn. Morvahna activated moved to draw the best line she could on Saeyrn; and after a judge ruling in favor of eMorvahna, she was able to draw LOS. First cast a Purify to remove Banishing Ward and two Sunder Spirits later Saeryn (who had taken some damage earlier) was dead! A real nail biter to close this match out, and advance DOGC. These teams did not know it at the time, but they would go on to finish first and second in the standings.

Round 3: vs Rowdy Titans

Scenario: Into the Breach

Synopsis: Another team DOGC is familiar with as they had paired off at TempleCon earlier this year. The matchups were a bit shuffled this time, as they feated to get a different matchup in the Captains spot. In the 1st Lieutenants match Alex was pitted against a familiar foe from Massachusettes who he plays regularly when he’s at college during the school year. The matchup was Cygnar vs Cygnar, Alex dropping eCaine versus eStryker someone he was obviously familiar with. With both players being very familiar with the others armies, it was predicting to be a cagey match where they both stayed out of threat range. The piece trade was started by eStryker who committed his a Stormclad to kill Eyriss. Alex responded by having his Knights counter charge and scrap the Stomrclad. Being that the Precursrs were keeping Stryker from being able to score, they had to be dealt with, so he committed everything he had to killing them, including committing Stryker forward to do it. Alex pondered a few different options then decided it was best to go for it now as he would likely spend the rest of the game running from Stryker otherwise, and used a reload from Rienholdt, popped Feat and poured 10 shots into Stryker. It took all ten shots, but when the clouds cleared, Stryker had gone down in a hail of gunfire, despite being on a fullfocus camp. DOGC up 1-0, and looking strong.

In the 2nd Lieutenant match, Shane was matched up against one of the two Skorne players.  Knowing his opponent had Xerxis in his stable Shane felt forced to drop Rask. His opponent indeed dropped Xerxis, meaning Shane felt good about the call he made.  Rask was able to pin the Xerxis force back pretty far and keep him out of the zone for a very long time. He continually sent things in to sacrifice to keep me from scoring the zone but those things weren’t attacking.  I was finally able to attrition him out and dominate the zone. Xerxis was sent at the flag as a last ditch effort but it wasn’t enough, Shane won on scenario securing the third round victory for DOGC.

Anthony’s game finished about the same time as Shane’s, so he was not aware of the status of that game at the time he was playing so it was full go. His match was against Sam, the only player who managed a win against DOGC last time their two teams matched up. This time he was playing Skorne, and looking at the fact that Anthony had now played eMorvahna twice he was comfortable knowing that he was very likely to play Kromac in the match. As such he dropped eHexeris whom he felt was his strongest play wanting to leverage Ghost Site on the Mammoth and destory the beasts at range. The plan seemed viable, as he fed his two units up the board early to draw out the Stalkers. Anthony efficiently applied his resources to wipe both units, and the Mammoth was able to successfully shoot one Stalker off the table. Anthony was then able to deliver the Lord of the Feast to the opposing lines who Skorne had underestimated. With Reach and engaging lots of the opposing lines, he was able to force eHexy to have his beasts deal with him, but it took more than they anticipated. As such it allowed Kromac’s force to score the zone, seizing early CP. Skorne had to respond by having Mammoth crash the zone to stop scoring and attempting to deal with the remaining heavies in the zone; but opting not to boost attack rolls proved to be a vital error. Kromac responded by going into beast form, and using his feat to take the Mammoth down to only about a third of it’s life. The healed Pureblood now finished it off, and the Stalker was allowed space to charge the remaining light beasts leaving only Hexy and a few support pieces. Sam responded with a qualified, long shot, assassination run, however it ultimately fell short allowing Kromac to dominate a second time, and win on scenario. DOGC had swept their opponents for the second time in three rounds.

Round 4: vs Team Temple

Scenario: Ammunition Run

Synopsis: This round was longest team huddle had all day. DOGC was in the undefeated match, and there was only one other undefeated left. The pair down match had Regular Team paired up and we knew that there was a real chance they would win that match and make this round the championship round. So in assessing the matchups the conversation was centered around whether to feat or not. None of us felt uncomfortable in their current matchup. Anthony was pitted against J-Wow and Khador, Alex against Derek and a likely eLiche game, and Shane was staring at Zach and Retribution whom he was very comfortable against. The one conclusion that came out of it, was that Shane didn’t want to face Cryx so if we got that match we might choose to feat out of it, but otherwise we weren’t going to change anything. Alex should have been fine w/ eCaine versus Liche and Anthony was very comfortable playing against Liche and Cryx in general as he had Kromac itching to take the table and satisfy his Divide and Conquer stipulation.

On the dice to decide who was going to Feat, DOGC lost the roll and advised they were not feating. Team Temple promptly feated in response moving Zach and Retribution up to the top spot, and prompltly sending Derek and eLiche to face Shane leaving Alex with J-Wow and Khador. Shane acknowledged that this meant Alex and Anthony would likely have to carry the day if they were going to win this round, as Minions have a hard time with Cryx in general and specifically have a hard time with eLiche. Away they went.

Shane’s game was unfortunately an ugly one and he opted to go with Rask, and sure enough Derek dropped eLiche. Shane was able to hold Derek back for a very long time and Death Clock began to come into play. On turn 3 Rask had a chance to dominate the zone but a tough Bane Thrall stopped that. After that it went downhill quickly.  It took Derek 8 turns to finally dominate the zone for the win, however the games that Anthony and Alex were in were coming to a conclusion, fingers crossed.

Alex dropped eStryker versus pIrusk, and the matchup was one he was comfortable in, fearing the Doom Reaver spam more. Irusk ran into position first turn, and Alex responded by keeping his opponent beyind max threat and having the B13th leave a Mage Storm in an inconvenient spot to make the IFP move around it. Irusk in turned feated to get into the zone and prepare of impact. Stryker advanced his force and took out the objective, then used his Feat to clear the zone, allowing Stryker to advance in and dominate early, scoring 3 quick CP. Irusk assessed the situation, eye balled the range as best he could and decided it was go time. He loaded up Beast with focus, dropped Superiority on him, and declared a charge on Stryker. To be sure of an accurate measurement, a judge was called and it was ruled that Beast was short, leaving him waiving in the breeze. On the followup turn, Beast was scrapped by Stryker, and the remainder of the force cleared what was left from the zone to dominate again and win on scenario 5-0.

At the same time Anthony’s game was coming to an end. In full disclosure, Zach admitted that it was the game versus Anthony that caused Team Temple the most angst. None were really familiar with eMorvahna at this point, and the list he is playing is not very similar to what is currently out there in the meta, so nobody was comfortable going into it. Derek didn’t want to walk into a game versus Kromac when the lay up was available versus Minions, leaving it to Khador or Ret. Boostable ranged attacks is still the best way to bring down eMorvahna so Zach stepped up and said he wanted the match. He had two lists, and one owas Ossyan the other was Rahn. He looked at the pairings and realized that Anthony had only played Kromac once, this being a Divide and Conquer (2) five round event, that meant that if Anthony did not drop Kromac he would be suicided in the 5th round (if there was one) into playing him. As such, he opted out of dropping Rahn afraid of Beastial and dropped Ossyan. Anthony made a pre-round decisoin to go for eMorvahna as he felt that was the best matchup, given that Ossyan could be really bad for Kromac and Rahn was playable. This is what Zach expected. What neither player expected was for the camera to be pointed at the final table. Tectonic Craft Studios prepped some sweet terrain for the game and by happenstance both players had fully painted armies. What a sweet recording opportunity.

With all but the championship to be determined, Zach and Anthony squared off. Zach had Shatterstorm up right away and made good use of it firing onto the 8 box Ravagers early. Fog of War from Morvahna proved to be somewhat problematic but not before 3 models were RFP early. Zach ran his Halbadiers forward to keep the line of engagement up the board and away from his ranged units. The Ravagers, thanks to corpse tokens, were able to clear most of the Halbs off the board, and this allowed Zach to respond by getting Shatters Storm on two pieces now, rotating from Storm Falls to the AFG. But Fog of War was even more problematic now that most of the Circle infantry was engaged. Zach then opted to use Discordia to try and take out the Woldguardian who had come forward to scrap the objective the turn prior. Doing some quick math in his head he realized that he probably wouldn’t get it done with three focus, he decided to try to slam him out of the zone, when that failed, the game was looking poor. The Guardian then scrapped the Character jack, and the game quickly went downhill from there. Circle scored more CPs, and pushed the line of engagement way forward with eMorvahna’s feat now that the Halbs were clear, she put a whole slew of Ravagers into the Ret gun line, meaning none would be shooting. the Feral advance to a wall about mid board on the R flank as the WoO pushed foward and the Skinwalkers had taken control of the L flank.Next turn was a formality as Ossyan made a desparate attempt to Feat and clear anything improtant but was unable. Circle scored the zone again on the Ret turn, and eMorvahana was able to walk in on the final turn to dominate the zone for the win and the NETT championship!

What a hugely successful day for DOGC! They had no easy matches and two of their opponents finished 2nd and 3rd meaning that they had battled the best the tournament had to offer and still emerged victorious! Honorable mention to DOGC Tres that was in the would be semi-final match against Team Temple and had they won it may well have been another DOGC vs DOGC final to determine a team tourney championship.

The NETT being arguably the most recognizable team championship this side of the WTC marks another huge tournament witn for DOGC! What a great event by Paul and Craig, they are long standing pillars of the community, and we all enjoyed some post title celebration and couldn’t be prouder to be the first to bring the trophy back to CT!

DOGC Dominates Team Tourney for Redemption in Jersey!!!!

Last month DOGC sent two teams down to North Jersey for a Team Tourney event, and ultimately they found each other in the final pairing competing for the top spot. Over 30 particpants, and as per usual great competition in the NJ Metro area, not to mention a new great venue for DOGC. It was the first team tourney title for DOGC, and here is a recap from the team that ran the table to the top spot….

The team of Anthony, Berger, and Shane were paired together for this event; Berger and Anthony were returning members of the team that suffered a controversial final table loss last year in Jersey. Shane is a new DOGC player who was also in Jersey for the event last year, but not a teammate in that match. Here is a view of their lists:

Anthony’s Lists:

Kromac – Stalker x 2, Pureblood, Gorax, Wilder, Woldstalkers x 2, Stones w/ UA, Gallows Grove, LOTF, Swamp Gobbers

pBaldur – Woldwrath, Ghetorix, Stalker, Bloodtrackers (full), Stones w/ UA, Witch Docter, Swamp Gobbers

On his lists: “I really wanted to play Woldwrath, and feel that pBaldur is the best fit for him. The list has performed extremely well, and serves as my anti range list, that dominates scenario more than any other Circle list I play. Woldwrath has proven to be better than I really thought he was, and much better than my opponents thought as well. The new Kromac build has made it really exciting for me to play again, and has proved to be a really perfect pairing with Baldur. I don’t have to worry about facing ranged lists as much, and he handles infantry spam fo Baldur. I’m loving the inclusion of the LOTF in the build, and the Pureblood is a difference maker despite what the haters say.”

Berger’s Lists:

eLylyth – Ravagore, Bolt Thrower, Naga, Typhon, Succubus, Striders w UA, Strider Deathstalker, Foresaken x 2, Blackfrost Shard

Saeryn – Angelius x 2, Scythean, Bolt Thrower, Raek, Shredder, Succubus, Striders w UA, Foresaken x 2, Gobbers

On his lists: “eLylyth is for the attrition and ranged match ups. Some factions struggle against her. Even her sub-par match ups like Menoth are not terrible.Saeryn is a melee master.  I took her to combat brick lists that have low model counts and high armor. She covers eLylyth’s bad match ups well and is a scenario powerhouse.”

Shane’s Lists:

Barnabus – Spitter x 3, Posse (full) x 2, Bog Trogs (full), THrullg x 2

Rask – Wrastler, Spitter, Snapper, Bog Trog (3xfull, 1xmin) Croak Hunter x 2, Totem Hunter

On his lists: “With the large number of Cryx opponents I am used to seeing in New Jersey, including Pants Off, Dance Off (who was too scared to show!) I decided I needed the ability to deal with them in both lists.  Most Blindwater lists have issues against mass weaponmaster so I felt Rask could shore up that weakness as well.  Since Rask with CMA’s and Fury can handle Gargossals I decided to skew Barnabus.”

Round 1: Chemical Reaction

The scenario in the opening round was Chemical Reaction. We looked at the matchups in a quick team huddle and nobody felt that there was a need to get out of their matchup. Neither team decided to feat. Anthony’s game was the finished first; he dropped pBaldur vs Rahn with three huge bases including Hyperion. Rahn’s list couldn’t do much to Baldur’s list on the way to engagement, Baldur used the Feat to buy the alpha, took out Hyperion and a Cricket in one turn, scoring 3 points on turn two. It was too much too fast for Rahn, as his he had lost most of the teeth of his army and Anthony had won on scenario 5-0 by the end of turn 3, not losing a point.

Berger’s game came to an end shortly after. Berger dropped Saeryn right away, due to comfort level with eLylyth he wanted to get Saeyrn down as soon as possible, against Menoth he felt comfortable. His opponent dropped Amon. Early concerns for Berger subsided as when he was able to take out the objective on turn three and clear both zones to earn 4 points. The rest was a formality.

WIth the round already won Shane executed a scenario victory with Rask vs pHaley. Rask’s combo of Feat plus Ambush was too much for Haley to bare, causing her to lose too many models and as such she was unable to recover. At that point Shane was able to lean on scenario and win 5-0 by dominating his own zone repeatedly. DOGC sweeps the opening round to advance.

Round 2: Incursion

The second round scenario was Incursion, and would be a clash of teams that could have easily been a battle for the title. Between the two teams they had five masters qualifiers, two masters winners, and one Warmachine Weekend qualifier; however most of those achievements were on the part of DOGC’s opponents.

The first game to end was Berger, he faced off against Charlie from the team that defeated DOGC in the final pairing last year in Jersey. Berger dropped Saeryn vs a Kharchev jack wall list that included Conquest. Seemed like the strong play for Berger, however, despite two turns of alpha with Saeyrn’s Feat he was unable to do enough damage to the immense amount of jacks on the table. Kharchev was able to finally retaliate and ultimately lead to Berger only having his Warlock left, Dark Omen Loss in the opening match of Rnd 2.

With DOGC down a match, Shane was facing Lee, reigning NoVA Con champ, who dropped eMadrak and Shane dropped Rask again, trying to use his ability to spread the table to get a favorable spin on which flag would disappear. He also opted to bring in two Witch Doctors from his Specialists. Shane chose wisely as eMadrak was unable to handle the models coming from every direction and the Feat plus Ambush combo paid dividends again as he was able to stop retaliation and ultimately attrition down to a 5-0 win.

That left the whole match down to Anthony versus Paul in a rematch of their match in the third round of this years Masters at TempleCon. Anthony got the best of Paul in that match, Paul was definitely seeking redemption. He is primarily a Circle player, so there would be no typical Circle surprises, with vengeance in his eyes Paul dropped Damiano and Anthony chose to go to pBaldur again due to all the guns in both of Paul’s lists. This one was a hotly contested game that attritioned way down, trading units and heavies for several rounds. Anthony was able draw first blood on scenario lean from there. With a crowd gathering around the table due to the cagey match running long, the dust eventually began to the settle; it was a nearly untouched Woldwrath that was camping a flag w Baldur that would win the battle as a few Croes Cutthroats and Halbadiers could do nothing about it. Baldur turned in another scenario win, but he and Damiano traded about 6 or 7 turns before the end. Anthony delivered in the clutch and DOGC wiped the sweat off their brow having survived to advance to round 3.

Round 3: Into the Breach

This round the feat became much more a consideration as there was more on the line and each matchup was more critical. DOGC won the Feat roll forcing their opponents to decide first. They opted to Feat to force Anthony to play Circle, Berger vs Menoth, and Khador vs Shane. After a rather long deliberation of the matchups DOGC decided to Feat in return, and hand Circle to Shane and Khador to Anthony, as Berger felt good about his Menoth matchup being there are a ton of Protectorate players in Dark Omen. As such they entered into battle.

This round, Anthony once again finished first. Circle does handle massed infantry well, and he reached for Kromac for the task against Khador. His opponent dropped pSorscha with two character heavies, Beast and Behemoth. His opponent was deceived into thinking he was safe from a Stalker who seemed to be at the far reaches of Kromac’s CNTL area, but did not suspect a Wilder to come running across the table to help deliver a Stalker who was able to Warpath his way to Sorscha and end it on the top of turn 3.

With that game over unexpectedly quick, DOGC had a decisive lead. Berger’s game was quickly turning sour however; he elected to play chicken with his opponent and dropped eLylyth trying to pull the list double cross, it didn’t work as eFeora dropped in return, which is about as bad as it gets. Lylyth was set on fire by Zealots in turn three, and as the game attritioned down, it didn’t go out due to eFeora’s Caustic Presence and eventually Lylyth succomed to the Fire damage.

Shane was left to play for the fate of the title hopes for DOGC, against Will a great player from Australia and the reigning War Store Weekend Champ. Shane’s opponent was one listing eMorvahna, which was part of the pre round strategy as she is susceptible to RNG assassination. Thus Shane dropped Barnabus and his three Spitter list. With two Witch Docters in Shane’s list, it became an issue quickly for eMorvahna to get into a rhythm or heal. That allowed Barnabus to do a favorable piece trade and attrition her force down, and made the Feat perilous for Morvahna given the lack of healing options. As such she was forced to play a game she didn’t want to. Losing all the Ravagers early made the game easier for Shane, as he was able to start dominating in turn two and lean on scenario the rest of the way. In a long cagey game that came down to the round time, Shane was able to take it on CPs as the buzzer sounded, literally! After a quick review with the judges to check the instant replay, it was DOGC onto the finals!

Round 4: Rally Point

In what would now be the final table event of the day, Dark Omen found itself facing…. Dark Omen? Yes indeed! In what was easily the biggest victory of the day for DOGC, having both their teams run the gauntlet of a great tournament with a strong field and have not one but two teams ultimately playing in the final match to bring home the top prize; no matter who won the bout DOGC had won the day! With DOGC already having used their Feat, it was up to DOGC Too, who opted to Feat and swap Walter and Bryan to get a Legion vs Legion matchup with Berger and Menoth vs Minions matchup vs Shane.To the surprise of none Bryan and Berger, Legion vs Legion, came to end the quickest. This time Bryan played list chicken with Berger and it failed when Berger dropped eLylyth vs Bethayne. However in a show of early confidence, Berger decided not to have Lylyth camp the wall where she should have (due to trying to keep a beast in her CNTL area next turn). Bryan feeling the pressure of an uphill battle, decided to Feat and go for the win on top of turn two. Two Spell Martyrs ran to position, under feat Bathayne hit Lylyth with two Gallows, pulling her forward two times, and forcing her to lose all her transfers. Typhon took position to clear some models then a Scythean slammed Typhon over Lylyth thanks to her being a half a foot closer in MKI textbook assassination tech. With Lylyth on the ground all that was left was the crying as Hex Hunters moved up to seal the deal.

With that one quickly in the books, and DOGC Too looking strong in the championship match upset. The next game to complete was the top table of final table with Riker pitted against Ant. Riker opted to play eKreoss over Harbinger in the final match, in thoughts that Ant would drop pBaldur as he had in a previous tournament when they faced off in the final round. Oddly it’s a reasonably good matchup for Circle (who typically doesn’t have much versus Harby) thus Riker opt to play some list chicken against it, however Ant successfully pulled the double cross wanting the additional magic weapons on the table going with Kromac instead. The game was a truly well played contest on both ends. Kromac took control of the game early collapsing one side of the board that Kreoss flooded with infantry using the Woldshrimp, LOTF, and Pureblood. On the other flank Kreoss aggressively countered with two Reckoners on a Stalker at ranged, despite four shots, was unable to bring him down. However in a return of fortune, Circles three heavies were only able to scrap one of Menoth’s on the following turn, allowing Kreoss to Feat in retaliation dropping both Stalkers. Good news for Cirlce was that the Avatar and remaining Reckoner were both in poor shape, the Gorax was able to finish off Avatar and Pureblood took out the Reckoner. Kromac used his Feat and Rift spam to crowd control Kreoss, start scoring points and turn the tide back in his favor. With Kreoss being nearly pinned in place and unable to contest. Circle would win the battle, and now the final match was all tied!

Oh the drama, as Shane and Walter faced off to determine the championship. In what would clearly be an attrition match, Walter had options with Kreoss 3 and High Reclaimer. The latter is the matchup that most are not ready for, unfortunately for Walter his DOGC teammates have all seen it many times. Ultimately Walter opted not to use Kreoss as they are a poor match against Gator Posse in most cases, and so it was High Relcaimer, and Shane opted for Rask once again expecting that High Reclaimer would be his match, playing the card of unfamiliarity on Walter by using the Bog Warlock. It was another attrition war, after a Rask patented Ambush and Feat, Reclaimer found himself two turns later down most of his army but full on souls. With the game tilting in the wrong direction and a seemingly mistake by Shane to leave his beasts out of CNTL and unable to transfer Walter decided to go for the glory, and the championship. The unfamiliarity of Rask would ultimately cost Walter his qualified assassination run thanks to Call to Sacrifice. Rask was surrounded by Bogs, and was not going to die this turn. Reclaimer went down in a blaze of glory as the Bogs around Rask were nearly all destroyed. Rask was able to respond in kind with some help from a Croak Hunter the game was ended, Team Championship for Dark Omen!

What a day for DOGC! Top two teams in a highly competitive event is a great showing for the club, and doing it in Jersey after a near miss last year, all the better! Anthony took home the Executioner Award for most CPs scored on the day, and most importantly Dark Omen made some new friends along the way. Great event, great day, and great win! The first team title for DOGC, and they are clearly back in a grove with three titles in as many tournament attempts. Eyes focusing now on the NETT coming up next month!!!

DOGC ‘Gator Done’ to notch first tourney win since TempleCon!!!

This past weekend in Stratford, CT one of the new DOGC Members, Shane York, notched his first tournament win as a member of the team.  He’s has been on a roll since joining and has played his way into back to back final tables at his two most recent tournaments. Here is a review of the games that landed him on atop the standings last Sunday… 


This past Sunday I got the chance to head down to Stratford and play in the “Free Gargossal” event.  I haven’t been to Gaming Etc. in ages so I figured I would head down and check it out.  They had a decent amount of stock and had changed up their space a lot since the last time I was there.  They had plenty of room and the store was jam packed all day long!


The event was 35 points, 2 lists, divide and conquer (1) but, due to turn out, no final table variant.  We had 12 players show which is awesome.  Dark Omen’s own PG_Bergerfett ran the event and did a smash up job all day long!


Since my Circle are still getting painted (PG_Tangible, you go boy!) I broke the Minions out again.  I am not as comfortable with them at 35 as I am 50.  Since they are a low model count army, a spikey damage roll here or there could prove disastrous!  I’ve been on a Calaban kick lately so I chose him and Barnabus.  My lists were:



Blackhide Wrastler

Ironback Spitter

Bull Snapper

Gatorman Posse (Max)

Bog Trog Ambushers (Min)


Totem Hunter



Calaban (Bad Religion Theme Force T2)

Blackhide Wrastler

Swamp Horror

Bull Snapper

Farrow Bone Grinders (Min)

Gatormen Posse (Max)

Gatormen Posse (Max)



Round 1:

Round 1 I get matched up against Matt from Steam Powered Gamer (  Every tournament the two of us go to we always get matched up.  His two lists are Fiona with a Mariner and the full pirate boat and Constance Blaze.  I chose Barney as Calaban autoloses to a Mariner with Fiona’s buff.  Scenario was Process of Elimination.  He chooses Constance and had –


Constance Blaze


Pressgang (Max)

Forge Guard (Max)

Precursor Knights (Max with UA)

Harlan Versh

Lanyssa Ryssl

Madelyn Corbeau



I win the roll and elect to go second and choose side though terrain was almost exactly mirror.  I’ve played against Wyatt from Dark Omen several times who runs the same list in Cygnar.  I know I need him to feat first, I felt like, going second, I could do so.  One of the best parts of this scenario is the zones are at max Bog Trog range so I know exactly where I can charge.  I like going second with my Trogs as well as people forget about them by their second turn.

Matt sets up Precursors in the center and shades everything off to my right.  I plop my Posse off to the right across from his army and leave Barney and beasts in the center across from the Precursors.  He sets up the Pressgang dead center.  I prey on Gorman.  His (turn) one he runs the Pressgang up (to) max (distance) leaving the Lass about 15″ from my Spitter.  He Shieldwalls the Precursors and shuffles everything else forward, putting Lanyssa in the left hand zone alone.  My 1 I cast Warpath and drop a couple templates.  Totem Hunter tries to get a Pressganger but falls an inch short, no Warpath; Spitter moves up and kill 2 Pressgang members.  Everyone else jumps in puddles.

Turn 2 Matt runs the Pressgang to engage my Posse.  He leaves them spread out a bit still covering over to the other side.  He feats.  I bring on the Bog Trogs near his Forge Guard and Harlan then upkeep Warpath.  Barney drops a swamp, moves forward and feats.  I measure range to Connie and it’s just over 12″.  With the rough terrain she can’t get to Barney, neither can Gallant.  Totem Hunter walks around, leaps in and hits Connie for 5.  Bogs charge and kill Harlan and 3 Forgeguard.  Posse kill all but 4 Pressgangers.  Spitter kills the Lass and another Pressganger,  Wrastler waddles towards center table, and Thrullg hangs back ready to kill him some Precursors.

Turn 3 Matt is in trouble.  Precursors stand up and Shieldwall and then advance.  Forgeguard stand up and kill 2 Ambushers.  Connie kills the Totem Hunter.  Gallant protects her not doing much.  The 2 Pressgangers run forward to get in the way.  He hands me the clock.  I had countered her feat successfully only losing the Totem Hunter and a couple Trogs for my trouble.  Time to start cleaning up.



I pray for terror and charge the Posse around killing a Pressganger, (and) a Forge Guard, (which made the Forge Guard flee, and (killed) two Precursors.  My Spitter snipes out the Precursor UA.  Wrastler Warpaths forward.  Thrullg charges in on the Precursors taking out a couple more.  Wrastler waddles in and takes out some more Precursors.  Barney finishes off the Pressgang.  Snapper Spiny Growth’s the Wrastler.  When the dust settles Matt is left with 4 Precursors, one of them is (contesting) the flag, 3 Forge Guard, Lanyssa, Gorman, Connie and Gallant.  I hand the clock to Matt.

Turn 4 Matt thinks he needs to swing it in his favor and fast.  He tries for Hunters Mark on the engaged Wrastler with Lanyssa and gets it; yay 9’s :).  He shuffles the Precursors around and they eliminate the Thrullg and Forge Guard Rally. Gallant charges the Wrastler, takes more (damage) from Spiny Growth then he inflicts.  Connie charges the Wrastler at reach and blows all her focus leaving him at 10.  He hands me the dice, I charge the Precursors, (which are) engaging the Wrastler, with Barney.  I kill them both, Blood Boon up Iron Flesh in case this goes pear shaped and Warpath the Wrastler forward.  He Deathrolls Connie, boost to hit and gets it.  Two damage rolls later and we are shaking hands.  I felt like knowing how to counter her feat was a huge deal towards winning this match.  Matt let the terrain get inside of his head a little bit.  My minimal amount of shooting threats meant the Precursors could have run a bit more.


Round 2

Round 2 I get matched up against Mean Jean.  He is a perennial good player around these parts (Reigning Boost for a Cure Champion!).  I knew if I was going to have a shot that day I would see Jean across that table at one time or another.  He is a fantastic player and great opponent to play against.  He had Skorne with him and had Zaal and a second list.  It didn’t matter as I know Zaal is his go to Warlock.  I had some good success playing Calaban against Derek from Rhode Island (another fantastic Skorne player) and I lost to Jean late last year in the Barnabus/Zaal match up (B4AC semi finals) so Calaban it was.  His list was:



Basilisk Drake

Basilisk Krea

Nihilators (Max)

Praetorian Ferox (Min)

Ancestral Guardian X2





Jean wins the roll and elects to go first;  Scenario was Process of Elimination.  He sets up Rhadiem near his zone, Ferox across from my zone, and everything else in center.  I think I chose the wrong table edge here,  I originally thought it was better because I debated on Ambushers and almost always play them.  I didn’t have them and there was a building between his zone and me.  I set up mirrored with a Posse on each side and my Battlegroup in the middle.  I know this match is going to come down to a good round of rolling for someone so I need to play balanced and cagey.

Turn 1 Jean trundles forward and puts Inviolable Resolve on the Ferox and Last Stand on the Nihilators.  My (turn) 1 I move forward but not at max (so)  I am out of all of his charge ranges.  I put Carnivore on my more central Posse to attempt to neuter his feat as much as possible.



Turn 2 he runs a Ferox to engage my Posse and toes in my zone with another.  His Nihilators run in to unfortunate positions for me.  Rhadiem stays in his zone for the counter punch, Zaal stays center, and he hands me the dice.  Time for stuff to die;  I go with Calaban and Feat, upkeeping Carnivore.  I debate shifting over and boosting a Hex Blast into the Ferox but decide against it (instead) I put Spiny Growth on Calaban and the Carnivored Posse charges.  They Pray for re-rolls and boy do they need it; dust settles and they RFP 4 guys.  Left hand Posse charges 3 guys on the front Ferox, one on the back guy who toed in with the leader running to keep everyone in formation; I do 4 to both… Ugh.  My plan was to Carnivore the Horror from here but that didn’t work, (instead) Horror moves up and kills two more Nihilators.  I use those two (Fury, generated by the Feat,) to give Spiny Growth to my beasts.  Wrastler stays away from charges, I gave him 2 rage tokens and he is down to 4 Nihilators.  Not too shabby but not killing the Ferox is a big deal.

Turn 3 Jean moves Zaal over to his zone to dominate.  Nihilators charge in and kill two Posse members and explode leaving one man left in the unit.  Ferox proceed to kill one Posse in my left unit.  Some damage goes on the Horror from the Nihilators, Rhadiem’s AP attack, Rhadiem’s mount attack (does he get that if he does the AP attack?) and the Drake spray.  Agonizer does his gnawing pain.  Jean scores a CP and hands me the dice.  I formulate a plan that should net me all his AG’s, all his solo’s and probably one Ferox.   I drop Carnivore as there isn’t much living left.  Snapper gets a free charge on the Agonizer, boost to hit, hits, pow 10 and I do like 3 damage.  Buy one, boost and fail to kill.  Sigh.  Calaban activates and throws some healing at the Horror and camps a ton.  Calaban also shoots Rhadiem and does 4.  Horror now can’t kill the Agonizer and Rhadiem.  I choose Rhadiem and Hakaar.  Hit the first attack on the beak, boosted damage and failed to kill, boosted my second, dismounted and then boosted damage on my next two and killed the dismount.  It took me 3 fury and all 4 of my initials to kill Rhadiem, stupid Agonizer.   Left Posse kills a Ferox, Wrastler kills a Ferox and an AG.  Right Hand posse fail to kill their AG with two guys.  Feralgiest runs to his zone.  Score 2-1 me;  I felt like my Snapper/Horror combo here probably cost me the game.  Those die rolls that I talked about would be key, they were here.

Turn 4 Jean feats with Zaal and shoots my Feralgiest.  He clears the Swamp Horror, Bull Snapper and leaves me 3 Posse members in my left hand group and one in my other group, score is now 2-2.  My Wrastler eats his remaining Ferox (and) my right Posse member charges his last AG in the back and misses both attacks (really??).  Calaban makes a B line behind the house.  My posse spread around in my zone;  3-2 Jean.

Turn 5 and Jean can’t clear my zone but gets the Wrastler and 2 of the 3 Posse members.  He hands me the clock with 40 seconds left on his clock and up 4-2.  Problem for him, only Zaal is in his zone.  I run my bone grinders and Calaban in to his zone and clock over winning the game.  I definitely stole this one for a W. Chewing through Gators takes so long I find many of my opponents clock themselves.  I had some unfavorable dice at key moments that I felt cost me the game but was able to eek it out.


Round 3

Round 3 I got the pair down game against Riker from Dark Omen.  He was playing Menoth so I pretty much have to take Barnabus.  Scenario was Close Quarters.  His list was –


High Reclaimer



Exemplar Errants (Max with UA)

Temple Flameguard (Max with UA)

Errant Seneschal

Choir (Min)

Vassal Mechanic

Vassal of Menoth


I get turn and choose to go second.  Like I said, I love second with Trogs.  We both set up pretty balanced.  I shade my posse towards his flag.  He Rumbles forward and shades the Errants and their solo to my left while the TFG rumble forward towards my flag.  He drops Ashen Veil on the Errants and hands me the dice.  I drop a couple puddles and scoot in, throwing up Spiny Growths and Warpath.  They are not at max range as Riker and I played a game the day before where his Errants charged in and murdered my Posse on the charge.  I move everyone up in to puddles that I can.



Turn 2 Riker Shieldwall and advances the TFG, he shades to dominate his own flag throwing some shots and such around; nothing dies.  I bring on my Trogs and proceed to kill his Senschal and 3 Errants with them.  I drop a puddle and walk leaving Barney on one transfer at the 13.99999″ line after.  I throw Iron Flesh on the Posse.  Two Posse charge into the template and other guys run in to various positions and kill another 3 guys.  Totem Hunter declared the Errants as his new Prey so he jumps in and  kills another one sprinting away to safety.  My Wrastler stays 3.999999″ away from my flag and I pass the dice.

Turn 3 he is on 11 focus.  He drops Ashen Veil, gives 1 to each jack and goes to town.  One jack comes up and kills a Posse on the charge, gets an Ancillary and kills another posse.  The other Reckoner shoots a posse and fails to kill.  Reclaimer moves forward and spawns three more Errants.  They proceed to kill the Trogs down to 2 and I fail command.  TFG Shieldwall forward and fail to kill my Posse.  He hands me the dice.  I see a low arm caster with no focus, in feat range and I have 5 models who can attack him.  I upkeep Warpath.  Posse activate and kill a guy triggering my Spitter to walk out of Barney’s way.  Barney charges forward, feats and eats a guy, kills a guy on reach and throws a boosted spell at Reclaimer bringing him down to half.  Spitter activates and shoots and kills.  Barney excels against small control area casters who need to play forward.  It was nice to win the pair down game and play at top table!


Round 4

Will (Boutwell) was the other undefeated.  We have played a bunch of times and he is really growing to be a great player.  With one Cryx in the field I didn’t tech for them,  I felt like it would handicap my other match ups and now here I am in the finals facing eLich.  Game plan – Pop and Drop and pray!  It’s really my only shot.

His list is eLich and the Cryx Allstars.  No need to tell you, it’s pretty obvious that it’s MOAR BANEZ.  It’s a great list and there is no real reason for Cryx to ever play anything else.  He wins the roll to go first and chooses second and table edge.  Scenario is Rally Point.  I deploy my Posse shaded to my zone and everything else center.  Will has a million dudes all over the place.  Tartarus is on my left flank.

Turn 1 I motor forward as fast as possible.  Will does the same.  Exciting right?



Turn 2 I play the cage match, I port my objective in to the zone and dance around leaving him some tough choices.  Totem Hunter was Preying his Cankerworm so he leaps at it and, after both attacks, does two damage… Wonderful.  I Iron Flesh the Posse and Warpath myself.  I pass the dice to will and prepare for the hurt.  He leaves Tartarus way out on the left flank and curses my objective.  He destroys it with Bane Thralls but not one Thrall can see Tartarus and none are with in 5 inches of it.  Mistakes happen and I smiled a bit.  He Excarnates an Iron Fleshed Posse and kills him creating a Bile and moves that guy and another forward and purges killing two Posse and Thrullg with two Biles.  What????  Dust settles and Totem Hunter is at 3 health, Posse has two members and my beasts are fine.

Turn 3 starts and I eyeball 20″.  I think He is in my feat range.  Wrastler moves forward and kills some Bane dudes activating Warpath on my Spitter who gets out of the way.  I charge Barney at a convenient Bane dude who is exactly 10″ away.  Barney feats and misses eLich by 1/4″… Sigh.  I kill that dude and throw Iron Flesh up.  Spitter aims and shoots on a boosted/boosted and hits eLich for like 10.  Totem hunter leaps over and finishes Lich off.  Whew.  I knew I had to end it early,  If I had not lost it that turn I don’t think he could have gotten me with 3 Transfers and Iron Flesh up with Tartarus way out of position.


It’s good to get back in the saddle and win one;  I have enough 2nd and 3rd tokens at home! For my troubles I got another Woldwrath, a hard cover Gargantuans book and a lot of good memories against four solid opponents.  My opponents took 2nd, 3rd and 5th respectively.  That’s a tough run!


Congrats to Shane on a great run! DOGC turns it’s sights on the team tourney season, and looking forward to our first team trip to GenCon in August. Stay tuned…