Fires From on High

Welcome to a list article from Dan Berger, originally posted on

This is the list I paired with Ravyn when I qualified for Masters at The Warstore Weekend. I also played this list at WarMachine Weekend and TempleCon. It is my take on Rahn’s Fires From on High Theme Force.
Adeptis Rahn – 6
Hyperion – 18
Hyperion – 18
Chimera – 6 (5)
Stormfall Archers – 5
Soulless Escort – 1
House Shyeel Magister – 2
House Shyeel Magister – 2
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution – 3
Arcanist – 1
Arcanist – 1
Tier Bonuses:
Tier 1 – Magisters + Field Allowance
Tier 2 – Huge and Large Based Jacks gain +2 SPD first Turn
Tier 3 – Stormfall Archers gain Advanced Deployment
Tier 4 – Warjacks with Arc Node are -1pts
This list was designed to fight the prevalence of Circle and Legion in my meta. The typical Retribution Infantry heavy lists were not cutting it so I went with a skew that can also do work against infantry thanks to the Hyperions and Stormfall Archers.
List Strengths
– Strong Spot Removal due to Magisters pulling things into Hyperion Range.
– Force Blast on Hyperions can clear zones for easy Control Points.
– Strong Assassination Potential due to Rahn and plenty of Ranged Attacks.
– Advanced Deployment Stormfalls can Snipe shot into opponents Advanced Deployment Lines on Top of 1.
List Weakness
– Low Model Count, more susceptible to bad rolls
– Anti-Magic shuts it down
– Relies Heavily on Hyperions
– No Sylyss.
The Magisters and Stormall Archers are in the list due to the tier requirements. The Chimera is in the list since Rahn really needs an Arc Node jack. I decided on double Hyperion since it can skew and cause pairing issues for opponents. When faced with 2x Hyperions or Ravyn with MHSF I was typically able to win the list off. I added Eiryss to the list to drop defensive buffs or strip an enemy caster’s focus so that the Hyperions and Stormfall Archers could kill them.
The list was designed to deal with enemy lists that excel at clearing infantry which Retribution is known for running a lot of. The speed bonus for the Hyperions lets them get into zones and then Rahn can put Polarity Shield on one to protect it from being charged adding to its survivability. The Arcanists can dial up the Hyperions fists to hit harder or give it a focus that Rahn won’t have too so that it can boost its Starburst Cannon shot to try and remove enemy infantry or solos from the table. The Chimera’s apparition ability lets it get out of engagements so can Rahn can channel spells through it or you can leave 3 focus on it and get it behind a wall to make it def 17vs Melee or Def 19 vs shooting and magic. The soulless escort brings the Stormfall archers to a 5 man units instead of 4 so if you lose 2 models you do not have to take panic check. It also gives them protection vs enemy magic early in the game. If an opponent wants to put up an Arc Node to try and spell them, they typically come up short due to Mage Static and then you can remove that Arc Node with little penalty.

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