DOGCGBL Week 2: And then there were two!

After two weeks of play the Brewers and Union remain undefeated, but not without their trials in this young season; here is the roundup for week 2:

Engineers 0 Butchers 12
Goals: Brisket (1); Take Outs: Meathook (2), Boiler (1), Ox (1)

Butchers visit the Engineers and quiet the crowd! Meathook had two take outs, while Boiler and Ox both had one and Brisket sealed the deal with a goal! Those Butchers avenged their loss against the Union but the Engineers couldn’t keep their momentum going from their nail-biter against the Fish. Butchers get the road win to get their firs win of the season.

Union 12 Morticians 0
Goals: Mist (1); Take Outs: Rage (3), Decimate (1)

The Gravediggers visited the Mercenaries in a grudge match to settle some scores!! Blackhearts crew came to play with an early take out by Rage who expunged Ghast and shortly thereafter Decimate dispatched Dirge. This lead to some early ball control for the Morticians but it mattered not as Gutter pulled in Casket which ended in another take out by Rage. After a quick icy sponge Ghast came right back into the middle of the action and knocked down Gutter and Decimate which allowed Silence to take advantage, he Tucked Decimate and Shut Out Gutter. Things looked good for the Morticians with Obulus dribbling up the middle and Bonesaw open for the volley, but he missed!!!! The ball careened back into the middle to be taken by Mist who quickly scored. To finish Rage took advantage of the distraction down field and took out Ghast for the second time and the win.

Fishermen 12 Alchemists 4
Goals: Shark (3), Midas (1)

Alchemists visit the Fish but were held down by the tidal wave of Shark! Shark opened up the scoring on the first turn leading to a goal from Midas in the second turn. Shark responded quickly, got the ball right back up the field and scored for the second time; this time catching the Alchemists In The Net! Calculus got the ball off the goal kick but was Lured in by Siren and Kraken took advantage of it to knock her down. Greyscales picked up the loose ball, passed it to Shark who missed the snapshot!! Not to worry for the Fish fans, they won the initiative on the following turn and Shark made up for his miss by scoring his third goal; the game winner.

Brewers 14 Masons 8
Goals: Friday (2), Mallet (1); Take Outs: Mallet (2), Stoker (2), Spigot (1)

The Masons visit the Brewery to try to take down the hometown heroes as both teams rolled in on winning streaks and both look to capitalize on their momentum. The Brewers started with the ball but they seemed to be drunk as they missed a few passes but eventually Friday got her liquor under control and scored. She then stole the goal kick back from Tower on the second turn but missed the goal! Mallett capitalized and put her into the dirt. Flint picked up the loose ball, brought it up the field trying to use Tapper as a momentum builder but Tapper had none of that and disallowed the goal. Spigot and Tapper then combined to take Flint down, and shortly thereafter Stoker then took out Marbles who was trying to help out Flint. The Masons would not go quietly though as Mallett avenged his monkey friend by taking out that sneaky cat Scum. Friday collected the ball after Flint’s demise and came into score but missed again! This left the demoralized striker in range of Honor and Friday was taken out once again. Mallett, after collecting the loose ball from Flint, brought it up the empty left flank and scored; meanwhile Stoker lit Brick on fire and who eventually succumbed to the burning. Tapper collected the goal kick, beat on Honour then passed to an open Friday who was finally able to land the game winner!


W L PCT Scored Allowed
Brewers 2 0 1.000 26 16
The Union 2 0 1.000 24 8
Fishermen 1 1 0.500 22 12
Butchers 1 1 0.500 20 12
Masons 1 1 0.500 14 8
Engineers 1 1 0.500 12 22
Alchemists 0 2 0.000 12 26
Morticians 0 2 0.000 8 24

League Leaders


Player Team POS Goals TOs TPs
Friday Brewers ST 4 0 16
Shark © Fishermen ST 4 0 16
Midas © Alchemists CM 3 0 12
Mallet Masons DM 2 2 12


Player Team POS Goals TOs TPs
Friday Brewers ST 4 0 16
Shark © Fishermen ST 4 0 16
Midas © Alchemists CM 3 0 12
Mallet Masons DM 2 2 12
Mist Union WG 2 0 8

Take Outs

Ox © Butchers AM 0 4 8
Gutter Union CM 0 4 8
Rage Union AM 0 3 6
Mallet Masons DM 2 2 12
Stoker Brewers DM 0 2 4
Meathook Butchers AM 0 2 4

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