Forgot to Feat Episode 4

Episode 4 of Forgot to Feat is  up (Click me!)  Presented to you by The Dark Omen Gaming Club and Hand Cannon Online. This time We talk with local  Judge and Club member Stephen Sharnick (aka Red Steve) about his journey and talk about precise play and then ramble on about building lists for scenario.

One response to “Forgot to Feat Episode 4

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the podcast, but I especially appreciate this episode. I know you guys felt a little awkward going over some aspects of precise play that you felt are widely known, but I’ve been playing for 2 months now and learned SO much about how to accurately and fairly play this game.

    At one point, someone mentioned the hypothetical, “So, you’re a new player who’s played a few games at the local store and now you’d like to go to a nearby tournament – how do you prepare?” That was for me, and I wouldn’t have thought of any of those things.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

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