Keeblers get a Win @ Temple

Darling of the community Berger went up to Temple this past weekend (8/9) and won an event. He even wrote about it. Now onto that writing.

The lists:

Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper – Shadows of Retribution Tier 4
2x Mage Hunter Assassin
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
2x Ghost Sniper
2x Arcanist
2x Max Mage Hunter Strike Force with Strike Force Commander
Garryth, Blade of Retribution – Assassins Tier 4
5x Mage Hunter Assassins
2x Min. Mage Hunter Strike Force with 1 Soulless Escort
Max Mage Hunter Strike Force with Strike Force Commander and 3 Soulless Escorts
Max Mage Hunter Infiltrators with Eiryss 3
Round 1 – Kaelyssa vs Lucant – Incoming
Round 1 I get a Convergence of Cyriss player named Kiernan playing Lucant and Axis.  I was pretty sure I was going to get Lucant so I dropped Kaelyssa.  With the 2 Units of Strike force I assumed I could jam out the zones.  I was wrong.  We both position and jockey.  I go on an assassination run bring Lucant to 10hp clear my zone and score 1cp.  He repairs Lucant (now named LouCunt) to mostly full, his Assimilator comes in and kills my Manticore stopping the score.  He runs a diffuser into some Strike Force.  Next turn my Hydra kills the Assimilator opening my half of the table.  I run arcanists into his zone and go to 2 Control Points.  His next turn he clears his zone, runs Lucant in, can’t stop my zone he dominates for 1, I dominate for 1 bringing the score to 3-1.  At the start of my turn Narn and Mage Hunter Assassin drop his Objective giving my my fourth Control Point and I dominate my zone to make it 5-2.
Round 2 – Garryth vs Grissel2 – Close Quarters
Round 2 I get paired against Derek Anderson playing Trollbloods.  He has Grissel2 and Runes of War.  I assume Runes isn’t an option due to the amount of spell hate my lists have.  I drop Garryth due to Grievous Wounds and 5 MHA vs. his Warders.  Derek drops Grissel.  I win the roll to go first, Garryth charges up the table and everyone Runs.  Advanced Deployed Garryth in the killbox is super scary.  Derek runs up and feats with Grissel.  Garryth Death Sentences the Long Riders and moves back towards my Flag and shoots a Long Rider triggering Hyper Aggressive (whoops).  Mage Hunter Infiltrators go in and with some crazy dice kill 3 Long Riders and then forget to reform (I’m bad and should feel bad).  One of the non AD units of Strike Force Shoot the Fell Caller pulling him into charge range of an Assassin (brilliant).  Assassin drops the Fell Caller.  The other Assassins tickle the Warders and try to kill a few, while the advance deployed Strike Force try to gun down the krielstone and the second non-AD unit jams the warders up near Dereks flag.  I run Nayl to within 8″ of Grissel and pass turn.  Derek brings his Storm Troll to kill Nayl miss-reading the card.  Nayl dies and Grissel, Krielstone, and Storm Troll lose all their Fury, Animi, and Spells.  Derek catches some crap dice when trying to retaliate and runs Horthol over to my Flag to stop me from scoring.  My turn I kill Horthol with Garryth while basing my flag.  Used his 2 Melee attacks and forgot Horthol was a Dragoon so Had to gallows kill or I used an Assassin I don’t remember.  MHI push into the Kriel stone after the  Strike Force with Commander keep shooting it.  Mage Hunter Assassins start whiffing on Warders and I get a bit nervous but go up to 1 Control Point.  Derek pieces together an assassination run of Garryth he needs to free up his last Long Rider from the Infiltrators.  Unfortunately one Infiltrator ate his Wheaties that morning and stop the charge.  The Long Rider runs to my flag, Derek tries to Block LOS to Grissel with some Warders.  My turn starts, One unit of Strike Force escorting GarrythCMA the Long Rider and come up short.  The Assassin back their gets in and kills the Long Rider off.  The Strike Force with Commander kill the 2 last Krielstone members after they tough two Ghost Sniper shots.  Apsis beat backs a warder to try and clear the last two Mage Hunter Infiltrators and Eiryss3.  Garryth moves off the flag and shoots Grissel twice doing 11ish damage to her Derek has 1 fury chooses not to transfer.  MHI and Eiryss3 charge Grissel, 1 Infiltrator makes it, another dies to a free strike and Eiryss3 doesn’t get hit my the free strike.  Eiryss connects, drops the fury and puts Grissel in the dirt.  Tough check made.  Eiryss takes her second swing, another Tough check make.  MHI puts grissel down again, and another Tough Check.  I start sweating nuts at this point as this is all I have left.  MHI secondary kills Grissel, no Tough check made.  Well fought game vs. Derek took a long time but was super fun.
Round 3 – Kaelyssa va eHaley – Destruction
Round 3 final round, I get paired against the one, the only, Trevvie the Great.  Destruction is the scenario he has eHaley and Caine2 with Stormwall.  I pick Kaelyssa on the off chance he drops Stormwall to try and covering fire the zone.  He picks eHaley (ughhhhh).  He wins the roll first I pick the side with the wall since it helps me verses his Gun Mages.  He runs Thorn up gets some Time bombs off, kills two Strike Force dudes and debuffs another.  Everything thing else runs forward.  I run my Chimera, put backlash on Thorn and start lighting him up.  I also pop feat.  It only takes six Strike Force to drop Thorn (damn my dice) and obviously I don’t kill Haley.  I shoot up as much as I can and try to spread out to avoid the inevitable feat.  I put down covering fire between and obstacle and Trevvie’s objective forcing him around to the flank and out of the zone.  Trevvie feats back, kills a ton of stuff, leaves maybe seven total Strike Force alive from both units combined and engages my Chimera.  He also heals Haley for two.  On my turn we do the feat, Chimera throws a Forgeguard intoGorman fails to kill Gorman.  Mage Hunter Strike Force kill a couple forgeguard, one lone Strike Force guy try’s to hit natty 10s to get Haley and fails.  One Ghost Sniper kills a Forgeguard and the other was out of feat.  My two Assassins are also out of feat and Narn shoots a Stomguard to clear a charge lane.  One Assassin blows up Trevvie’s objective, the other charges Alexia1, and kills the risen and brings her to 1 HP.  The last Ghost Sniper moves up takes a shot, rolls a natty 8 and kills Alexia.  The Manticore puts covering fire in front of my Objective.  I score 1 Control Point and pass turn.  Trevvie brings Ragman to Dark shroud, Forgeguard wreck my Chimera, one Forgeguard gets the to Objective and two others die to covering fire.  He does seven damage to my objective and kills the Assassins and Narn.  Trevvie’s Eiryss2 comes up and disrupts my Hydra, and he passes turn.  Haley is hiding behind an Obstruction so remember that lone Mage Hunter Strike Force guy, ya, well he aims and hits Haley for two points of damage.  The other unit of Mage Hunter Strike force move around and aim and go in on Haley doing another three points of damage bringing her down to six hp.  Kaelyssa has a full stack comes up boosts to hit Haley and I forget to Phantom Hunter myself so I miss.  I cast phantom hunter, buy/boost and hit stealing a focus.  I boost damage dice off seven and I roll the 13 to kill Haley for the win.
Two caster kills and a scenario win, Two Kill Box scenarios against very good opponents when I had very assassination oriented lists was fortunate.  My opponents were great and Temple Games is always a good time.

Dark Omen Open Practice update 1

Something Dark Omen wants to do in 2014 is get out and meet more people and have some great conversations and really get to know New England. While we get to hang out a little bit at tournaments with everyone, we wanted something a bit more intimate. We came up with “Dark Omen Open Practice”!

What is Dark Omen Open Practice? We will be traveling to stores all around New England to spend the day hanging out and playing games. While our general practice structure is 50 points, 2 lists and on the clock, we will play anything! Our goal is to show up at your store some time around when it opens, play games until about 6:00 and then head out for some dinner in the area.

So far we have had a blast in our first three events at Gamer’s Gambit, Temple Games and Hobby Bunker. We have expanded the schedule to add even more places filling up our year!

The Only Game In Town ( NJ) – Canceled and to be rescheduled.

The Dragon’s Den (NY) – October 25th

The War Store(NY) – December 13th

As we work towards next year we have already had some requests. We want to go where you all are so please let us know if your store would like to host us for a day in 2015! You can contact us through Shane York on Facebook, through our email ( or contacting Jestor on the Privateer Press official forums.

We are looking forward to playing some games with everyone soon!

Forgot to Feat Episode 28

Episode 28 of Forgot to Feat is up (Click me!) Presented to you by The Dark Omen Gaming Club and Hand Cannon Online. This week we are podcasting from CaptainCon. We have with us Stuart Gorman from Ireland (Overload Online) and we interview a couple people who show up at the table as well. Spoilers we talk about CaptainCon.