A big thanks to everyone who sent donations for Boost for a Cure

Every year we run Boost for a Cure, we could not do it without the amazing donations we get from around the community. Dark Omen wanted to publicly thank all of those who have helped make this year possible for us! Without the generosity of these donors, we wouldn’t be able to be as successful as we have been.

Sameer Patel –www.liseadogs.net
John Epstein
Jason Wilson
Removed From Play – http://handcannononline.com/blog/category/podcasting/removedfromplay/rfp-season-2/
Discount Games – www.discountgamesinc.com
James Brennan
Florian Stitz – http://www.florianstitz.de/
Privateer Press – www.privateerpress.com
Will Schick – www.privateerpress.com
Blue Table Painting – www.bluetablepainting.com
Aly Hannan
Anthony Ferraiolo – www.darkomen.org
NIck Thompson/Flagship Comics – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flagship-Comics-and-Games/162650580439480
Steve Carpenter/Gamers Gambit – http://www.gamersgambit.com/
Meatbag (Adam)
Muse on Mini’s – www.museonminis.com
Sarah Goodman McGaw – chef extraordinaire
All the Kitchen Staff from the McGaw family and Forish Family for donating their time

Dark Omen is extremely grateful for all of the donations we receive every year.

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